Common Asus Zenfone 5z Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

The current century is experiencing a lot of growth in every aspect.  With respect to the rapid changes we are seeing around us, the life of us all is changing at a speed that no one of us ever imagined. Well, the good thing is there are many devices around us which are purely based on technology and are truly capable to cut down the complexity from our life. Of course, a smartphone is one of the perfect examples and you might have no idea but the fact is modern devices in this category are capable to perform any task that matters to humans. It is the exponential growth of the Android technology which is user-friendly that lead the smartphone revolution. One of the best available gadgets in the market today is 5Z by Asus. Here in this post, we will discuss about the common Asus Zenfone 5z problems and fixes.

Basically this troubleshoot guide simply assures the favorable fortune. The biggest factor is most of the problems associated with the smartphones can easily be eliminated if you have basic knowledge about their functionality.  There is nothing to worry when it comes to fixing the issues in this gadget. They are not present because Asus hasn’t paid attention in making it totally free from the bugs. The real reason is the Android related bugs and the ones related to the applications present in the phone. They often don’t let some features to perform their task reliably. Sometimes, it really doesn’t matter which smartphone you use, if it’s based on Android- there are often times you need to face these kinds of issues in them. Check out below the useful information on common Asus Zenfone 5z problems and fixes to let you deal with them easily.

common Asus Zenfone 5z problems and fixes

Why Buy Asus Zenfone 5z

It simply has the top-notch specifications and the best part is you need not to worry about the cost associated with this phone. It is possible for you to keep up the pace simply with the features available and the price that is not as high as other gadgets in its category. Another good thing is its professional appearance and some dedicated features for some specific users. It really doesn’t matter for what purpose you truly need to buy a gadget, investing on this can simply let you fulfill the same. Just check out now the more information about common Asus Zenfone 5z problems and fixes.

Common Asus Zenfone 5z problems and fixes

Zenfone 5z is a true successor of previously introduced Zenfone 5. Although the phone is reliable to use and is handy to operate, there are things that can go wrong and leads to common issues. Therefore it is vital to have relevant information about the common Asus Zenfone 5z problems and fixes if you are using this gadget. Well, the fact is its simple always for anyone to get rid of these issues especially when one cannot show patience. It is recommended to you to show the same while following this guide. Also, avoid changing any of the information to make sure no additional problems occurred. We at cannot be held responsible if any problem arrives due to same reason. Follow now the right guide on common Asus Zenfone 5z problems and fixes.

Connectivity issues

It is always relevant to pay special attention to the connectivity related issues. They are the ones which invite other issues when not avoided at the right time. Well, there is nothing to worry about, the below sections can help you in this matter.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Restart your phone simply
  • Check if the problem can be solved simply by assuring the Bluetooth antenna is in proper working condition
  • Don’t send so many files in one go
  • Check if the version of Bluetooth is compatible with both the phones
  • The Bluetooth visibility of any of the device might not be visible
  • Check if the problem can be solved simply eliminating restrictions accessed on phones
  • Check in case the overall free space on any of the phone is low
  • Make sure the phone is not operating in the power saving mode
  • Simply check the data you are transferring is not having a virus infection
  • Clear the cache memory of the device
  • Try clearing the list containing the names of recently connected devices
  • Make sure your phone is not having apps which have automatic access to Bluetooth. Check and restrict the same simply
  • While you are adding any gadget for the first time with your device through the Bluetooth, follow all the instructions properly
  • Check if there is anything which is wrong with the other phone you are trying to connect with

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Restart your Wi-Fi modem
  • Check if the authentication details entered are correct
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi is turned ON for the phone
  • Make sure the internet daily usage limit hasn’t been exceed
  • Forget the connection and add the device again
  • Check if the problem can be solved simply by restarting your phone
  • Make sure the internet link is stable
  • Check the configuration of the modem and make sure it is proper
  • Make sure LAN settings are not changed
  • If the power saving mode is enabled, choose to disable the same
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have any restriction on connecting with Wi-Fi
  • Check if the problem you are facing is due to add-on restrictions on the network imposed by the administrator
  • Check carefully and make sure the problem is not there just because a lot of devices are connected with the modem

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

It is simple to deal with this problem in most of the cases. The following information about common Asus Zenfone 5z problems and fixes dealing with this section can help you.

  • Always select the appropriate mode on the phone so that the PC can recognize your device
  • You might be facing this problem simply because the cable you used for connecting is not in an acceptable working condition or is not connected with any of the device properly
  • The missing or outdated USB drivers can sometimes be held responsible for this
  • Check if anything is wrong with the data you are transferring
  • The restrictions on connecting the new device with the phone or the PC can cause this problem
  • Missing phone drivers in the Windows PC can also cause this issue
  • Check if the problem is there just because of loose connections between the USB port at PC and the phone
  • Sometimes this problem can be solved by simply restarting the phone after connecting it with computer. Check if this works for you

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

This is not always necessary to be a problem for which the battery is responsible. Check the below instructions to fix them.

