Call of Duty: Warzone Rumble Guide: Tips and Tricks to Survive and Win

Infinity Ward and Activision have been doing their best to keep players entertained with their regular updates for Call of Duty: Warzone. The latest update for the game, which corresponds to the fourth season in Modern Warfare, brings a number of new features to the table. Among this is the new “Warzone Rumble” game mode.

This is basically understood to be a massive Team Deathmatch mode that takes place around Verdansk. You will play matches in a team of 50 Vs. 50. Everybody who has downloaded Warzone can freely access this mode.

Call of Duty: Warzone Rumble Guide: Tips and Tricks to Survive and Win

Tips and Tricks to Win and Survive: Warzone Rumble

Rumble game mode is significantly different from the usual Team Deathmatch in many ways Not only are the maps taken from portions of the much bigger Warzone stage (that may not exactly be ideal for Deathmatches, to put it mildly), but your matches will feature a colossal arena for battles, with a periodically changing set of stages involved. In place of the normal spawning spot, you will spawn in midair and will have to parachute to safety. Needless to say, all of this changes dynamics significantly.

Therefore, we will give you some suggestions and hints about how you can achieve the best results or the tips and tricks to survive and win in Call of Duty: Warzone Rumble. Read on to find out more.

Master the fine art of sniping

Warzone has always favored sniping skills, and this holds true for Rumble as well. Many of the stage layouts featured here are ideal for skilled snipers to try their handiwork. Upon landing, you will likely see so many targets around that you might have a hard time choosing which one to pick first.

We also recommend equipping a thermal scope to spot targets at greater distances effectively. Of course, sniping is not for everyone. But it is definitely an aspect of great value in this game mode.

Make sure you have the proper loadout equipped before you join Rumble

You need to take along loadouts that are appropriate and useful for every particular Map. There are specific maps that are simply not favorable for sniping. You need to have loadouts for close-quarter combat-equipped there. If you are dealing with enemies at a long-range, a shotgun will do you no good. When dealing with a big group of enemies at a place, having a suppressor equipped is a must.

At the same time, you are free to do your experiments with the loadouts, since most of these maps feature large open spaces. For example, the .357 Magnum equipped with Snake Shot ammunition turns into a small-sized shotgun effectively. The FR 5.56 (FAMAS) is an excellent choice due to its versatile mid-to-long range and lethal three-round burst.

Field Upgrades will also come in handy for you. You should try to choose Stopping Power Rounds over Recon Drones since these maps are crawling with foes, and you need all the damage you can deliver. Field Upgrades that have a direct effect on your weapon or a Trophy System that can shield you from throwable weapons have much more value compared to other items.


Keep your opponents’ spawning point in your line of sight, Constantly

Although it is easier to just focus on the targets right in front of you, you will find it very useful to sneak over to your opponents’ spawning point without being caught. This location tends to go unnoticed by most players, and you can take advantage of that. Stay hidden and keep picking off the unfortunate enemies who keep turning up there. As long as you are well concealed, you can take down a good number of them without being noticed at all.

However, remember not to land anywhere near this spot if you are parachuting after spawning yourself. That could lead to your enemies noticing and overwhelming you.

Keep an eye on your location in the Map

It is occasionally difficult to locate yourself and your distance from your foes’ spawning point in the large circular maps featured in the game. Your mini-map could be useful, but points tend to get blurred together on using it. Therefore, we advise using the pause button for this purpose. Pressing it will reveal the whole Map to you, and this will help you note your position and that of your comrades and foes as well. It can help you navigate away from dangerous situations.


Do not delay while deploying your Parachute

Deploying the Parachute by pressing the button as soon as you are in control of your character keeps you airborne for a more extended amount of time. Moreover, it will provide you a lot of space to land. Thus you can choose what to do next – land near an enemy and engage them, or and near a safer location to set up the ship for scouting your opponents. On the other hand, free-falling for long will give you lesser options while landing. You will eventually land closer to your spawning point and at a greater distance from the foes as a result. Thus, we recommend deploying your chute as soon as possible.

Have the apt perks equipped

It is necessary to have the proper perks equipped while playing. For example, it is pointless to equip Kill Chain or Pointman since Rumble does not feature killstreaks. Instead, using Cold-Blooded, for example, will prevent you from being easily noticed by foes wielding thermal scope. Similarly, Amped will help you switch weapons faster, and Overkill will allow you to have a second primary weapon. Try experimenting with more combos like this, and it will greatly enhance your performance in battle.

Make good use of vehicles in the Map

You will usually find vehicles near your spawning point. You are even more likely to come across one if you free-fall to the ground. However, avoid driving anywhere near large groups of enemies. That will leave you terribly vulnerable to attacks.

Use smoke grenades in conjunction with thermal scopes for best results

This is a seriously deadly pairing in this game mode. Especially if you are in a place with a dense population of foes, just drop your grenade first and watch as they run around in panic. Now use your thermal shots to pick them off like mushrooms. You do not even need to be very skilled with a sniper rifle to do this. However, you need to watch out for enemies who might use their own thermal scopes to shoot at you.

Make good use of buy Stations

Buy Stations offer your items to buy, and also pay for the redeployment of your comrades and other things. Thus, your teammates will be able to use cash to revive you, even if you were slain in the Gulag. These Stations might also give you loadout drops, which are extremely important for surviving and winning in this game zone. Make sure you create some custom loadouts before buying one before the match. Otherwise, you can also choose one of the default loadouts provided by the game, which are relatively good.

Make good use of Armor Plates

Fortunately, you will be able to heal in Warzone without using health kits. However, we recommend using armor as it boosts your health pool by +50 health apiece. These can be obtained from loot crates or the corpses of slain players. Up to three armor plates can be equipped at once. You will see these represented by blue gauges on your health meter. You can restore your armor by hitting the 4 key on PC, the Triangle button on PlayStation 4, and ‘Y’ on Xbox One.

Use the Gulag to your Advantage

Compared to other battle royale games, it is easier to survive in Warzone. You will not actually die when your health bar runs out completely. Rather, you will be damaged for a while, and your comrades have a chance to revive you. It is only a second bullet that can actually kill you. Even after that, you will find yourself in the Gulag, a new arena with other so-called dead players. Here, you will need to face them individually in Combat. On defeating them, you will get back to Verdansk.

Keep in mind, though, that the Gulag is basically a big circular room. If you want to survive, make sure you are prudent and lure your enemies into attacking your enemies. Successfully ambushing them from behind without being noticed will ensure that you win. Make good use of the pistol and shotgun that the Gulag provides. You can master these weapons using bots.

Fight smarter during Combat

You can efficiently dodge onslaughts by sliding to the side. Make good use of your stealth mode and crouch while moving inside any building, lest your foes get alerted of your presence. Use your ping or map markers to inform your comrades about your location. This will allow us to find and rescue you if you end up in any dangerous situation. Killstreaks and Perks that are compatible can be used together for the best results.  You can also try camping on any reliable spot on the rooftop or inside the building. This will help you escape if ambushed by foes.

That is it for now. We hope our guide will help you have a great time with Rumble Mode in Call of Duty: Warzone. Also, check out our Windows Guides, Gaming Guides, Social Media, iPhone Guides, and Android Guides for more great content. Subscribing to our YouTube Channel can help you win our $150 giveaway contest. If you have any queries or feedback, comment down below with your name along with e-mail ID, and we will reply shortly. Happy Shooting!

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