Common Doogee V Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Sometimes in life the problems/situations are so complex that we often get confused on how to deal with them. One of the leading domains that have always helped people in solving them is technology. The best thing is most of the modern people these days have access to the same. Of course, you have a smartphone with you and the same is very helpful in dealing with problems that arrive without invitation in life. With a smartphone, a whole series of solutions can be located for a specific problem easily and that is one of the reasons why smartphones are popular than ever before. One of the phones that have got attention of the users is Doogee V. Through this post, I will let you boost your overall knowledge about the common Doogee V problems and how it is possible for you to fix them.

You might not be familiar with the same as it’s not as popular as other brands. However, it’s a wonderful phone and can be trusted for any task like other gadgets. There is no need to wonder about the problems associated with this gadget and brand. It is amazing as already mentioned and the problems which are highlighted in this post are the basic ones. It is not at all a surprising fact that they are often present in almost all the phones which are powered by Android. If experts are to be believed, these issues are because of no other reason that just open-source nature of the Android. Well, there are other reasons too. Let us explore the common Doogee V problems and the reasons of their occurrence.

common Doogee V problems

Why Buy Doogee V?

Doogee V is a budget range smartphone that has a lot to offer to its users. There are certain good things that make it the best. There are no major hardware problems associated with the same. Also, the problems listed in this post have been reported by mass users. In addition to this, this gadget has everything which you can expect from a modern smartphone in the market right now. Therefore, if you are currently planning to purchase it in the time to come, you can simply go ahead with your plan. Check out below the required information regarding the common Doogee V problems and their fixes.

Common Doogee V Problems and Fixes

If you have purchased this phone and are experiencing any of the problems as mentioned in this post, it would be good for you to take everything into your consideration in the similar manner as you read. This guide if molded can bring other issues in your phone and probably you don’t need to experience the same. cannot be blamed under any circumstances if any kind of additional problem arrives in your phone due to your own mistake. You can now simply go ahead with the common Doogee V problems and their accurate solutions.

Connectivity issues

It is very much true that any gadget can be of no use if it has multiple problems related to its ability to connect with other gadgets which is generally defined as connectivity. You need to make sure of this. If problems are reported or observed, the actions that you can take are spotlighted below.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • A very basic and simple trick is to turn OFF the phone and then again turn it ON after 2 minutes. Try if this works for you
  • Next is to check whether there is any kind of hardware problems or a physical damage has occurred to the Bluetooth antenna
  • There are several software related issues as well that can stop the Bluetooth to operate. This includes the OS bugs, not clearing cache data of the phone, improper functionality of Bluetooth app or bugs in the Bluetooth driver
  • It would be good to pay attention to the size of data you are trying to send. Make sure it’s not too large and there is enough space available in both the phones
  • Do check the factors that are related to the data compatibility
  • You will be required to erase the name of recent phones connected with your Doogee V from the Bluetooth history
  • Do check and make sure that the problem is not because you have turned ON the power saving mode on your phone
  • Make sure under any circumstances the security and other policies of the phone are followed while transferring and receiving the data through Bluetooth
  • If you have set any kind of restrictions on your phone, the same need to be disabled
  • Do check if the phone hasn’t been provided the latest available updates for a long time
  • Pair both the phones correctly and check the improper pairing is not the reason to this issue. Simply remove and pair again
  • Make sure all these problems are not associated with the other device you are trying to connect your Doogee V with

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • The network administrator might have changed the default settings of the Wi-Fi. Check and make sure of this
  • Simply check if the problem is just because the internet services are down, suspended on your number or not active due to any other reason
  • Do check if the problem can be solved by restarting your phone and connecting it again with the Wi-Fi
  • The problem can also be there in the Wi-Fi modem. Simply check and make sure of this
  • The improper configuration or other bugs related to the same can cause the Wi-Fi problems in the phone
  • Check if you have forgot to update the Wi-Fi password in your phone in case the same was changed recently
  • Disable the restrictions imposed on the phone
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi modem you are using is not hosting so many other devices at the same time
  • Check and make sure the apps you are trying to use or the website you are opening is not running and you are facing the problem due to same reason
  • Try connecting another device with your connection and check if the things are working fine
  • Open the Wi-Fi settings and simply forget your connection. Search for it again and trying to connect it one more time by entering the proper authentication details
  • Make sure the device security is enabled and the recommended LAN settings have not been changed
  • Check if other apps having access to default Wi-Fi of your phone are running in the background and are causing this problem

SIM/Network related problems

Elimination of this problem from the phone is really very important and it is for the obvious reasons. You can do this with the below information.

