Charge Your Android Phone Safer And Faster [Quick way]!

When we buy a new phone, we will check it’s technical features. Now due to the advancements in technology and increasing competition among the smartphone manufacturers, phone with higher capabilities is affordable for us. Affording a phone with these much capabilities was nothing more of a dream five years ago.

The different methods to charge your Android phone safer and faster.

One of the key features that we search for in a smartphone is its battery. Even though the phone is of high specs and if the battery doesn’t function as we wish it’s literally not much of use. The smartphone makers realize the needs of the emerging markets and are making device accordingly. But the battery life of any device is dependent on the usage. No matter how tough they manufacturer the battery and optimize the software, the user should care the battery for its longevity. Here you can see the different methods to charge your Android phone safer and faster.

Charge Your Android Phone Safer And Faster [Quick way]!

When and how should you charge your phone?

The cliche advises that you get all the time regarding this topic is that do not charge your phone all the time until it reaches 100%. If this is what you have heard, it is right. Do not charge the phone until it reaches full charge often. There is nothing wrong with charging your phone to 100% occasionally. But when you do it all the time this is going to shorten the life of the battery. This is due to the reactions that cause inside the lithium-ion battery.

It is also advised that do not allow to drain your battery until it reaches less than 20%. Most of them leave their phone to charge overnight and use it till the phone totally ran out of battery charge. Experts suggest that this is no the best option if you concern about your battery life.

So, in short, you can charge your phone until it Reaches around 80% and tries not drop less than 20%.


How to Android Phone safer and faster?

  1. Buy a new fast charger. Almost all new smartphone supports fast charging.if your phone is one among them then buy a fast charger. Before buying check whether your phone supports fast charging.
  2. Switch off or keep the phone or put in aeroplane mode while charging. This reduces the wastage of charge by the phone by doing its operations even though you are not using it. Example keeping the phone connected to the network itself is a battery draining process.
  3. Always charge from a wall socket. This is because of the amount of current that varies between a wall socket and other options like a power bank or laptop. Wall socket can supply the amount of current required by your phone but other devices limit the energy.
  4. Remove the phone case. This helps in keeping the battery cool so that it charges faster.

Is charging overnight harmful to the battery?

By the advancements in technology, our phones became smart and they have learned to stop the charging process it’s own. Now there is no issue associated with charging overnight but charging 100% might ruin the battery capacity slowly.

Hope all these solutions will help to Charge Your Android Phone Safer And Faster. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.

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