How to Fix Call Of Duty Warzone Memory Error 13 71 in Xbox, PS4 and PC?

The latest entrant in the world of battleground games is Call of Duty: Warzone. The game was launched recently and has already picked up some huge popularity among gamers in a short span of time. Blame it on the genre of battleground games or the popularity of the COD title, Warzone is a popular game indeed. Xbox is one of the popular gaming consoles that users can use to have stretched, gaming sessions or enjoy Netflix and relax. However, there is one error that is annoying users for quite some time now.

Several users have reported an error Memory Error 13-71 that is associated with Xbox while playing the Call of Duty Warzone game. Check out the user report below:

(Xbox) Memory Error 13-71 from r/CODWarzone

Memory Error 13-17 (PC) from r/CODWarzone

Memory Error 13 – 71 fix for PC? from r/CODWarzone

But there is a simple fix that you can apply to resolve this Memory Error 13-71. And if you are also facing this issue then, in this post, we will guide you on how to fix Call of Duty Warzone Memory Error 13 71 in Xbox. Note that the workaround is simple and you can go ahead and apply the simple fix to solve the error. So, that being said, let us get straight into the article itself:


How to Fix Call Of Duty Warzone Memory Error 13 71 in Xbox?

How to Fix Call Of Duty Warzone Memory Error 13 71 in Xbox?

  1. Firstly, you need to make sure that the Xbox you are using is set as your home Xbox.
  2. Now make a random second account.
  3. You need to sign in into the Call of Duty Warzone with this name.
  4. Once in the multiplayer lobby, you need to switch profiles to your normal gamer tag.
  5. Then press Y then go over to the “regiments” section and press the left stick to delete the regiment that’s causing this error.
  6. Hit the X button to block regiment invites.

Second Solution:

Well, I see many have resolved the issue with our first solution and few are not able to fix it. Well, here is another fix which it worked for a user reported in Activision site:


When you’re at the opening screen select, you want to go offline, once in the offline menu, go to the campaign and press the options menu button. Once here go to account and turn off cross-play, it should stay disabled. Then go back to the main menu, and you should have full access to your multiplayer interface. From here, go to where you join a regiment and leave the regiment. My live account has returned to normal and won’t be joining any regiments again.

Third Solution:

  • First, try to load the game
  • When you get the error message, press A to continue in your controller.
  • If it attempts to connect your game online, Press B or cancel it.
  • You will see option to “retry” or “go offline”.
  • Select Go Offline
  • Now navigate to Account and disable the Crossplay and back out to the main menu
  • Try to start warzone and it’ll say you need to enable crossplay. Ignore this and go back.
  • Select Y, or Social and navigate to the Regiments tab and leave the Regiment
  • You should now be able to re-enable crossplay and play as normal.

Solution for PS4 users:

  1. First of all, unplug the Ethernet cable or turn off wireless connection [WiFi]
  2. Launch the game and Choose local play once it warns you about needing internet
  3. In Game options, make sure to turn off crossplay
  4. Go back to lobby -> Social > Delete Regiment invites and leave your regiment
  5. Now back again to Game options, and turn on crossplay
  6. Quit the game and reconnect your Ethernet cable or turn on wireless connection [WiFi]
  7. Restart your console and launch the game.
  8. You will not see any error again.


So, there you have it from my side in this post. I hope you guys were able to fix the issue on your Xbox while playing the Call of Duty Warzone game. Let us know in the comments below if you faced this issue and were able to fix it. Until the next post…Cheers!


  1. I followed the directions exactly how it was explained and still same error. I have now wasted two days trying to fix a problem on a game I bought with my hard earned money. Anyways, the way it is explained here looks like I need another controller to fix the problem. So I have to buy another controller? How do you fix this?

    1. I noticed, when you go offline and press the settings button, that it says connected to first party, not connected to activision game servers. I reset all the tabs, and then joined a game in the friends in games on the main xbox menu (hold ths lighted button on your controller a sec) Then the game opened.

