Black Shark Magnetic Cooler Review: Pro Cooler for all smart devices

Black Shark is a well-known brand that’s only dedicated to gaming smartphones and accessories with a major market in China, Europe, and South Asia. Recently, the company has released the Black Shark Magnetic Cooler that comes with a couple of improved and best in class features or specs in the market.

Now, if you’re one of the iPhone 12 series users or any of the smart device users and play games a lot then you should check out Black Shark Magnetic Cooler Review: Pro Cooler for all smart devices. As the name suggests, the Black Shark Magnetic Cooler gets the proprietary ultra-magnetic attachment for automatic installation and usage anytime and anywhere.

Yes! The first thing you’ll notice is that it has an ultra-magnet design that means you don’t need to clip it on your iPhone 12 series devices (compatible) just other cooling accessories. Therefore, it’ll also take less space and perform much better due to Black Shark’s Fast Cooling technology.

Black Shark Magnetic Cooler Review

In this gaming era when people are more interested in mobile gaming on consoles or PCs and even on mobile devices, Black Shark has done a great job with the magnetic cooler accessory. It’s fully compatible with iPhone 12 series and Black Shark 4 series devices apart from most of the smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, TV-Box, Nintendo Switch, etc. Here we’ve mentioned a couple of highlighted features that you should know.

  1. Fast Cooling Technology

Well, the advanced ultra-magnetic connection and a fast-cooling technology from Black Shark have been included in the cooler that can easily go down up to 23 degrees in just 1 min of usage. The Black Shark Magnetic Cooler contains 112 high-quality heat transfer fins that work up to 7,200 RPM with the high speed of the fan.

Whereas the efficient heat transfer plates work together for a pro-level of cooling while intense gaming (especially on mobile devices) for hours. To recall, high graphics online multiplayer mobile games are easily prone to device overheating and battery draining issues no matter which smartphone you’re using. With the help of an industry-leading cooling device, your smartphone will keep cool for longer.

Otherwise, during intense gaming sessions, once your smartphone gets overheated, you’ll experience the warm surface at the back of the device as well as on the upper side of the screen portion. It’ll also affect your gameplay as the game will start lagging, you’ll feel jitters and loading issues whatsoever. Black Shark uses the military-grade ultra-high energy efficiency ratio for refrigeration chips (30*30) that delivers an improved refrigeration capacity.

According to Black Shark, it comes with a composite thermal silica pad for the first time that eventually reduces the loss of the cooling effect in the conduction path. Due to the magnetic connection, the cooler can also achieve a 360-degree full blowout or heat dissipation for extreme cooling to the mobile devices. We’ve already mentioned that it can reduce temperatures by 23oC in just 1 minute which is a huge plus point.

  1. Smaller and Ultra Slim Design

The all-new Magnetic Cooler is quite smaller in size and comes with a rounded shape that extremely fits on any smart device or gaming switch and is easy to carry. Due to the slimmer form factor, it only weighs around 73 grams, considered to be lightweight for sure.

Talking about the outer ring, it was made with a metal anodic oxidation process for a smoother texture and feel while using it. It’s around 62mm wide and 22mm thick for a seamless gaming experience that shouldn’t obstruct your fingers while holding the phone for longer.

  1. Heat Transfer Magnetic Sticker

Another best part of this magnetic cooler is that it comes with a heat transfer magnetic sticker out of the package that can be easily put on any of the mobile phones, tablets, etc (flat surface) to start cooling with the proprietary cooler if any device doesn’t have a magnetic area by default.


As the iPhone 12 series devices already come with Magsafe technology, only the magnetic cooler will do the job. That means if you’re using a gaming switch or any other mobile device without the inbuilt magnetic field then just apply the magnetic sticker on the back of the device and then connect the Black Shark Magnetic Cooler normally to start enjoying your gameplay.

  1. 1.5m Double-Ended USB Type-C Cable

It comes with a 1.5m long double-ended USB Type-C cable for charging. The magnetic cooler also comes with a LED indicator whether the cooler case is working or not.

