Common HTC U12 Plus Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Problems in life are quite common but a good smartphone can simply let them go. This statement is very much true and you might probably know if you use this gadget. The real fact is smartphones these days are simply the best and have been provided with features no one imaged once. Probably you can eliminate various problems permanently from your life with the help of a good phone. The fact is these days there are many options to explore and even after spending a lot of time looking for the one that can fulfill one’s desires; it’s difficult to get it. However, a few options are there which can simply let you to keep up the pace. One example is HTC U12 plus. In this post, I will introduce you to the common HTC U12 Plus problems and fixes so that you cannot face anything bad after owning and using it.

Using this gadget is very easy actually. It has no major problems related to it. The sole purpose of this post is to let you deal with issues that are very basic in nature and can be there with any phone. The reason could be some basic un-compatibility with the Android technology, apps, and with other software to the hardware of the device. Thus, it is possible to avoid them in no time provided you follow everything about the common HTC U12 Plus problems and fixes as mentioned in this post.

common HTC U12 Plus problems and fixes

Feeling worried and low is common for the users when these issues declare their presence. Well, the fact is, one shouldn’t worry. As already mentioned, there is nothing much victims need to do to bring their device back in the proper working mode once any of the problems mentioned in this post arrive in the device.

Why buy this gadget

Before understanding the common HTC U12 Plus problems and fixes, let us have a look at some best reasons to consider this phone. It has some of the best features in it and the manufacturer has already loaded with style. You can simply enjoy the best hardware configuration and functionality within this price range. Also, this device is capable to fulfill the needs of one and all.

Common HTC U12 Plus problems and fixes

All the information regarding the common HTC U12 Plus problems and fixes which is mentioned in this post should be followed in the manner recommended. You can face some other problems if you try to mold or change it. cannot be held responsible for the same and you should store and lock this fact in your mind.

Earpiece sounds Robotic

This problem can have multiple reasons to be there on your phone but you shouldn’t worry about the same. The following methods can help to eliminate the same.

  • The problem could be there due to a software issue or you are not using an authorized earpiece
  • Check if the connection is proper and sound drivers are installed in the phone
  • Check and make sure if the sounds are disabled in the phone
  • Make sure the device is compatible with the earpiece
  • Check if the earpiece operates properly on another device
  • Don’t use the earpiece which doesn’t belong to your device

Connectivity issues

Let us first pay attention to the connectivity-related common HTC U12 Plus problems and fixes information. Well, I would like to make it clear that connectivity problems are not what you always think of them. There are a lot of reasons due to which they can be there in your phone. Probably you cannot explore all the reasons but can simply try the methods listed below to avoid them.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common HTC U12 Plus problems and fixes)

  • Try restarting the phone first of all. This can solve your concern for sure
  • Turn OFF Bluetooth and then again turn it ON after some specific time period
  • Make sure the Bluetooth version on one device is compatible with the other
  • In case the list of the devices connected recently is too broad, try erasing a few names from the same
  • You need to manually disable the restrictions imposed on sending the Bluetooth data transfer imposed on your device
  • Make sure you are sending the data which is accepted by the other device
  • Sometimes the problem could be due to no other reason than virus presence in the device
  • Make sure there is enough memory on the other device to accept the data you are transferring
  • Check if the phone is having some sort of hardware problem related to it
  • Check if the Bluetooth antenna in the phone is in proper working condition
  • Make sure the Bluetooth is turned ON
  • Check if you haven’t cleared the cache memory of the app for a long time
  • Update the OS if a new version is available
  • Don’t try to send multiple files or the one with a lot of memory in one go
  • In case other apps are running in the background, simply choose to close them all
  • Try connecting the phone with another device through Bluetooth
  • Disable power saving mode in case the same is enabled

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common HTC U12 Plus problems and fixes)

