Common Huawei Honor 8x Max Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Things are changing all over the world. The rising demand and continuously fluctuating demand of the technology users has had a strong impact on the design and features of the smartphones in the present scenario. Well, you might have no idea but one of the strange factors is the smartphones are the gadgets whose population has been risen by 1000% in the last 10 years across the globe. This is because phones present around us these days are truly capable to accomplish the tasks that matter to us in an excellent way. Huawei is one of the manufacturers that have proven that technology can do anything. One of their recently introduced devices is Max 3. Check out some useful information about the common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes below.

Most of the Huawei devices present around us are simply the best. They have already proven themselves to be one of the best things that smartphone lovers can trust and own simply. Probably you need not to worry when it comes to owning their gadgets. The fact is problems that have been listed in this post can declare their presence in any smartphone. They are basic in nature and are there just because of some minor errors in the Android technology. However, raising your knowledge about the common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes can help you deal with them.

common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes

What to keep in mind

Improving your knowledge on this subject can definitely let you avoid all the issues without taking your phone to a nearby service provider unless the scope of the problem is beyond your knowledge. Also, the methods and instructions discussed about the common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes are tested and can therefore be trusted.

Common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes

This guide about the common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes is useful and simply the best. However, we would like to make it clear that you can get results only if you follow all the information carefully. If any additional problem arrives just because you changed the instructions or methods as per your own knowledge, cannot be held responsible for the same.

Connectivity issues

Connecting your phone with another gadget is something that is often required. This is due to the fact that there are several features and tasks that can be accomplished by connecting them. For those who have to face any connectivity related problem in the phone, the following methods can help a lot unconditionally.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes)

  • First of all check if the Bluetooth version of both the gadgets is compatible with each other
  • Make sure to remove all the restrictions that are imposed on connecting new devices
  • Check and make sure that the phone memory is not filled completely
  • Make sure that the phone doesn’t have a long list of devices connected recently. Erase a few names from the same
  • The problem might be there just because you have enabled the power saving mode. Check and disable the same
  • Always access the Bluetooth gently and in a proper manner that is recommended by the manufacturer
  • Don’t send a lot of files through a single attachment. This can cause the problem in your device
  • Another thing that can totally disable the Bluetooth action on the phone is nothing but not clearing the cache data of the apps
  • Make sure to update the phone whenever a new version of the OS or for any app arrives
  • Enter the pass code that appears on the screen correctly while connecting a specific device with yours for the very first time
  • Always access the Bluetooth app in the recommended settings than in custom
  • The Bluetooth antenna might not be in proper working condition. Check and make sure of the same
  • Make sure the data you are transferring/receiving actually doesn’t have any compatibility-related issue
  • Close all the apps running in the background
  • Follow the user policies while accessing the Bluetooth app

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes)

  • Turn OFF your phone and restart it after 2 minutes at least. Try connecting again now
  • Check if the Wi-Fi range is proper
  • Make sure that the configuration of the router or the modem is done in a rightful manner if the same has been done very recently
  • Check if the bandwidth on the internet is having a daily limit and you have already consumed the same
  • The problem could be there due to problem in the Wi-Fi antenna
  • Make sure the apps that have direct or indirect access to the Wi-Fi such as the famous Shareit are not running in the background
  • The services might no longer be valid on your connection due to reasons that network provider can justify in a better way
  • Make sure the cable connection is proper at the modem and the internet indicator is blinking continuously
  • The Local Area Network settings must not be changed as it can cause issues related to the functionality of the Wi-Fi in your phone
  • Open the right click on the network status bar and choose to troubleshoot the connection
  • Make sure all the authentication details provided by you to connected with Wi-Fi are true
  • Open the Wi-Fi settings and erase the name of the connection. Again add it and try connecting. This can sometimes solve your concern
  • The overall number of devices connected with the modem can also be held responsible for this issue in case they exceed the limit
  • Check if the website you are opening or the app you are accessing hasn’t been restricted or suspended to use on the phone

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes)

The screen is the most visible part of your smartphone where the concerned information is generally displayed by it. If it is not operating properly, you can go ahead with the following instructions to get the favorable outcome.