In another way, the green color LED indicator also looks stunning and gives you a gaming vibe whenever it turns on. Although the cable isn’t braided, the wire quality seems good enough to last longer.

  1. Ultra Magnetic Connection

A super and reliable magnetic connection of the cooler has a ring inside of 15 NdFeB magnets that can easily hold on the device than a clip-based cooling accessory to date. So, you don’t need any other attachments whatsoever for stronger connectivity and a longer period of hold time.

However, Black Shark has mentioned using the cooler on any of the iPhone 12 series devices with a case back for extra grip.

Steps to Use Black Shark Magnetic Cooler

There are a couple of steps to use the magnetic cooler for the new users. Let’s have a quick look at the steps below:

  1. First of all, make sure to use an alcohol cotton pad or paper towel to clean the backside of the smartphone or other gaming switch, etc where you want to apply the magnetic sticker. Any kind of dirt/dust/moisture/smudge may cause issues.
  2. Open up (tear) the first layer (film) of the sticker and then paste the protective film on the area that’ll hold the Black Shark Magnetic Cooler. Now, make sure to clear/wipe any visible air bubbles in the film so that the protective film fits perfectly on the case back of the device. 

3. Now, tear off (peel off) the second layer (film) of the sticker which is considered to be the base paper on the adhesive of the magnetic sticker, and properly press the magnetic sticker to the protective film.

4. Press and hold for 30 seconds & then let it be placed for around an hour before start using the cooler. This will allow the cooler and adhesive part of the sticker to properly fits and get dry for optimal performance.

5.Next, you should remove the protective film from the bottom of the cooler before use. Make sure to attach the magnetic cooler to the back of the device via the magnetic force without any kind of clipping system for a hassle-free user experience.

6.Finally, connect the adapter to the magnetic cooler using the 1.5m double-ended Type-C cable to the power source. Keep in mind that the power output of the adapter should be 5V 2A or higher. When the indicator is on, the magnetic cooler case is working. When the indicator is off, the magnetic cooler case is closed.

Few Points to Remember:

  1. You may need to calibrate the compass for some devices before using the feature because the magnetic sticker and cooler may affect the compass calibration.
  2. If your smart device or smartphone has NFC then try avoiding the NFC position at the backside of the device while sticking the Magnetic Heat-Conductor (sticker). Otherwise, it’ll affect the use of the NFC.
  3. If you’re using the magnetic sticker on the back of your device that supports the wireless charging feature, then the wireless charging may not work properly with the sticker at the same time. As the Magnetic Heat-Conductor (sticker) is made of metal, the wireless charging function would get affected. So, remove the sticker and then charge wirelessly.
  4. The magnetic sticker won’t work properly on those devices which has an uneven surface or matte back panel. It requires a flat back panel on the device.
  5. You can also use the magnetic cooler accessory as a mobile stand (holder), magnetic nails, decorative crafts, etc. (Purely subjective)

Price and Availability

The Black Shark Magnetic Cooler is priced at $49.90 that you can order right now from the official global BlackShark website . That means the shipping cost and taxes may be included further according to your shipping address or region. It comes with a Black color option only. promotion: save $30 on Blackshark magnetic cooler, final price: $39 first 100 customers available, Link here

According to the Black Shark FAQs, the Black Shark Magnetic Cooler can be delivered to Australia, Hong Kong (China SAR), Indonesia, Japan, Macao (China SAR), Singapore, Israel, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, United States, Canada, and the Philippines respectively. Whereas the EU and UK region-based people should visit the respective region-based BlackShark website.


If you’re a dedicated mobile gamer on iPhone 12 series devices then the Black Shark Magnetic Cooler will be the right product for you to reduce overheating and optimal gaming performance. Whereas if you’re another device user then you should consider this cooling accessory according to your preference and budget. We should mention to you again that it’s a magnetic cooler that can reduce heat up to 23-degrees which is really appreciable.


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