  • Simply choose to restart your phone first and check if the problem is gone
  • If it is a public Wi-Fi, you need to follow a procedure to connect your device with it. The procedure may vary depending on the administration
  • The Wi-Fi drivers might be missing in the phone
  • Check if the router is in proper working condition
  • You might be facing this issue because of already consuming the entire bandwidth
  • Check if the services are running smoothly by the service provider
  • Make sure to stay within the range of your modem
  • Delete the Wi-Fi connection and then again adding it
  • Check if the signal is stable on the modem
  • Check if you have recently changed the password and haven’t updated the same for the device
  • Make sure no parallel apps are running in the background while you are accessing the Wi-Fi
  • The modem might have a limit on connecting the devices and you have crossed the same. Check it out
  • Make sure the LAN settings are fine and your modem has been configured properly
  • Check if you can connect your phone with another Wi-Fi connection
  • Check the cable connection and make sure it is proper
  • Take the help of an expert if the problem is still there

Doesn’t recognize the Windows/Not connecting with the PC

Making your PC recognize your smartphone is not always simple. Well, not all gadgets love to make new friends easily. You need to convince them in some cases and have to understand the problems they have for accepting others. Well, this can be done with the help of factors and methods that are listed below.

  • Check if the USB drivers are installed in the phone
  • Make sure to use a connection cable which is fully authorized to use and in proper working condition
  • Check if the restrictions are imposed on data transfer or connecting new devices with any of the devices
  • Make sure to check the copy of Windows is genuine
  • Try using the parallel USB if one is not giving any response
  • Make sure to select the MTP mode on the phone
  • Restart both devices together after connecting them
  • Check if the problem is there due to installing a custom ROM on your phone
  • Disable all the features which are tuned ON unnecessarily
  • Disable the restrictions imposed on device security.

Bad camera quality

For those who love using cameras in their device, there are a few conditions which they always need to fulfill. Not paying attention to the same can surely bring the camera-related issues in the device. For many users, it’s a daunting situation. Go ahead simply with below instructions to avoid the same.

  • Make sure to follow all the basic instructions for operating the camera
  • Enable the HD mode after opening the camera setting to get the desired quality simply
  • Use a gentle piece of cloth to clean the camera lens. Make sure there are no stain and dust particles present on the same
  • You might be using the camera in a third-party app and not in the default one. This can be the reason to this issue
  • Open the camera settings and select the shooting mode as per the situations
  • Make use of the enough light to capture the quality snaps. Remember the lights play an important role for this. If the lights are not sufficient, make use of the flashlight in the phone and select the vision vision from the settings
  • Don’t capture any image without focusing on the object first if you don’t want to compromise with the quality
  • Make sure to tear the pre-installed transparent cover from the screen
  • Check if there is a pending update available for the phone
  • Check the moisture level in the phone
  • The unclean screen can be the reason to this issue and you might be confusing it with camera quality issues. Check it out properly
  • Follow the basic tips of capturing the snaps. For more information, follow the user manual or phone guide booklet.

Fast Battery draining & Slow/No charging

The factors that can affect the battery performance or can interrupt the working of the same are huge in number in actual sense. Therefore, if you face this problem, it’s not always a big reason to worry. You must first try the basic methods that can help eliminating this issue in no time. They are not very complex or difficult to consider. Here are some important ones.

  • First of all check if the phone is having the power saving mode enabled on it. Choose to disable it
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because you are using a faulty charging adapter or a cable
  • The problem could also be there in the power socket or the power bank you are using
  • While charging the phone, avoid using it for any purpose
  • Make sure the device is not having any hardware issue
  • Don’t install a lot of apps in the phone. Close them from the background as well
  • Make sure to restart your phone at least once a day
  • Check if the problem can be avoided with a simple reboot
  • Don’t go ahead with third-party apps and games installation
  • Check if the things work in a fine manner when the phone is taken in the safe mode
  • Try a hard reset after saving important data from the phone

Apps not working properly

This is surely one among the common HTC U12 Plus problems and fixes. Any users often face it and it’s not just this HTC gadget which is having the same. The fact is there are a lot of smartphones that have this issue in them. You can simply go ahead with the below instructions to avoid them in no time if it is active in your device.