  2. Doesn’t work. Maybe I followed it wrong. It gives the same error when I try to connect on split screen as well.

  3. I’m currently trying to figure this out on xbox. I got the 1371 error yesterday and I created a second account logged in and switched and it worked. Today I’m doing he same thing but when I swtich accounts it the multiplayer it kicks me out back to the main menu.

  4. Same here for me. Not working for myself.
    I’m on my home Xbox and No matter what I do, Use 2 seperate controllers, use an existing account, use a new account etc etc to make the switch back to my main it will still reload the game and crash with 13 71.
    I did make one discovery however if you go into your Call of Duty app go to squads you can then leave the Regiment you were in but when you exit the app and go back to the exact same squad selection it has added you to a random squad without your input.
    Please keep me updated if someone finds the cure!

  5. I followed the steps and they didn’t work, though they were close to the solution. I had to leave the regiment I had joined on my ps4 (from my ps4). After leaving, the error stopped showing up on my xbox.

  6. Fiz isso tudo mas na tela multiplayer quando vou trocar o perfil, desconecta do jogo e volta pra tela inicial.
    Alguém me ajude por favor

  7. Hey,

    This is how you can fix it with XBox One. When you are signing in press fast y-button. The you can go online and your social settings. Delete this virus-regiments. The game will work now.

  8. I received this error upon leaving a regiment. To fix it I created a new Xbox gamertag and Activision account, signed into both and loaded cod up, the issue was gone on this account and when I signed back into my old account the issue was also gone

  9. I found out how to fix it. All you have to do is go on your phone to the companion app. Leave that squad and make yourself a new one. Sign out of the app and back in on your phone. Then log into modern warfare with a different account on your Xbox, while chilling at the main screen “press a” screen. Switch to your MAIN account, wait a second and then log in as per usual and start playing.

  10. This works for me up until step 5, I can get into the game and play however on my regiments screen I have the placeholder you are not in any regiments message. I have my own regiment with all my mates in which I am the leader of, and apparently I still show up as the leader but as I am the leader no-one else can invite me back. I also can’t leave the regiment that is causing the problem because none are showing up. AND I have to repeat this process every-time I want to play, which given the current lockdown is quite a lot! haha.
    Hope they fix this soon.
    To those having problems you actually have to go into a game mode screen before returning to the main screen to switch your character, hope this helps.

  11. Followed the steps from Adrian Kenobi’s video from the comment above and it worked like a charm. Basically you go to the COD start page and press B to cancel the loading, then press retry (rather than go offline). Super easy fix.

    1. This solution was also successful.
      If you want to log in to the game, you can quickly abort it by pressing B, then reconnect and allow you to log on to the server.

  12. Hello!

    for me, the problem was resolved by creating a new account and logging in with the new account and then switching to the old account. so I managed to enter. But I have to do this every time I boot, otherwise the memory error 13-71 will come.
    how do I avoid having to switch accounts every time I start a game?

  13. I created a new account on xbox and as well as a new activision account and it worked out perfectly! you have to make a new activision account to have it work and make sure your main account is linked to your xbox as the “home xbox account” this will allow for internet play on any account signed into your xbox. Thanks for everything!!!!!

  14. After a couple tries it worked I’m am very much thankful for the information you have given me but although i lost hope when it didn’t work for a while and looked at the comments I still tried and got it to work. Thank you

  15. REAL FIX: Nothing in any message board or comment section worked for me. Finally, I saw a comment about the “companion app” for COD. Download that app on your phone and sign in at the bottom through your Xbox/PS4/PC login. For me, it brought me to a Microsoft login page for my Xbox login. Once you’re into your profile in the app, go to the second tab at the bottom, find your “squad” and leave the squad. Squad=Regiment. After this, sign in as normal and it should work. The regiments are causing the bugs, and this is a fix through an outside app. Good luck!