  • Prefer using the original/genuine charger and make sure all other accessories are also of superior quality
  • Make sure the phone doesn’t have any app installed in it which is draining more battery
  • Always keep the background running apps closed when not required
  • Don’t download data or installed updates while the phone is charging. Avoid making/receiving calls too
  • If you make use of the power bank, it should be the one that is compatible with your phone in terms of power output
  • Check if the problem is actually related with the device battery
  • Simply make sure the phone is not engaged in multitasking beyond a limit
  • You might have turned ON the Wi-Fi hotspot in the phone
  • Check if the device is already connected to a nearby device through Bluetooth
  • Not all the notifications are always important. Disable the ones the need of which is not there
  • Check and make sure no sensor lights blink when there is no need for the same
  • Don’t use the device flashlight as the torch as this can also cause the problem
  • Install all the updates in the phone which are pending since long

Performance issues

Take the below methods and instructions into your consideration to avoid this issue from your phone

  • Check in case you haven’t installed updates for a long time period
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because there is no free space in the phone. Reliable performance can e assured when you keep at least 3GB free space in the phone
  • Simply make it sure that the problem is not there just because the data present in the phone is infected by any kind of virus
  • Check if the real reason is installation of custom ROM or an app which is not compatible
  • Simple restart your phone to eliminate this problem in no time
  • Check if the settings which are recommended in the phone haven’t been set to custom
  • Make sure not to use your phone during charging it
  • Impose a limit on the overall number of apps present in the phone as they can degrade the performance upto a great extent
  • Disable the power saving mode or the safe mode in case it is enabled
  • Close all the apps which are running in the background
  • Make sure you are not confusing any other problem in the phone with performance

Screen Doesn’t Respond Properly

To make the device screen operational once again, you can go ahead with the below instructions simply.

  • Try to restart your phone and check if the things are back on track
  • If not, simply choose to erase some data and check again
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because of oil or grease particles on the screen which are affecting its functionality
  • Enabling the screen mirroring option is another factor that can cause this issue
  • You simply need to make it sure that there is no internet, external damaged caused to the screen due to liquid or any other factor
  • Check if the device operates in the safe mode easily
  • Erase some apps which you recently installed if you are able to operate the phone in the safe mode
  • Make sure to download and install the pending updates
  • Most often the bugs related with the OS (Android) are often confused with this issue
  • Simply avoid using the phone while charging and using the accessories that are not genuine

Apps not functioning properly

If there are certain apps in the phone which are non-functional, you can go ahead with the below instructions.

  • Update the apps to the latest version available and restart your phone
  • Check if the problem is actually related with the RAM
  • Make sure not to operate apps in custom settings
  • Check if the User interface of the app you are using has been designed to work with the Asus Zenfone 5z
  • Don’t consider other platform than Play store for installing the apps in the phone

SIM/Network related problems

Here’s all about how to deal with this problem

  • The problem might be due to turning OFF the SIM card. Simply check the SIM settings to confirm the same
  • Check if the problem can be solved by restarting your phone
  • Make sure your phone is compatible with the services of network provider
  • Damaged SIM card or the one on which services are no longer valid can be another reason to this issue
  • Open the network settings and select the network name by a manual search. This can solve your concern
  • Make sure you haven’t enabled the Airplane mode on the phone
  • The signal strength is often low in remote areas and in the basement of buildings. Keep it in mind in case you are at such a location
  • Check if the SIM card has been inserted properly in the phone
  • Simply make sure if the SIM card is blocked and that’s not the reason you are getting the trouble
  • Make sure the phone SIM tray is not having a physical damage on the SIM
  • Confirm from the network operator if there is anything wrong with the SIM card. You may need to replace the same

Bad camera quality

Some useful methods to help you deal with the problems associated with the camera are spotlighted below.

  • Clean the screen first of all
  • Check if you are able to avoid the problem simply by restarting your phone
  • Make sure the camera lens is cleaned and in proper working condition
  • Erase some data from the phone and check the status of the problem now
  • Open the camera settings and select the High Definition mode for the output
  • Always learn to focus on the object before clicking the button. This can let you deal with the blurry images
  • Make sure not to operate the camera in a shooting mode which is not appropriate
  • Check if you are able to deal with the problem simply by switching to the default apps in case you are using any other
  • Perform a hard reset and check if the things are back on track

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

Sometimes using a memory card in the phone invites several troubles and most of which can be neglected through the instructions below.

  • Restart your Asus Zenfone 5z and check if the phone is now able to read the data present in the card
  • Look for a physical damage on the card carefully. You might be facing the problem due to no other reason than this
  • Avoid buying and using the cards which are cheap in terms of quality as they can cause additional issues as well
  • Make sure your phone is capable to deal with the storage capacity of the memory card which you are using. You cannot use a memory card more than 256GB with this gadget
  • Make sure no user policies are getting violated
  • Simply check in case the problem is there just because the data in the phone is having a virus infection
  • Make sure the data is not hidden on the memory card
  • Use the same card on another phone to check if the problem is related to the card or its with the phone
  • Format the card and again insert it in the phone if the card works perfectly on another phone
  • If the problem is still there, you need to get the device checked

Overheating problems

Here is all that you need to do to get the things back on track once this problem begins

  • The device might be failing to dissipate the heat generated during the functionality of hardware
  • Check if you are using the charger or another phone or a pirated one to charge your phone
  • There might be certain apps in the phone causing this problem due to not updating them, changing their settings or simply due to incompatibility
  • Check and make sure the device is not having a lot of games installed in it
  • Don’t allow the installed applications to automatically access the other features in your phone
  • Avoid using the back cover if you have installed it on the back for the next few days
  • Simply make sure that there are no blocked apps in the phone which are causing this problem in the actual manner
  • Check and make sure your device doesn’t have a faulty battery which can cause this problem
  • Enabling the features ON when actually not required can cause this problem

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

This can be the problem you might be facing due to some reason that along with their solution are mentioned below.

  • Check if you have disabled the sounds of your Asus Zenfone 5z
  • Don’t allow the sounds to be shared automatically with the other gadgets through Bluetooth app
  • Simply make sure there is no physical damage on the earpiece wire, on the connector or anywhere else
  • Check if the earpiece is not truly compatible with the phone
  • Try using them on another phone
  • Make sure the phone sound drivers are installed properly

Dealing with the above issues is not at all a big deal if you follow the mentioned instructions and methods about the common Asus Zenfone 5z problems and fixes. If you need to know more about common Asus Zenfone 5z problems and fixes, simply post a comment below.


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