CIGA Series X: A Mechanical Watch That Everyone Needs

Mechanical Watch is something that easily becomes anyone’s favorite because it has everything that a person needs in this modern world. Although there are many mechanical watches available in the market, but not all of them are tough enough to fulfill your needs. But, you know what? Today we are here with a new brand that works really well in this segment. Yes, we are talking about the CIGA.

Recently, CIGA Series X mechanical watches have been released with lots of new features. CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla is a brand new product from CIGA, and in this article, you will get all the important information along with the ongoing offers. So, let’s hover over to the article and check some of the most crucial points.

CIGA Mechanical Watch

What does CIGA do?

An award-winning company, the CIGA won the GPHG Challenge Watch Prize in 2021, an award given to watches at the affordable end of the market. Many other contenders were in the same match, including Oris, Doxa, and Furlan Marri. Despite their good quality, it was easy for the judges to select Blue Planet over the other entries.

Mechanical Watch

Honestly, you rarely see anything conceptually and originally in the cheap category. There’s a good reason for that. This isn’t just about what can be achieved in affordable watchmaking; it is also about what is possible in Chinese watchmaking. Moreover, it challenges our way of thinking about our world, without which watches would not exist.

What Are The Features of CIGA Series X Watches?

There are many features as well as selling points of CIGA Series X watches. And guess what? We have mentioned all those features down below. So, let’s check them out:

Lumed Dial:

CIGA Design X Series watches have been skeletonized or hollowed out in order to showcase the CD-01 movement within the dial. In low light, the watch face offers tons of Super-LumiNova lume, and it is a joy to look at thanks to its X-shaped dial.

Furthermore, the hands at the center are made of contrasting polished steel and are lumed for clear timekeeping. While the Series X isn’t the best at legibility, its unique look more than compensates for this problem.

Customized CD-01 Automatic Skeleton Movement:

The X Series movement is described by CIGA Design as an “independently developed CD-01 movement”. In this case, it was a Seagull ST2553JK caliber, similar to their Z Series.

This being said, the CD-01 movement in Series X has clearly been improved from the one in Series Z. It has been skeletonized further and has probably been modified specifically to work in conjunction with the unique X-shaped dial.

The amount of movement plates they have removed is quite surprising. In this way, both the front and back of the Watch provide a great view of the movement. The movement’s finished quality can also be seen from the case back, where you will find that many hours have been spent on it.

A sandblasting process is used to clean the plates, and the edges are polished. For this X Series watch, the winding rotor is custom engraved, and the wheel and screws are polished as well.

Visual Appeal:

There is something bold, big, and eye-catching about this timepiece. The X Series does not sacrifice quality for style, unlike many of the skeleton watches I have previously tested. However, the skeleton watch can visually inspect the myriad components working together.


With 316L stainless steel, the X Series watchcase offers excellent corrosion resistance. In addition to being comfortable, both straps include a quick-release system and are designed to last.

It also features corner-mounted coil springs and a synthetic sapphire crystal; the CD-01 movement is resistant to shock and scratches. Moreover, it is rated at 3ATM for water resistance. If you are planning to swim with this timepiece, you should not wear it.


  • Case Material: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Crystal: Synthetic sapphire
  • Back cover: Mineral crystal
  • Brand: CIGA Design
  • Model: X Series Gorilla Orange
  • Product number: ‎ X011-BLOG-W25BK
  • Luminous paint: Super-LumiNova
  • Band Material: Silicone Strap & Nylon Strap (quick release)
  • Movement: CD-01
  • Style: Unisex skeleton
  • Watch Size: 48mm x 48mm
  • Thickness: 11.8mm
  • Weight: 74 grams
  • Accuracy: -15~+30 sec/24 hours
  • Jewels: 25 Jewels
  • Movement manufacturer: Seagull
  • Movement Type: Mechanical Automatic
  • Reserve: 40 Hours
  • Hacking: Yes
  • Vibration Frequency: 21600Hz
  • Shock-resistant mechanism: 4 corner-mounted springs
  • Water Resistance: 3ATM

What Are The Ongoing Deals And Offers For CIGA Series X?


Currently, the CIGA is going to start their sales (Black Friday Promotion) from 2022-11-18 to 2022-12-04. Yes, in this period, you have a chance to grab the CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla at an 80percent discounted price. 

Get it on CIGADesign’s official website

Get it on Amazon


So, that’s all you need to know about the CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla promotion. We hope that this guide has helped you. Meanwhile, in case you need more info, you can hover over to the CIGADesign official website. 

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