Guide To Fix Bluetooth Related Problems In A Xiaomi Phone

Bluetooth is one of those very useful connectivity options which majority of the mobile phones these days offer. Bluetooth allows hassle-free connection to a wide range of devices. Here is what you have to do if you come across any Bluetooth related issue on your Xiaomi phone.

Guide To Fix Bluetooth Related Problems In A Xiaomi Phone

Steps to Fix Bluetooth Related Problems In A Xiaomi Phone.

Steps 1: Toggle On and Off

The first simple step to be suggested would be to ensure that the Bluetooth has been actually turned ON. If you have turned ON the Bluetooth mode already and still face a problem in connecting, turn it OFF and then ON and scan the nearby Bluetooth devices for connecting.

Steps 2: Unpair the device

You can also try to solve a problem relating to Bluetooth connectivity by deleting the device you wish to connect to from the list of existing paired devices. After deleting it, you can pair with the device once again and try connecting.

Steps 3: Reboot and Clear Cache

If the tip above does not help, you may try rebooting your phone and clear the cache. You should also disable the third-party devices to which you have connected. For this, you may turn on the safe mode.

Steps 4: Last Connected device

If the tip above does not solve the issue, delete all the previous record i.e., the history concerning the connection you had made with other devices in the past.

Steps 5: Compatibility

Another way of dealing with a problem concerning Bluetooth connectivity is to check if the device you wish to connect to is actually compatible with your own device. Certain devices may not be compatible with your device.

Steps 6: Update the OS

Often a problem arises while you try to connect via Bluetooth in case if your Operating System has not been updated. For this, you may update your OS to the latest version. Another possibility could be that your software or firmware has not been updated. To solve this, you may visit the website of the manufacturing brand and search for an update.

Steps 7: Turn off Power saving feature

If your problem is the abrupt Bluetooth disconnection, you can resolve by going to the Settings. In Settings, choose battery. Out of the list that then appears, choose ‘manage app battery usage’ and turn off the power saving mode.

In a normal scenario, the above-mentioned tips would help in fixing problems related to Bluetooth connectivity. While connecting your device to another through Bluetooth ensure that both the devices are at a reasonable proximity, without which Bluetooth cannot function. If the problem continues, you will have to approach an authorized customer service agent.

Hope all these solutions will help to fix Bluetooth related problems in a Xiaomi Phone. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.

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