Common Fitbit Problems and How to Fix Them

Health is as important as wealth or anything else in life. Busy routines, lack of awareness and certain other factors are responsible why people fail to maintain their health. In the present time, there are many devices available in the markets which are helping everyone to maintain their health easily. Fitness trackers are one among them. You might have no idea but a fitness tracker can do a lot for you. For example, it can keep an eye on your heartbeat, calculate calories burnt by you in a specific time frame and can help you to avoid various diseases. It is because of this reason the popularity of these devices is touching the sky. One of the best available fitness trackers in the market is Fitbit. This post helps you to fix the common Fitbit problems in some of the simplest manners and methods. Check them out below.

It is not always necessary that the problem arrives due to a fault only. Fitbit fitness tracker can suffer a problem due to many other reasons as well which can be very basic. Many users often confuse the same with a hardware problem. If you are experiencing something wrong with your Fitbit tracker, here are some of the common Fitbit problems tracker and how they can be fixed.

common Fitbit problems

Not getting Synchronized

Synchronization is a very important feature in a fitness tracker. Without this feature, the device is almost nothing. There are various reasons why your Fitbit fitness tracker is not able to get synchronized. Here are some methods to help you avoid this problem easily.

  • Simply perform a basic restart and check if this works
  • Empty the battery completely and charge it again to check if this avoids the problem
  • Check and make sure if the problem is associated with the Fitbit app you have installed in your device
  • Check if your device Bluetooth is having something wrong with it which is causing this problem
  • Make sure your Fitbit fitness tracker is not allowed to automatically connected to any other nearby device
  • Check in case a time limit is imposed on the fitness tracker post which it gets automatically disconnected from the concerned device. This can be a reason to the problem
  • Delete the Fitbit app from the device. Download and install it again. Probably it will fix this problem. Try
  • Make sure the device Operating system with which it is connected is not having anything wrong with the same which is acting as a barrier for the Fitbit app
  • In case you recently customized the settings of the Fitbit app, restore them and check if this bring the functionality back on the track
  • Sometimes the problem is there just because the device is placed away from the fitness tracker. Check if this is the reason in your case too
  • Perform a forced stop to the Fitbit app and run it again. This may solve the problem. Try
  • Make sure your device is not having any hardware problem in the same if none of the above methods work

Unable to receive notifications from Android device

This seems to be serious trouble. However, this can be the common Fitbit problems and can be there due to a basic reason as well. Check the solutions below in case you are facing this.

  • Begin with a basic restart to the device as well as with the fitness tracker. Check if this works
  • In some cases, this problem arrives when you turned OFF the app notifications in your Android device
  • Make sure the OS on the device is fully updated and is not responsible for this problem
  • This problem might be there just because your fitness tracker is placed away from the device. Remember, Bluetooth signal range is limited under a specific area
  • Check if there is Bluetooth connection on the device is active already and the same is connected to another nearby gadget
  • Sometimes hiding the Bluetooth visibility on the device is the reason to this problem
  • Do check and make sure the storage space in the fitness tracker is not completely filled
  • Open the Fitbit app settings and check if the option “Enable notifications Widget” is turned ON
  • Wipe the cache data on your device and check if this helps to solve the problem
  • Simply disconnect the Fitbit fitness tracker from the device and connect it again. Check if the problem is still there
  • Disable the Airplane mode in case it is activated on your device
  • Check if the device is running in the power saving mode which can be a reason to this problem
  • Close the Fitbit app and run it again. This may solve the problem

Charging issues

Charging problems in the Fitbit fitness trackers are rare. However, if you are facing them, here are some solutions to help you.

  • Many users often complain of having a charging issue with their Fitbit Fitness tracker. It can be due to various reasons. Try the following potential solutions and probably you can fix the problem post applying these methods.
  • Check if the power source is weak or there is fluctuation in the same
  • Always follow the recommended methods to charge your Fitbit Fitness tracker
  • There are chances that the charging cable or the adapter is having a problem in the same
  • Sometimes the charging issues in the Fitbit Fitness tracker are experienced when the connecting port is having moisture or corrosion in the same
  • The reason you are facing this problem is nothing but a fault with the battery of your Fitbit Fitness tracker. Get it checked professionally in such a case or when you are not sure of anything
  • The reason you are facing this problem is nothing but allowing the fitness tracker to keep synchronizing the data from the device it is connected to
  • There are chances that this problem is there just because of a technical glitch with the battery of the fitness tracker. Check the same
  • Perform a basic restart and check if this works
  • Check if overheating is causing this problem. Try charging the fitness tracker through a parallel charger. Check if this solves the problem

Quick View and Tap Recognition issues

Quick view is becoming one of the best and widely discussed features in modern fitness trackers. It simply needs you to raise your wrist if you wish to wake the screen. There is no need to tap the screen with your hands. There are users who have reported about Quick View-related common Fitbit problems. If you are one among them, here are some working methods you should try to resolve this problem.

  • Open the settings of your Fitbit Fitness tracker and make sure the “Quick View Toggle” option is turned ON
  • Check if you are facing this problem just because you are wearing the fitness tracker on the other wrist than what is selected in the settings
  • Quick View might not be working properly because the fitness tracker is covered with the clothes you are wearing such as a full sleeve T-shirt
  • Make sure this problem doesn’t arrived just because the Quick View option is disabled or turned OFF in the settings
  • Simply make sure the tapping problem is not there just because you are putting a lot of force to tap the same
  • Keep it in mind that the device needs some times to respond. Give your device the same.
  • A basic restart to the fitness tracker can solve this problem. Try the same

Unable to update

Well, if this is the problem you are facing, there can be a lot of reasons for the same. It is actually one of the common Fitbit fitness tracker problems experienced by many users. Follow the below methods to solve this problem easily.

  • Perform a basic reboot and check if this helps to fix the problem
  • Make sure your internet connection is not having a problem associated with the same which is causing this problem
  • In case you are searching for an update while charging your Fitbit fitness tracker, you may not be able to get the one. Disconnect it from the charger and try again
  • Erase the Bluetooth history and try again. This may help you to solve the problem
  • Do check and make sure the actual problem is not caused just because the device is having any restrictions on the same for downloading data
  • Try updating your Fitbit fitness tracker through another PC/Laptop. Check if this works
  • Remove your account from the Fitbit app and login again. Try updating post doing so
  • Check and make sure the problem is not there just because your Fitbit fitness tracker is having a problem related to its hardware

Silent alarm not working

The Silent alarm is a useful feature that helps you to simply wake you in the morning. It simply prefers vibration than causing a sound and therefore this feature is known as the silent alarm. In case your Fitbit fitness tracker is unable to do so, here are some methods that can help.

  • Make sure the vibrating motor of the fitness tracker is not having a problem related to the same
  • There are chances that the problem is caused just because you manually turned OFF all the vibrations of your fitness tracker
  • Erase all the recent/saved silent alarms on the fitness tracker and set a new one
  • In case your fitness tracker is connected to a nearby device, the same can be a reason to this problem. Always make sure you disconnect it before you go to bed
  • This problem could be there just because the fitness tracker time format is wrong. Check and correct the same
  • There are chances the problem is there just because the Fitbit fitness tracker is suffering from a software or a hardware problem. Try the same
  • The reason you are facing this problem is nothing but wearing the fitness tracker on the wrist which is covered your shirt/jacket

These solutions probably work on any of the Fitbit fitness trackers you own. We strongly recommend you to contact the official support in case you are not able to understand the problem. You may end up facing additional troubles when you are having no idea about your fitness tracker working. Do let us know if you have more concerns about the common Fitbit fitness tracker problems.

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