Where to Find Blow Torches for Mechanic Legion Mission Warzone 2 DMZ

Call of Duty Warzone 2 is one of the most popular first-person shooter games. It is the second installment in the Warzone series, with new features, weapons, and maps. The DMZ is one of the most exciting features of Call of Duty Warzone 2. In this guide, we will take you through how to find Blow Torches for Mechanic Legion Mission Warzone 2 DMZ.

DMZ stands for De-Militarized Zone. In Call of Duty Warzone 2, this is a new game mode in which players are dropped onto a map with limited resources and must fight to survive against other players. The map is divided into two zones: the safe and danger zones. The safe zone is where players can find resources and weapons to help them survive. The danger zone is where players must fight against each other for survival. There are also plenty of challenges to complete, so keep reading to find out how to find the blow torches.

Where to Find Blow Torches for Mechanic Legion Mission DMZ

Warzone 2 DMZ: Mechanic Legion Mission Blow Torches Location

Warzone 2 DMZ is an exciting new game mode that offers a variety of challenges and missions that can be completed solo or with friends. While some of these missions are relatively easy, others are more complex and require players to go beyond exploring the map. The Mechanic Legion mission is one such challenge, causing players much trouble. It involves acquiring 26 Blow Torches and delivering them to the Dumpster Dead drop at Mawizeh Marshlands.

This mission is one of the more challenging tasks in the new DMZ mode, as it requires players to navigate through a complex series of objectives to complete it successfully. Many players have found it difficult to locate all 26 blow torches, let alone deliver them to the correct location. As a result, many players in the Call of Duty community are unsure how to complete this task.

Despite the difficulty of this mission, completing it can be extremely rewarding. Not only does it offer a significant challenge, but it also provides players with an opportunity to test their skills and strategy. If you’re struggling with this quest, don’t worry – plenty of resources available online can help you complete it successfully. With a bit of patience and perseverance, you can conquer this challenging task and emerge victorious in Warzone 2 DMZ.

In Warzone 2 DMZ, finding blow torches can be challenging, as they are not readily available. Players can search for random spawn points to obtain them and complete their mission. Thankfully, there is a common spawn point for blowtorches in Al Mazrah. This is great news for players trying to complete their missions quickly and efficiently.

Where to find the Blow Torches

Players should focus on blue warehouses and garages when searching for blowtorches in Warzone 2 DMZ. These locations are the most likely spots to find blowtorches. However, it’s important to note that even though these locations are common spawn points for blowtorches, they are not guaranteed to be there every time.

To complete the Mechanic Legion mission and obtain blow torches, explore the Warzone 2 DMZ and search for blue warehouses and garages. It’s important to do this as soon as the game begins so you can get a head start on your search. Once you’ve located the nearest one, scout for enemies and eliminate them to ease your search for the torches.

Once inside the structures, search every corner to find all 26 blow torches. You must check all loot boxes, caches, and other item boxes, as blow torches can be found in any of these locations. While garages are a good place to find blow torches, warehouses in Hafid Port, Rohan Oil, Al-Malik Airport, and Al Safwa Quarry are also good locations to search.

In addition to looting structures in Warzone 2 DMZ, you can obtain blow torches as a drop from enemies. Defeating and looting AI bots is a great way to get multiple blow torches in one go. Remember that finding blow torches can be challenging, but don’t give up! With persistence and the right tactics, you’ll be able to find all 26 blow torches and complete the Mechanic Legion mission.

Where to deliver the Blow Torches

Now that you know where to find the blow torches, you will be on your way to completing the Mechanic Legion mission. The next step of the mission is to deliver 26 Blow Torches to a Dumpster Dead Drop location. First, you will need to locate the Dead Drop. To find it, you must head towards the western side of the Mawizeh Marshlands, where you will come across a gas station.

Next, search the area near the gas station to find the Dumpster Dead Drop. Once you locate this spot, you can drop off all 26 Blow Torches and complete the mission successfully. Overall, the mission requires careful planning and execution to ensure that you deliver the Blow Torches to the Dead Drop location successfully. With the right approach, you can complete the mission without any complications.

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