Fix: Facing Blank White Screen During Receiving Call on OnePlus Phones

OnePlus is among one of those companies that are well known for its premium device. But, are they really give you that premium feel. Well, recently, many users reported that they are facing a blank white screen error while receiving calls on their OnePlus phones.

There is still a mystery why this error occurs because there is no prior cause for this error. But, we have some workaround that you can try to fix out. However, keep in mind that it is possible that these may not work for you as these are just common fixes that helped many users previously to fix this error. So, you may also try this.

Fix: Facing Blank White Screen During Receiving Call on OnePlus Phones

How To Fix Facing Blank White Screen During Receiving Call on OnePlus Phones

Follow the below-mentioned fixes to get rid of the blank white screen issue while receiving calls on OnePlus phones:

#1. Resetting the Network Adapter

Resetting the network adapter will be the best option to fix this particular issue. So, to do this, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, go to the Settings app and click on the System.
  2. After that, tap on the Reset Options.
  3. Then, click on Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile, & Bluetooth.
  4. Now, select the Reset Settings option.Reset network setting
  5. Finally, enter your PIN or passcode for security purposes.
  6. Then, tap Next, followed by Reset Settings to confirm your action.

Note: Keep in mind this will delete all of your smartphone settings for your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data.

#2. Update Your OxygenOS

This is another fix that you can try. But, unfortunately, most of the time, we ignore updating our OS, and that results in this kind of issue. So, we recommend you to go to your settings and check if there is any latest update available or not. If so, then download and install it immediately. But, in case there is no update available, then follow the next method. 

#3. Uninstall Unnecessary Applications

This will also help many users previously to fix the blank white screen error that they are facing during phone calls on their OnePlus devices. So, to do this, hover over to the Settings. Then, tap on the Applications. After thatselect the applications you think are unnecessary and hit the uninstall button inside the Application Manager.

#4. Clear Storage

Generally, we ignore our smartphone’s storage capacity and continue to start storing our images, media, etc. But, we don’t know the fact that running out of storage may cause many issues like lagging, flickering, etc. So, clearing storage or removing unwanted files from our internal storage will be the best option for us. However, many users are also there who reported that they easily get rid of the mentioned issue by doing this. So, you can also try this out and check if it helps.

#5. Reset Your Smartphone

We regret if none of the mentioned worked for you. But, don’t get sad because we have one more fix for you that will surely help you out. Yes, you can reset your OnePlus smartphone to factory default. Once you do this, you’ll see that the issue automatically gets disappear from your phone. But don’t forget to take a backup of your phone because this will erase all your data present in internal storage. 

So, that’s how you can fix the blank white screen error while receiving calls on their OnePlus phone. We hope this guide helped you. Furthermore, you can also subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular updates, and also don’t forget to share your thoughts regarding this guide in the comment box below.

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