  16. I find a way to resolve that error by desactivating the cross-play and waiting a few second …
    And din t know how it works but it works.

  17. This doesn’t work at all evertime I go to switch accounts I get sent back to press a to start screen and it’s very frustrating

  18. Worked for me!! Thank you, spent the last 2 days trying to fix this issue before i found this article. Thanks again

  19. How do you switch your account like everything works until i switch my account through Xbox then it makes me reload the game and then i get the error message

  20. The work around was great but I still have to login which the second account and switch, in order to play… there is no regiment to delete.
    Any suggestions?

  21. It worked.. for a while. Now im not in a regiment and it happends again. Please fix your shit modernewarfare

  22. So I also found that I’d you go to the home page to xbox, close the application and restart it you will get the error once, click okay and sign in and then it should work fine. I used this opportunity to quit my regiment but no need to make another account.

  23. my issue was solved in xbox. I was having this problem and what i did was.
    got in the game and went offline. went to campaign and turned off crossplay. then got in multiplayer offline and then pressed go online. and it got in. then i left the regiment i got in few days back. probably that was the problem. Then enabled crossplay now i can play warzone and the game properly

  24. Only thing that worked for me was the COD companion app. 2nd tab at bottom “Ops” then swipe over to “squads” (squads is the term used in the app but it refers to “regiments” in warzone). Then click the three dots in upper right for menu options. Bottom option is “leave squads”. I was able to finally sign In immediately after.

  25. Just found that it ataryed working again after deleting the squad in the companion app. Hope this helps others :)

  26. So with the help of the 2nd option I figured out how to fix it. It’s really simple. Uninstall the last multiplayer update, then follow second option, after you do so download the multiplayer pack again and everything will be 100% up and running. (Only uninstall the last update pack)

  27. Or check if all your content is downloaded, adds-ons. Mine deleted somehow & I re downloaded them after that I launched the game & it worked it didn’t show me memory error 13-71

  28. The champion app fix everything for me once I left my squad I could play without having to use a second account.

  29. I tried every option on this feed w/no such luck. New profile, going offline & switching profiles, removing squads from Xbox companion app etc… I’m @ a loss

  30. I had to redownload everything before it would let me do anything only took about 12 hrs for my internet

  31. solution!! download the call of duty companion app to your mobile and go to the operations section there you can leave the regiment (which is what causes the error) and voila, start the game and it works.

  32. To permantly fix this, remove yourself from whatever regiment you were in and create a new one (so that you are in a new regiment).

  33. This doesn’t fucking work and it deleted my fucking 112 with fucking game pass character this game if fucking shit

  34. You need to download the COD companion app on your phone and sign in. go to Ops. From there go to squad and leave the squad you’re in which is technically your regiment. I was able to sign in instantly after dealing with this bullshit for a few hours.

  35. SO! None of those things worked, unfortunately.
    I went and bought a NEW xbox today and had it all set up. Its set up as my home xbox. Downloaded the game and BOOM still got the same effing error message! I had moved my old xbox into my bedroom and still had WARZONE added on it. This was my boyfriends xbox, so my account was just the guest account. When I went in my bedroom and signed into WARZONE, it let me into the WARZONE menu. From there I went to the regiment section… left the regiment I was and and BLOCKED future invites! Im guessing bc my new xbox is considered my “home” one, I was able to do this. He was signed in on my new one, and I went into the bedroom and signed in on his and it let me in. Sorry if this is confusing.
    If anyone you know has an xbox just be like yo. Can I log my info into your stuff?


  37. Call of duty is so broken. Been a loyal player for years. This recent game and all updates is just trash, the call of duty server is trash and the developers are trash. Waste of time and money. Will no longer be playing these games.

  38. None of these work for me… When I go offline and click on anything it tells me I am missing one or more Multi Player DLC packs but the store says I have everything downloaded. So stupid! They need to fix their game!

  39. None of these fixes are working for me and believe me I’ve tried them all multiple times, this is so frustrating can anyone help me

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