  • Make sure the SIM has been inserted properly in the phone. Eject it and again insert it properly. Restart the phone after this
  • Always prefer Slot number 1 if you are not using the other SIM in your phone
  • Do check if the default network settings have been changed. You can place a call to the network provider for this
  • While being at remote locations or while changing your position again and again, you might be required to select the home network manually
  • Open the network settings for this and search for the available connection. Register on your home network by clicking it once it appears after search
  • Sometimes the problem is there in the phone just because users forget to disable the power saving mode
  • Make sure if the calls are not placed or received from a particular number only
  • Simply check if the phone SIM card is damaged
  • It would be good to know the exact variant of the phone to operate in your country.
  • Do check if the SIM tray is not physically damaged
  • The network provider might have suspended the services from your SIM card. Confirm the same
  • Do check if the problem is observed only because the SIM card is turned OFF

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

When it comes to connecting two electronic gadgets together, there are certain things the user needs to be careful about. You can simply go ahead with below instructions to keep up the pace.

  • For fixing this problem, first check if the USB drivers are not installed or if they are not in proper working condition
  • Check the working condition of the cable acting as a channel between the phone and the PC
  • Do check if the Windows Copy is genuine and has the required USB drivers installed on the it
  • Make sure and check the problem you are facing is not just because of loose or improper connection of the devices
  • Any of the devices might have its security related policies getting violated or have restrictions to connect with other devices. Simply check and make sure of this
  • Do check if the only reason to this problem is corrupt data or virus infection of the same

Apps not functioning properly

  • Don’t run multiple apps of same category in the phone
  • Sometimes the problem is observed only when the internet is not working. Check and make sure of this as working of most of the apps depend on the same
  • Simply install the latest version of all the app. Enable Automatic update of them all
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have this problem only because the apps you are using haven’t been installed from the Play Store
  • Do check if all the permissions which apps usually need for their functionality have been provided to them
  • Do check and simply make sure the problem is not actually related to the storage space on the same which if run low can affect the functionality of the apps

Performance issues

  • Analyze the factors for some specific time which you think can be the reason of this problem
  • In case a software or an apps has recently been installed, remove the same and check if the problem is also gone
  • Make sure to restart your phone every time it is mandatory. Try the same right now and check if this fix the problem
  • It would be good to not to allow the installation of any app or the software from any source which cannot be trusted
  • Sometimes the performance of a phone is slow just because its storage capacity is at its top level. Thus, erase some data and check if this works for you
  • Clear the cache data of your phone simply
  • Avoid continuous downloading of data from the internet by turning ON the mobile data. This often slows down the performance while other tasks are being performed
  • Don’t run so many applications in the phone simultaneously
  • Check if the phone RAM is in proper working condition
  • If there is any app putting extra burden on the same, you can face this problem
  • Make sure not to place any call or receive the same while the phone is charging. Remove it from the charger first
  • Store the phone data and perform a hard reset. This will probably work in assuring the better performance

 Bad camera quality

To face the quality in your pictures just like a professional photographer, you can avoid various bugs that stop you from doing the same through the methods you find below.

