Best Ways to Unlock Disabled iPhone Without Passcode

Technology, though makes you updated with global reach outs, is simultaneously behind bringing some really nudging mishaps. A common encounter can be observed with your smartphone, especially iPhone refusing to unlock. You can easily notice peers around you complaining about their iPhone getting stuck, and worse, they forgot the passcode. What’s useful is, while fiddling among how to unlock iPhone without passcode, you can comfortably rely on Dr.Fone – Screen Unlock application to sort things out with your disabled iPhone.

Part 1: Background

1When it’s about smartphones, iPhones are undoubtedly the cream of the curd. Yet the sour story lies in the fact that regardless of being extensive upgrades of technology, these are coupled with some potential issues that make effortless usage difficult, t5he most common ones being an iPhone getting disabled on getting locked. While getting completely out of the issue well, developers are continuously working to sort this mystery. Notable attempts towards the same are the launch of latest editions like, iPhone 13, iOS 15, etc, that claim to counter the issue to a considerable extent.

Part 2: Ways to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode

However tricky it may seem, you can certainly try out the following methods to unlock your disabled iPhone, if you happen to lose the passcode by any means:

Step 1: Using either your PC or a separate iOS device, sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID. You can visit to login.

Step 2: Go to ‘All Devices’ and select your iPhone from the list that pops up. Select ‘Erase iPhone’ to wipe out all the existing data (even your device passcode) from your device.

Step 3: Your device reboots to start as a new one, while your data gets restored simultaneously.

You can opt for this method to unlock your iPhone without the cumbersome task of creating a secure backup prior to the process.

  • iTunes Method

Step 1: Download and launch iTunes on your PC and connect your iOS device to the same.

Step 2: Open the application, choose your iPhone at the top left and click on the ‘Summary’ tab.

Step 3: In the device’s dialog box, select ‘Restore iPhone’.

Step 4: This causes all the current data on your device to disappear, while your iPhone reboots to start again.

If you are worried about your stored information, relax. Your data is safe with iTunes automatic backup and gets restored once your device starts to function again.

  • Unlock With Siri

Step 1: ‘Press’ and ‘Hold’ the ‘Home’ button to activate the Siri feature in your iOS device. This feature responds to your voice inputs. Command Siri to open the ‘Clock’ to fix the issue of device unlock without a passcode.

Step 2: On display, touch the ‘Clock’ to initiate the unlock process.

Step 3: Next, the ‘World Clock’ is there with a list to choose the ‘Alarm Tone’ for your device.

Step 4: Click ‘Buy More Tunes’ to get directed to the iTunes store.

Step 5: Tap the ‘Home’ button to reach your device’s welcome screen. There you go! Your iPhone is unlocked.

This feature however, works exclusively with iOS versions 10.3.2 and 10.3.3. For other versions, its recommended to prefer previous alternatives.

Part 3: Features About Dr. Fone- Screen Unlock

  • Doesn’t need a passcode to unlock your iPhone.
  • Compatible with a range of devices, including latest iOS versions.
  • Quick, easy and smart rescue for your disabled iPhone.

One of the best alternatives to unlock your disabled iPhone without a passcode is using the Dr. Fone- Screen Unlock application to sort out the issue. You just need to take the steps given below:

Step 1: Download the Application

Download Dr. Fone- Screen Unlock in your PC and select ‘’Screen Unlock’ on the application’s welcome screen. 

Step 2: Connect and Begin

Connect your iOS device to the PC to see the ‘Unlock’ window get displayed. Select ‘Unlock iOS Screen’ to initiate the process.

Step 3: DFU Mode

In the next pop-up window, follow the screen instructions to reach the DFU Mode of your iPhone. Here, you need to verify and confirm your device credentials. Once you are done, click ‘Start’.

Step 4: Firmware Installation

Once you click ‘Start’, the application will install necessary firmware into your device, followed by erasing your iPhone’s existing data (including device passcode). To allow this process, click on ‘Unlock Now’ and select ‘Confirm’ in the pop-up message.

Step 5: Unlocked!

You will see your iPhone reboot and get unlocked in several minutes just as a new device.


Getting your iPhone disabled and locked is something none of us would ideally want to witness. However, there may be instances where you encounter this issue, worse cases being you don’t have the valid passcode. Though it may sound tedious, there are a number of smart ways to get over this problem.  Subsequently, it’s not the end if your iPhone gets disabled, while you miss out the passcode.

Dr. Fone- Screen Unlock is a reliable rescue here. It’s a smart application that unlocks your iPhone without a passcode. Its user friendly interface guides you throughout the process, ensuring that you don’t get stuck anywhere. Also, it automatically backs up your device’s data so that you escape the risk of crucial data loss or creating heavy backups. Its extensive device compatibility further makes it a dependable application for device unlocks.

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