How to Clean Roomba Filter at Home

iRobot Roomba series robot cleaners are one of the popular automated cleaners in the market that can easily clean up your home or office precisely. Now, if you’re also using the Roomba cleaner and you just cleaning the dirt, dust from the robot bin and put it back into the robot vacuum cleaner again then you’re doing it so wrong. Here we’ve shared the actual and right way to Clean Roomba Filter at your Home or Office whatsoever.

Although it’s quite easy to ignore cleaning the filter inside the robot cleaner, your Roomba cleaner will become less efficient and won’t gonna catch all dirt or dust in one sweep. So, if you haven’t started cleaning the filter yet, don’t worry as we’ll gonna help you out. Well, it’s also worth mentioning that cleaning out the Roomba filter will differ depending on the model too.

How to Clean Roomba Filter at Home

So, if you’re using the Roomba 600 series then you’ll find out a curved filter that basically placed in the bin itself. While the Roomba 800 and 900 series robotic cleaners do have a rectangular filter cartridge that fits on the top of the bin. Whereas ‘E’ and ‘i’ series Roomba cleaners do have a filter cartridge that fits on the side of the bin.

No matter what Roomba model you’re using, the process will be the same for sure. So, you just need to go through the steps one by one and you’ll be able to do the same with your specific version of the Roomba filter properly.

1. Remove the Bin

If you’re new to the iRobot Roomba cleaner family or don’t know how to clean the filter properly then do not worry.

  • First of all, you should simply push the release button on the top/side of your Roomba cleaner.
  • Now, make sure to slide the bin out.
How to Clean Roomba Filter at Home
Image Credit: iRobot
  • If there is debris in the bin before cleaning it then make sure to clean it gently and properly. To do so:
    • Just press the yellow lever to open the bin door.
How to Clean Roomba Filter at Home
Image Credit: iRobot
    • Dump any visible dist/dust/debris into the trash to clean it.

2. Remove the Filter

Now, the second and most important part is simply removing and cleaning the filter from the bin. To do this:

  • Look for the big blue filter after cleaning the dirt or dust properly (if not visible).
  • Now, grip the two yellow tabs on either side of the filter by using your fingers.
  • Then squeeze and then out the filter gently.
How to Clean Roomba Filter at Home
Image Credit: iRobot

3. Clean the Filter Gently

Next, make sure to gently clean the stored dust/dirt/debris from the filter without any second thought.

  • Just knock the dust off by repeatedly tapping the filter or shake the filter from the outside.
    • Otherwise, you can try scraping the dust or dirt using a dry cloth or paper towel or any air blower (with less fan speed) too.
  • Next, make sure to replace the filter.

Note: Filters are not designed to be washed with water or any form of contact with liquid items. So, using too much water or keeping it wet will damage the filter quickly.

  • However, if you want, you can rinse out excess debris or sticky dust with warm water and make sure to completely dry out the bin using the air blower or hair dryer or keeping it under direct sunlight. [That depends on your choice to use water]

4. Place the Filter back in

  • Once all is done, make sure to place or insert the filter back into the bin properly.
  • Then slide the bin into the bin slot of the Roomba cleaner so that it fits properly.

This process will definitely help your Roomba cleaner to sweep the floor and clean the surface more effectively than usual.

How often should you clean your Roomba’s Filter?

There is no mandatory schedule to do so. But if you’re using the Roomba cleaner quite extensively on a daily basis and the room/office size is big enough or there is too much dirt/dust on the floor then we’ll recommend you to keep cleaning the filter apart from the bin on a regular basis or once in a 2-3 days for sure.

It’s also good to clean the filter twice in a week or so if your floor gets dirt/dust too much or there is a pet inside the house.

If you’re using your Roomba cleaner a few times a week then clean the filter accordingly.

If you want to replace the filter of the Roomba cleaner then you can visit the iRobot Store РParts and Accessories or use an authorized retailer to order internal parts accordingly. If your robot cleaner is under warranty, then please feel free to contact iRobot Customer Care for further assistance.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

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