All Arcade Machine Locations | Black Ops Cold War

Current Call of Duty entry has got classic Activision arcade video games as little bonuses. Call of duty: Black Ops cold war takes this one step further in every possible way. During the single-participant campaign missions, you’ll find arcade cabinets as easter eggs.

You may play these video games throughout the missions if you don’t feel an experience of urgency for something motive. Or you could play them again for your base station or safe house after operations.

Furthermore, locating and unlocking all 10 of those arcade games is free and one of a marketing campaign of Black Ops Cold War. Here we have discussed all the arcade machine locations in Black Ops Cold War. So let’s begin.

All Arcade Machine Locations | Black Ops Cold War

All Arcade Machine Locations | Black Ops Cold War

There are a total of 10 different Arcade Machines you can find in Black Ops. While most of these retro games are hidden, the rest of them are sitting out on the map. Now, if you wish to unlock the Retro Gamer, you will need to find out all the 10 Arcade machines and play.

Pitfall 2: Lost Caverns

All you need to do to release your first arcade game is to release the gate to your safehouse. If you want to do some work, it’s your choice. But the code is 112263.

This number corresponds to the date of JFK’s assassinations. When you open the lock, you will be granted access to this area. Located near CIA Safehouse E9, towards the wall, will be a “Videospiel” system. This can comprise Pitfall II: misplaced Caverns, alongside all the different arcade video games you ultimately release.


The Boxing arcade gadget can be found on the course of Break On through the challenge. Disobey Adler’s commands time and again till you reach the third loop. After heading to the left of the ruined shrine for the 0.33 time, comply with water circulation to the right.

Prevent merely short of the cliffside and coming left to find a small jutting cliff. Move to it, then appearance down over the edge to find a small ledge beneath with the Boxing arcade sport on it. Drop down and prompt the sport to feature it in your collection.


You will find Enduro in Brick in the wall mission. Rendezvous with Lazar and meet up with Park in a track shop. Don’t exit the shop to maintain your venture simply yet — in case you look in the return of the store and then to the left. You’ll discover the racing game Enduro in the back of the room of the store. Further, make your way into Kraus’ Apartment.


Kaboom! It can be discovered at some point of Break on through mission even as Bell is on foot via the dilapidated lab. As Bell comes down from the shot of adrenaline, and at the same time as they are nevertheless rotating via the endless hallway, a door will open for your left. Head interior to locate the arcade system. There’s an open room that will lead you into a dark room, and there you will find the Kaboom machine.

Chopper Command

Chopper Command can be determined in the Server Room at the same time as controlling Belikov within the first half of the determined Measures mission.

As quickly you go away from the meeting, head downstairs to the Server Room, and you’ll discover the arcade device in the back of the room. All this has to be done without disturbing the guards.


You can find this machine in the Arcade Cabinet during the redlight greenlight mission. Moreover, you can find the other four too. In the mocked town of America, you will find your way to the arcade game. Moreover, brainstorming is the leftmost machine in the area.

Grand Prix

Besides the Brainstorming game, you will find the Grand Prix machine.

Fishing Derby

The location is the same as Brainstorming, just that it is located near the back wall of Grand Prix Machine.

River Raid

You will find it in between Fishing Derby and Grand Prix. Simply lookout for the neon signboard, and you are good to go.

Well, if you followed this guide, you would have landed on all the 10 Arcade Machines in Black Ops Cold War. For more gaming updates, subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Also, check out our Gaming GuidesWindows GuidesSocial Media GuidesiPhone, and Android Guides to know more.

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