How to Boot into Recovery Mode on Moto Z2 Play

To boot into Recovery Mode on Moto Z2 play is not much of a difficult job. The procedure involved is similar to almost all smartphone devices. As an Android device user, it is quite necessary to familiarize yourself with the Recovery mode so you can be able to tackle malware when your smartphone device starts acting strangely, or not responding or you’re having issues trying to do things using the software’s normal settings of your device. You could mistakenly boot your device into this mode and just being familiar with how it works help prevent you from getting freaked out or paranoid and you could easily get out of it. Recovery mode can literally help to solve issues faced by the device; however, it’s often the last resort for troubleshooting smartphone devices, especially when the screen is not responding.

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The Recovery mode, which is included on a partition different from the major operating system of the Android devices, is an independent, lightweight runtime interface on all Android phones. This Recovery mode, when instantly booted, can be used to delete the cache partition, apply Android software updates, or reset your device to factory setting. It can be entered through the device’s hardware key.

How To Boot into Recovery Mode on Moto Z2 play

To boot into Recovery mode on Moto Z2 play, we simply need to;
1. Ensure your Moto Z2 Play device is switched off.
2. Then press the “Volume Down” key of your device and hold down for few seconds (about 2-3 seconds.)
3. Press down the “Power” key while the “Volume Down” key is still being held down and release both keys.
4. Afterwards, choose the option “Recovery” by navigating with the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” keys and confirming or selecting with the “Power” key.
5. As soon as you see an Android logo on the screen, press and hold “Volume Up” for a while.
6. Still holding the “Volume Up” button, press and then release the “Power” button. Your device is now in Recovery Mode.
7. You can use the “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” buttons to scroll, and select options with the “Power” button in this Recovery Mode.
8. Once you’re done with the Recovery Mode, you can select “Reboot System Now” in the Recovery mode and it will boot the smartphone device back up normally.

Options in the Recovery mode

There are certain standard options you are sure to always find. They include;

  • Reboot system now: This option will automatically restart the device normally.
  • Apply update from ADB: Android Debug Bridge (ADB) allows you to plug your Moto Z2 play device to your PC and issue certain commands from the PC. It is designed mainly for developers and you are required to install an Android SDK (software development kit).
  • Wipe data/factory reset: This will erase all of your device data, such as photos, videos, apps, documents, music, everything, and reset your Moto Z2 play device to its original factory settings. This also helps wipe the cache partition.
  • Wipe cache partition: Cache Partition is a temporary system data highly related to application installations, and it can be deleted without losing any personal file, data or settings. Clearing the cache partition can also help solve a lot of issues and without loss of any data or settings, hence no actual risk involved. This process is highly recommended as a fix for the majority of basic Android troubles.

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