How to change your hair in Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs Legion has now finally hit the stores and boy the players are going wild. It is an action-adventure game that is based on an open world. It is developed by Ubisoft and developed by its Toronto studio. Notably, this Watch Dogs Legion is the third installment in the Watch Dogs series and is a sequel to Watch Dogs 2. The game is available across all platforms like PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, Microsoft Windows. The game is based on a future London city and the story is basically focussed on the hacker group DedSec. They are on the verge to clear out their names and liberate the citizens from the grabs of oppressive military forces.

For the first time ever, you can play multiple characters in a Watch Dogs game in this Watch Dogs Legion. You have to search for appropriate players and control them at any time to complete missions. So, you have to recruit the correct character for completing the missions. Moreover, you will have to release your characters using the other characters if they are captured by the military forces. One great thing about Watch Dogs Legion is the customization feature. And in this post, we will give you answers on whether you can change the hair of your character in the Watch Dogs Legion game. With that being said, let us get straight into the article itself;

watch dogs legion change hair

How to change your hair in Watch Dogs: Legion?

If you have started playing the Watch Dogs: Legion game, and are looking for customizing the hairstyles in the game then you are at the right place. Players have been raving about the level of customization that this game has to offer. And one of them is the hair of the characters. To know whether or not you can change the hair of the character in Watch Dogs Legion, follow the guide below.

Well, customization options are one of the key factors in the game. But Watch Dogs Legion restricts the level of customization that you can do to your character. Moreover, it follows the real-life scenario, where if one tries a new hairstyle, they have to be and live with it for the next few months before they can actually try out something different. And as you can select multiple characters in the Watch Dogs Legion game, the multiple characters have different abilities. In fact, the hairstyle is a part of their character, which is the reason Watch Dogs developers have restricted changing the hairstyle in the game. So, if you really want to change the hairstyle of the character in Watch Dogs Legion, then you are better left with the option of recruiting another character that has the hairstyle of your choosing.

Other customization options

Though the game does not allow for changing the hairstyles of the characters, there are a lot of things that you can change. For instance, you can change the wardrobes, masks, and much more in the game. The wardrobe section allows the players to change the top, bottoms, shoes and gloves, bags, etc. You simply need to head over to the clothes store and swipe through the different options and select whichever you like the most. You need to have sufficient money if you want to purchase clothes and equip them. Masks are also scattered throughout the city of London and players can unlock the masks by finding scattered mask boxes.

However, if you are in for customizing the hairstyle of your character in Watch Dogs Legion, then there is no way that you can do that. Sadly, developers thought that would not be a great addition to the game. But looking at the responses regarding not being able to change the hairstyle of the character in the game, players are not happy. But that is what it is and you have to play the game with characters having their original hairstyles.

Wrap Up!

So, there you have it from my side in this post. I hope you guys liked this post and understood that there are no options for changing the hairstyles of your character in the game. But that is just a part of the game and you can continue with recruiting players that have a hairstyle of your liking.

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