  • If you are capturing the pictures in the burst mode, you may face low quality issues
  • In case the zoom feature is enabled while capturing the snaps, remember the quality is always inversely proportional to the level of usage of same
  • The problem might be due to multiple bugs in the Android version installed on your phone
  • You will be required to operate the phone in the General mode only
  • Always access the camera using the default app only
  • Sometimes the reason to this issue is failure of the lens. Do check it properly and clean it wisely
  • Make sure to clean the screen of your phone as well
  • Make sure to set the camera settings to the HD mode only to get the better outcomes
  • It would be good for you to not to disable the flashlight when the visibility is already low
  • You can enhance the camera quality simply by selecting the right shooting mode and focusing on the object

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

  • First check if the sounds drivers in the phone are completely disabled or have any bug in them
  • Make sure the connection between the phone and the earpiece has been created properly
  • Do check if the problem is just because the earpiece is not in working condition
  • Disable the power saving mode on your phone
  • If you find any kind of physical damage on the USB connector or on the earpiece, the problem could be due to same reason
  • Check the quality of music, video or call you are placing. The low quality can be the reason to this issue
  • Use your earpiece on another phone and do check if this is the reason to this problem

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Both these problems are not always necessary to appear in the phone at the same time. You might face any of them. Check out below how to deal with the same.

  • All the features that put extra burden on the battery such as GPS, maps, Wi-Fi hot spot and Bluetooth of the phone should be kept OFF when you have no need of them
  • Avoid using your phone while charging it
  • Always make sure that all the apps you have installed in the phone should be kept closed when there is no need of the same
  • You will be required to make sure that the problem is actually not associated with the faulty battery
  • Don’t use pirated accessory with the phone
  • All the notifications on the phone which really doesn’t matter to you should be kept closed
  • Make sure not to enhance the screen brightness too much
  • Continuously connecting your phone with another for long time can create this issue sometimes
  • Do check if a specific app which you have installed recently is causing this problem in your phone
  • Keep the mobile data OFF when you don’t need the same

No recognition of MicroSD card

Check if you are facing this problem only because of any of the below-mentioned instructions

  • Check if the micro SD card you are using in your phone is having a damage on it
  • Make sure that the card is actually in working condition. There are chances of faults even in the brand new memory cards
  • Don’t use the one whose data storing capacity is more than the limit imposed on the Doogee V
  • Do check the compatibility of your phone and the SD card
  • Simply make sure that your phone is not having any damage on its SD card slot. You have to place it on the hybrid slot for SIM 2
  • Remove any kind of restrictions from the phone
  • Simply check and make sure the problem is not there just because the data present on the card is corrupt and no longer functional
  • Make sure the device security is not disabled
  • The card might have not been inserted properly in the Slot. Remove and insert it again
  • Check if the card works perfectly when used on another phone

Overheating problems

Here are all the possible solutions to this problem

  • Check if the problem is there just because the power source is not relevant as per device power specifications. Check this especially if you make use of a power bank frequently
  • Make sure the problem is not actually associated with the software domain
  • The charger you are using might no longer be in proper working condition
  • Carefully examine if a specific app in the phone is causing this problem. You might have installed the same from a third-party source
  • Make sure not to run the phone in the power saving mode all the time
  • You might haven’t installed the recently released updates for the OS and the apps
  • Check and make sure if the phone ventilation has stopped performing its task
  • Clear the cache memory of the phone and try again
  • Simply make sure the overheating of the Doogee V is not due to installing the games it hasn’t been designed to support if you are a gamer
  • Your device might be connected to another device through any mode. Check the same

Screen Related Problems

Here are the reasons to this problem along with the best possible solutions

  • Clean the screen first of all simply
  • Do check if your hands have a lot of oil or grease particles on them
  • Make sure to operate the screen with bare hands only
  • Check if the actual fault is not associated with the software or the apps
  • Your phone might be facing this problem only because of slow processing speed or due to factors that degrade the phone performance
  • Simply check and make sure that the phone is not truly having this problem just because the transparent glass installed on the screen is not in proper working condition
  • Disable the screen sharing option on your phone
  • Do check and make sure the phone is not having any of its component in non-working condition
  • The screen performance may goes down while charging and especially when you don’t use a genuine charger
  • Make sure to keep some space free in its memory
  • Open phone in safe mode to check if everything is fine or not

Sometimes it is difficult to deal with the common Doogee V problems. However, you need nothing to worry if you follow this guide. Probably the above mentioned instructions and methods let you keep the pace up all the time. For more information about the common problems related to other gadgets, keep visiting our website.


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