  • Make sure to update all the apps in the phone
  • Check if the problem can be avoided by disabling the ones installed recently or from the third-party sources
  • Clean the cache memory of your device for all the apps and check if the problem is still there
  • Do clean the phone by erasing unnecessary data regularly
  • Don’t change the settings of the apps to the custom
  • Make sure no multiple apps are running in the background
  • Try making some space empty from the phone
  • Check if the phone is having virus presence in it

SIM related problems/No Signal on phone

To solve the concerns related to the SIM card, you can simply go ahead with the basic instructions which are mentioned below.

  • First check properly if the SIM card is having a physical damage on it. Check the SIM tray and the SIM slot as well on the phone
  • Remove and re-insert the SIM card in the phone and restart it
  • Open the Network Settings and select the home network manually after searching the same
  • Check if the SIM card has already been disabled in the phone settings
  • You might be in an area not covered by the network provider
  • Check if the SIM card frequency is compatible with the variant of phone you are using
  • Make sure the SIM has been inserted properly in the phone
  • Refresh the SIM card before using it in the brand new device
  • If it is left unused for a long time, check if the services are active on it or have been suspended
  • Get the SIM card replaced if the problem is still there

Overheating problems (common HTC U12 Plus problems and fixes)

To keep up the pace against this problem in your phone, don’t engage yourself thinking it’s a hardware glitch. Although it can be, the chances for the same in new gadgets are less. You can simply go ahead with the methods and the instructions listed below to avoid them.

  • All the data or the apps that haven’t been used for a long time should be erased from the phone
  • Check if you are not using your phone when it is connected with the PC through a cable connection
  • The problem could be due to improper dissipation of heat generated by the hardware
  • Check if the memory of the phone is completely filled with data
  • For those who use a power bank must pay attention to the power ratings/output of the same before actually considering it
  • Avoid downloading the data which is too large in size through the mobile data
  • The problem could be due to not using the genuine accessories with the phone such as earphones and charger
  • Check if the phone is charged regularly through the PC with a USB cable
  • Hard reset your phone simply

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common HTC U12 Plus problems and fixes)

Smartphones can be operated through screens only in the current time and you probably know that to accomplish any task, the screen should be free from errors and should remain functional all the time. However, the fact is, the screen is the most visible part of the smartphone. It always remains in contact with the external environment. Also, there are users who use their smartphones roughly and screen often become a victim of same. Therefore problems related to it are common. Try the below methods to avoid the same

  • First of all, restart your phone and take it in the safe mode. This will help getting the real cause of the issue
  • Disable all the third-party apps
  • The problem could be there because you might have enabled the screen sharing option on the phone
  • Check if your hands are wet or you are wearing the mittens on your hands while operating the phone
  • Check if the screen is having oil and grease particles present on it
  • Choose to clear the data which is no longer required
  • Try updating the apps and OS if a new update is there
  • The memory of the device should be kept free upto some extent as this can also be the reason to this issue
  • If no method work, check the screen for a physical or liquid damage on it

Performance issues (common HTC U12 Plus problems and fixes)

Well, to deal with this issue, there are a few factors you should be careful about. Keep it in mind that it can be avoided simply if you follow the below methods.

  • First of all check if the device default memory is completely full. If so, erase data which is no longer required
  • Make sure to update all the apps in the phone. Check if there is a new version or a general update is also pending for the device Operating System
  • Avoid using the apps you have installed in the custom mode
  • Make sure to install them in phone memory than in the SD card memory
  • Check if the phone is affected with a virus. This can be done by installing an antivirus app in the phone
  • Make sure the device is not having a hardware problem in it
  • Always follow the policies to use the phone and make sure to access the feature in the right manner
  • Always restrict the access to main settings. This doesn’t let the new apps you install to change the settings of those already present in the phone
  • Check if the phone is set on performing a heavy task such as downloading games or other tasks while charging
  • Clear cache data of all the apps and restart your phone
  • Perform a hard reset if other methods don’t work. For this, store your data first as the same would be gone if you go ahead without saving it.

With the information about the common HTC U12 Plus problems and fixes which you just introduced yourself, it is possible to avoid a lot of issues. You can easily add functionality in your phone. For similar posts providing common problems and fixes information for other phones, keep visiting our website.

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