Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithos is an unconventional game where you collect people from various lineages and clans. It will determine the characteristics that they possess in terms of their abilities. Rather than summoning the greatest characters directly via the mechanism, this is mostly a game about making alliances and passing on your legacy to future generations. As a result, you will eventually want to marry the powerful units on your team to produce more powerful children for your teams, even if you already have great troops. And even if the wedding ceremony will result in the couple’s parents no longer being a part of your organization in any capacity, the fact that their offspring will have the potential to be significantly more powerful invests more than worthwhile.

Because there are no “champions” in this game, making a standard tier list is quite difficult to do in this game. It is because there are no specific champions that you may earn. You have the option of recruiting characters from a variety of families, which will define the characteristics they possess. While this is going on, their overall power will be based on their level and star rank. In any case, their utmost potential will also be determined by the family they belong to, seeing as how some have a bigger power limit when they reach their greatest level than others.

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List

With that out of the way, in this Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas tier list, we’ll be talking about the greatest clans in the game and the clans that you should be working hard to join and advance within throughout your time spent playing this game.

S Tier Clans

These are the clans that have been given the highest power ratings, and as a result, they have the potential to produce the best characters that they can find in the game.

  1. Ugrull:This clan’s members’ exceptional resilience and burst damage allow them to perform very well in combat on the front lines. The females of this clan are significantly more dangerous than their male counterparts, both in terms of their ability to deal with damage and their capacity for self-healing. However, the males of this clan still pose a significant threat.


  1. Doombringer: This clan is one of the greatest in the game since it can deal an exceptionally high amount of damage and has little resistance to damage. On the battlefield, the male and the female are as terrifying as one another.
  2. Fulgur: This clan is great for both PvP and PvE because of their excellent area-of-effect damage and ability to block a single foe’s special attack. Fulgur’s AoE damage is particularly noteworthy.
  3. Ignis: is a clan that deals significant area-of-effect damage and inflicts burning on the opponent, increasing the total amount of damage done over time.


A Tier Clans

Clans of the A Tier Clans are not quite as powerful as those of the preceding tier, but they nevertheless have the potential to be a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

  1. Tidestorm: is one of the most powerful ranged tribes in the game, and its members are capable of dealing significant damage to a single victim. Excellent for putting an end to obstinate tanks or exploding weak opponent DPS units.
  2. Karg: Given how frail they can be, this clan takes its time getting started. However, if you have upgraded them to the dragon form, their melee attacks will deal substantially more damage, and they will be able to wipe out entire groups of foes with their flaming breath.
  3. Zaess:  is an excellent clan for PvP because its members can silence their foes for a short period, preventing them from using their ultimate talents while also causing a respectable amount of damage to an area of effect.
  4. Luxuriant: Individuals who are experts in crowd management can either seduce or incapacitate enemies, keeping them from acting for extended periods. This clan is very good at neutralizing potential dangers before taking action.

B Tier Clans

These are clans that, despite not having anything inherently wrong with them, you will want to replace as soon as you have stronger champions. However, if you acquire a few champions of these families with a high rarity, don’t be afraid to add them to your squad immediately so that you may have a head start on the competition.

  1. Lycanis:These assassins do not live up to expectations regarding their burst damage, but they make up more than their ability to stay alive. The ladies can call upon powerful wolves to aid them in battle, while the males can rush at foes with the weakest defense and bring them to their knees with devastating close-quarters strikes.
  2. Griffins:  are mediocre combatants that become fairly good after being upgraded; nonetheless, they are quite fragile and have a hard time surviving when put in the front rows of the battlefield.
  3. Karguk: Although the current meta seems to favor more offensive formations, Karguk is one of the strongest clans regarding genuine tanks. It is even though the meta seems to favor more attacking formations. Nevertheless, this clan is an excellent option if you want to roll with a tank.
  4. Yivnian: These nimble assassins are excellent for dealing with vulnerable foes in the back rows, yet, they are simple to counter with crowd control effects or by positioning a tank in the back row.

C Tier Clans

It would help if you avoided clans at all costs, either because they have poor statistics, because their abilities aren’t very excellent, or possibly even a mix of the two factors.

  1. Aeson: The only thing this clan has going for is the ability to perform some modest healing and shielding.
  2. Sallyhorn: says you should join this clan if you’ve ever been curious about what it would be like to enter a battle with nothing but a foam hammer in your hands. What good does it do if you have a high health pool and cannot deal any damage at all?
  3. Travain: This is a clan you should avoid because their skills are not very useful, and they have very poor statistics. This one is especially a trap for beginners because the first companion you unlock is a member of this clan, and as a result, the first heirs you have will most likely also be members of this clan.
  4. Lume: These are significantly better healers than Aeson because they can successfully keep a unit from dying for a few seconds longer than Aeson. However, it is evident that the meta is focused on the offensive, and devoting a slot to a healer is likely to be a somewhat inefficient use of resources.


Remember that this ranking was determined by the clan’s most powerful abilities and traits. However, as the game develops and players become more engaged in theory-crafting, players may discover improved team compositions and synergies that excel in both player vs. environment and player versus player gameplay. As a result of this, you may anticipate changes to both the meta and the tier lists. Nevertheless, if you play Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas, you should be able to get a good notion of what to search for, thanks to this tier list. Leave a comment below telling us what you think about this topic.


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