How to Bypass or Remove FRP Lock on Huawei Honor Play 8A?

FRP lock means Factory Reset Protection, and it is a great security feature in Huawei Honor phones. In simple words, this feature protects Huawei Honor Play 8A after unauthorized reset. To be more specific, if someone resets your Huawei Honor Play 8A smartphone without you knowing, then they will not be able to access the phone due to FRP lock protection.

The FRP lock will show up saying this device was reset, please log in with a previously synced google account’ on this device. Thus no one can access the phone without a Google account, and the device will be safe.

However, if you have accidentally have done a reset of your device and now not able to access the google account associated with it, then Bypass or remove the FRP lock on Huawei Honor Play 8A would be the best solution for such a situation. If you do not remember the password, then you can follow the below-mentioned process to bypass FRP Lock.

How to Bypass or Remove FRP Lock on Huawei Honor Play 8A

How to Bypass or Remove FRP Lock on Huawei Honor Play 8A?

Before starting, you need a few things like Mediatek Drivers, Huawei Honor Play 8A JAT-L29 FRP file. Also you would need to install the drivers for the smartphone and you need to keep a fresh copy of Huawie FRP file. The downloads links for the same is down below.

Download Huawei Honor Play 8A Drivers

Download Huawei Honor Play 8A FRP Unlock file

Latest SP flash tool

If you already have MediaTek drivers on your PC, then skip the driver step. After that, extract the FRP file.

Now get the latest SP flash tool from above and install it by extracting the downloaded file and double-clicking on the Flash_Tool.exe. After successful installation of the tool, launch the tool.

Steps to Bypass or Remove FRP Lock on Huawei Honor Play 8A:

Firstly, You will see an option named Download agent. Click on it. Now, load the MTK_AllInOne_DA.bin file. You can find it in the downloaded FRP folder.

Secondly, Click on the scatter-loading button in the tool and select the Huawei Honor Play 8A JAT-L29 scatter from the FRP folder.

lastly, Click on the authentication file button in the tool and select the auth_sv5.auth file from FRP folder.

How to Bypass or Remove FRP Lock on Huawei Honor Play 8A

Once you select all the required files, click on the Format button in the SP flash tool window.

You will see a manual format flash option. Select it. After that, set the parameters as shown below.

Begin Address(HEX]: 0x108000
Format Length[HEX]: 0x100000.

How to Bypass or Remove FRP Lock on Huawei Honor Play 8A

How to flash the FRP file

Click on the start button on the tool and connect your Huawei Honor Play 8A with your PC using the USB cable. Don’t forget to turn off the device before connecting the phone to the PC.

After that, press the volume up and down key to making your PC detect the phone. After detecting the phone, the SP flash tool will start the process. This will take a few minutes to complete the process, and after that, you will see a ‘download ok’ window. This means the work is done.

Lastly, close the SP flash tool and disconnect your device from the PC. That’s all now you will not face the FRP protection issue on your Huawei Honor Play 8A.

Note: This method of FRP flashing will erase all data on your device. So make sure to take a backup (if possible) to avoid and unforeseen media damages.


To sum up, this was the whole process. Make sure to Charge your phone to at least 40% to 50% to avoid any problems. This process will erase all your data from the phone, so you better take a backup of any important data. You can use another tool, which is the SP Multiport download tool. That’s all for this article, I hope this helps you in removing the FRP protection from your phone.

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