Best Ultimate Abilities in Apex Legends

Here are some of the best ultimate abilities in Apex Legends. The game belongs to the first person shooting battle-royale genre that gives an opportunity to create 20 three-person squads. The players land on an island and then look out for weapons and tools for survival before ultimately engaging in battles. The total playing areas decrease with time and the last team standing wins the battle. Furthermore, each character has its own unique playing style and skill set.

All their abilities might be spread across either offensive, defensive, support, or recon. Moreover, each of these characters has their own USP in terms of passive ability, tactical ability, and most importantly an ultimate ability.  In this tutorial, we will have a look at the eight best ultimate abilities in Apex Legends. Do keep in mind that not all abilities are created equal. What might work in one scenario might not prove to be futile in another.

apex legends unique abilities

Best Ultimate Abilities in Apex Legends

One thing worth mentioning is the fact that all these abilities come with different charge times. So always keep this point in mind before heading choosing a particular character. Furthermore, the list isn’t in any particular order. These are the eight best Ultimate Abilities in Apex Legends that we managed to find out from the game and hence are sharing with our readers.

Bloodhound- Beast Of The Hunt

Bloodhound Raven apex legends

He has this unique ability to spot the location of any enemies, even if he or she is hiding within closed doors or buildings. In fact, he could even pinpoint the exact location of your opposition without any fuss. If you are working as a team, then he proves to be the best asset that you could have. Furthermore, using his ultimate, he could boost up his speed for a considerable 35 seconds, which in a fair sense, counts for a lot in battles. Definitely a live saver in many scenarios and many have even called him the best character in this game. Well, it seems he has totally justified this title.


Caustic- Nox Gas Grenade

Caustic Grenade apex legends

Next in the list of the best ultimate abilities in Apex Legends is Caustic. While his grenades are definitely pretty useful, unfortunately, its range is limited. With such a large map and enemies constantly on the move, it becomes very tough for the grenade to do its job. So all in all, this huge cloud of Nox Gas comes in pretty useful when the battlefield has been contained, in the latter stages of the game. In the initial phases though, his abilities or rather the gas traps might not prove to be much effective.

Gibraltar- Defensive Bombardment

Gibraltar apex legends

It is regarded as the fan’s favorite due to its dual benefits. First, he is able to effectively shield his teammates in the battlefields. Add to it, his perfect gunshield ability, and there’s not much left to ask for. If we talk about the latter, it gives him the chance to stick at one position and shoot at the incoming enemies, rather than finding a perfect spot to aim.


Furthermore, unlike Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade, he has the ability to inflict much greater damage over a considerably larger area. So you could end up using him during any stage of the game. So his inclusion in the best ultimate abilities in Apex Legends shouldn’t come as a surprise to many.

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Lifeline- Care Package

lifeline apex legends

It is hard to argue against the importance of a healer, especially in a multiplayer battle royale game. This is where Lifeline comes in handy. She has the power to revive players 25% faster. She gives the player a protective gear, which to be fair could be found by the players itself lying in the corners of the map. As a result, not many for this character, and understandably so.


Wraith- Dimensional Rift

dimensional rift

Wraith is also a pretty nifty addition to the list of best ultimate abilities in Apex Legends. One of the biggest plus points of having her in the team is her ability to jump across large playing fields using the rifts that she has with. This will help her team members to trace her path to every new location that she goes to. However, the duration is not something that will leave the users impressed. As compared with Pathfinder’s USP, you don’t have many reasons to rejoice.

Mirage- Vanishing Act


While it doesn’t have many damaging capabilities, but it hasn’t been designed for that in the first place. He is at its best when it comes to playing mind games with the opposition team. True to his name, he creates a mirage of itself in the form of a holographic image. This then gives him som pretty valuable time to disappear from the battlefield. But while he remains in this state, he couldn’t cause any damage as such.

Pathfinder- Zipline Gun

zipline apex legends

He is quite a favorite character among many Apex Legends users and has managed to occupy a place in our list of best ultimate abilities in Apex Legends. Knowing how to change your vantage points is a great boon in this game, and this character might prove to be quite a useful bet in this regard. Using his  Zipline Gun, he could create a zipline between two locations. The best part? Well, it will remain there till the entirety of the match. Unfortunately, the enemies could also make full use of this zipline and that could spell trouble for you sometimes.

Bangalore- Rolling Thunder

bangalore rolling

In times where you need to act quickly, she might prove to be a good bet. Her mobility is something that might prove to be a game-changer any day of the week. However, as far as her attacking prowess goes, there isn’t much to choose from. So if you already have a Gibraltar tank, you could consider giving her a miss. Although not the worst to have, unfortunately, she doesn’t add up much to your team as a whole.

So with this, we conclude the guide on the best ultimate abilities in Apex Legends. We have listed eight different characters, each having their unique power and skill-set. Do let us know in the comments which one is your favorite from among them. Rounding off, here are some iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick that you should check out as well.

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