How to Cancel Proactiv Subscription

Do you have a current subscription from the skin-care product provider Proactiv that you want to cancel.? In this guide, I will explain to you how to do that. People are always careful about their skin. So, Proactiv Solution has the best in class products to sustain healthy and acne-free skin for their users. However, there may be consumers that may not keep up with their Proactiv subscription due to various reasons. Some may want to cancel their membership for financial issues. Again, some other folks may have found a better alternative to Proactiv.

The three-month subscription costs around $90 at a $30 premium each month. This may be a little too much for some consumers. If you earn money the hard way you will definitely be wise in your spending. The spending also includes skin-care products. In today’s world, there are a hundred alternatives for one product at reasonable pricing. So, consumers are free to choose whatever suits their pocket. Let’s check out the 3 available methods to cancel your Proactiv subscription.

Steps to Cancel Proactiv Subscription

First, you can try to contact the support team of Proactive and send them a query to cancel your current subscription.

Use Proactiv Contact Us Page

  • In the browser address bar type in us
    cancel proactiv memebership
  • Then click on the tab Cancel my membership
  • The chat dialog box will pop-up
  • Mention your details and set the reasons to Other [or Account Questions]
  • In the comments mention your name, email, and your Proactiv subscription
    cancel proactiv subscription
  • Also, mention that you want to stop your subscription
  • Then click Start Chat

Then follow the instructions of the support team and in a short while you will receive a response from the support team. Soon, your membership will be closed.

Call the Proactiv Support to Cancel Subscription

You can also make a phone call to the support center of the skin-care provider.

  • Make a call on the toll-free number “1-800-309-4796
  • You may have to wait for some time to connect to the customer support representative
  • So, don’t immediately hang up if someone doesn’t attend to you right away.

Use Online Account to Connect to Customer Care

Here is another method you can try out to cancel your Proactiv subscription.

  • Log in to your online Proactiv account [Sign-up first and open an account if you don’t have one]
  • After you log in navigate to the Chat button towards the top of the page
  • Click on that and you will be assigned with a customer support staff
  • Simply mention that you want to end your current subscription
  • Do provide your details when the staff asks you.

So, try any of the three methods mentioned above to cancel your Proactiv membership easily. I hope you found this guide informative.

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