How to Complete the Blocked Well Side Quest in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

The enthralling world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is filled with diverse quests and activities, each designed to challenge your wits and skills. Today, we delve into two such intriguing quests – ‘The Blocked Cave’ and ‘Blocked Well’. Here’s a comprehensive walkthrough to help you conquer these challenges like a pro!

Embarking on ‘The Blocked Cave’ Quest

The journey for the Blocked Cave quest begins at the Hebro South Summit, located in the cold yet tolerable northwest region of the map, just north of the Respro pass.

The adventure kicks off when you meet Mazli, who tells you about a collapsed cave that has trapped his food supplies. With no bomb flowers at his disposal, he requires your help. You can assist Mazli in two straightforward ways:

  1. Option A: If you have bombs, simply use them.
  2. Option B: If you wish to save your bombs, select one of your weapons and fuse it with a rock on the ground. It’s advised to use a low-grade weapon as the fusion process powers it up.

Use either option to clear the rocks. Your first weapon might break before you clear the path. If that happens, fuse a second weapon and continue. Once you’re done, return to Mazli to claim your reward of 20 rupees.

Remember, there are more creative ways to complete this quest, and it’s up to you to discover them!

How to Solve the ‘Blocked Well’ Quest

The Blocked Well quest is another interesting challenge that can be found near the Stable you cleared for the Piaffe Packed Away mission. Penn, located near the well at the back of the Stable, will assign you the mission to investigate the blocked well.

Once you accept the mission, follow these steps to complete it:

  1. Jump down into the well, where you’ll need to defeat 3-5 enemies. Note: one of the enemies is in water, so having a bow would be beneficial.
  2. Defeat the flower enemy by targeting its core. Once it’s down, finish it off.
  3. Defeat another enemy located at the cave entrance.
  4. After your victory, Penn will call you up for a conversation.
  5. Post your chat, the mission will be deemed complete.

Remember to carry a variety of recovery food and weapons, including a bow and exploring plants to attach to arrows, as they may come in handy.

We hope this guide helps you triumph in both the ‘Blocked Cave’ and ‘Blocked Well’ quests in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Keep exploring, keep conquering, and let us know your thoughts below. Happy gaming!

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