Guide to Charge your iPad faster

iPad is still one of the best devices from Apple especially among the professionals since its inception in 2010. But the battery on iPad these days aren’t the best one out there. So you might be wondering How to charge your iPad faster. Well, you have landed on the right page as today in this post, we would be covering on Guide to Charge your iPad faster.

Guide to Charge your iPad faster

There are a few tips & tricks which you can use to charge your Apple iPad faster. Does that sound interesting? Well, let’s jump into it.

Guide to Charge your iPad faster

Here are our 3 tips which would help you in charging your iPhone faster.

Tip 1: Use Stock Apple 12W iPad adapter

You should not use any other source of power other than your stock iPad’s 12W Adapter. We tried charging our iPad with the computer using USB Cable and the results were not good. If you’ll use your iPad while charging via Computer then you might end up losing the charge on your iPad than the charging.

Apple has made that 12W adapter, especially for the iPads for a reason. They offer much more efficiency and reliability. That’s the reason why we recommend everyone to use their Stock Apple 12W iPad adapter only to charge their iPad. Now let us take a look at our next tip which would help you to charge your iPad faster.

Tip 2: Switch off your iPad

This might sound odd to some of you, but it is proven that the devices get charged more quickly when they are switched off. The reason behind this is pretty simple. When your device is switched off, there are no apps, tasks running in the background that requires some power. This helps in providing battery the quickest charge.

So, the next time when you are not using your iPad, just switch it off, plug it in and watch it charge at a faster pace.

Tip 3: Put your iPad to the Airplane Mode

If you are someone who wants to use your iPad while it’s charging but still want it to charge faster, then you should consider putting your iPad on to the Airplane Mode. Airplane Mode means that your iPad would not catch any kind of network like cellular networks, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc. This results in power saving and thus helps in charging your iPad faster.

So, the next time when you are not using your iPad, just put it on to the Airplane Mode by going to your iPad’s settings and enabling the Airplane Mode. Plug it in and watch it charge at a much faster rate.

Bonus Tip: Calibrate your battery


Calibrating simply means discharging your iPad to 0% and then charging it back to 100%. This has been scientifically proven that calibrating your iPad’s battery can help in keeping it in a healthy condition. Even the Apple itself recommends its users to calibrate their iPad’s battery at least once a month.

You should not be doing it more than once or twice a month as then it may end up causing more harm than the cure to your iPad’s battery.

So that’s it guys, this was our take on Guide to Charge your iPad faster. Do you have any other tips? Well, let us know about them in the comments section down below.

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