  • Check properly for a hardware damage that can be internal or external
  • The fluctuation in the power supply to the phone can cause this problem temporarily
  • Sometimes even the virus infection can be the real reason to this issue
  • Simply make sure to clean the screen gently against the grease and oil particles that often get deposited on the same
  • Check if the screen guard you have installed needs replacement
  • Make sure to clean your hands properly before operating the phone
  • Make sure to clean the unnecessary data in the phone
  • Avoid using your phone in the safe mode
  • Disable the screen mirroring option in the phone
  • The apps installed in the phone must be in proper working condition
  • Open the phone in the safe mode and check if the things are now under your control
  • Get the device checked if the problem is still there

Earpiece sounds Robotic

This basic issue in the phone can be eliminated if you pay close attention to the below instructions

  • Open the sound settings in the phone and check if the sounds are disabled by you
  • Make sure to use the earpiece that are of good quality and are truly compatible with the phone
  • Check if the problem can be solved by a simple restart
  • Try using the same earpiece of any other gadget
  • Make sure the sound drivers are installed properly on your phone
  • Check and make sure that the earpiece owned by you doesn’t have a physical damage internally or on their wire

Apps not functioning properly (common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes)

Installed application in your phone behaves in the best manner only when you pay close attention to the following factors

  • Always make use of the apps in the manner prescribed in their policies
  • Make sure the settings of the app which is showing unexpected behavior hasn’t been changed to custom
  • Make sure to install and update the apps in the phone only through the Play Store
  • Clean the cache data in the phone
  • Make sure all the apps have their latest/recent version installed in the phone
  • The apps data is to be kept in the phone memory only
  • Check if the problem can be solved by un-installation of the apps and then again installing them

Bad camera quality (common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes)

Blurry images, improper visibility of the objects in the images and artifacts in the captured images are some of the common problems. To avoid them, the below guide can be trusted simply. You can have results at the same time with this guide.

  • One of the major factors that can be held responsible for this issue is unclean camera lens
  • Make sure that the shooting mode in the camera settings you have selected can be held responsible for this in many cases
  • Don’t always prefer to use a timer as it can create blurry images
  • Always make sure to select the HD mode in the camera output settings
  • Don’t rely on the third-party apps for using the camera. Although they seems better, only the default one can help you get the quality snaps
  • Clean the screen gently and properly
  • Make sure you are not capturing the snaps in the burst mode
  • Check if the lights are proper or not. If they seems less, make use of the camera flash light
  • Check and make sure the phone is having enough space to store the captured images or the videos
  • Always make sure that you are using the camera in the best possible manner

Quick Battery Draining & Slow Charging

Well, if you have already frustrated with charging your phone again and again. There is nothing to worry. The following methods eliminates your need to charge your phone multiples times a day.

  • Check if the battery is in proper working condition or not. this can be done by a battery self test
  • Make sure the phone is not operating in the power saving mode
  • If the default memory of the phone is completely full, erase some data
  • Simply make sure that the data you keep in the phone is free from any sort of virus
  • The power source you use to charge your device must fit the needs of your phone in all the aspects
  • Check and make sure that the problem is not there just because of overcharging
  • The total number of apps installed and the ones running in the background at a specific time can cause this issue
  • Make sure your phone variant is compatible with the services of the network
  • Avoid using the accessories which are not of superior quality
  • Don’t download applications while charging your phone
  • Turn OFF the Wi-Fi hot spot while the phone is charging. Keeping in on and sharing your internet connection with other gadgets have a huge impact on the battery backup
  • Don’t perform so many tasks at the same time
  • In the connectivity settings of the phone, disable all the permissions give to the apps to access data automatically
  • Keep the device memory free as much as you can

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

The concerned problems can easily be eliminated through below methods and instructions in your phone.

  • Try not to use the memory card in the phone for the next few days if possible for you
  • Make sure the SD card purchased by you is of genuine quality and fits the needs of your Huawei Honor 8x Max.
  • Make sure there are no data which is affected with a virus present in the card
  • Disable third-party hardware restrictions in the main settings of the phone
  • Check and simply make it sure that the memory card you use doesn’t exceed 256GB memory limit
  • Don’t completely fill the card with data as you can probably face this issue
  • Check if the memory card slot is damaged physically
  • Always eject the card from the phone in a manner which is recommended
  • Format the card if it has already been used on another device

SIM related problems (common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes)

SIM card is the tool in the phone that is responsible for most of the features you can access. Without it, you cannot just make/receive calls but in fact, cannot complete other task as well that matters to you. Thus, you need to deal with them. Check them out below how this can be done

  • Remove the SIM out from the phone and check it properly for a physical damage
  • The problem could be there when the network services are not longer valid or have been temporarily disabled
  • The SIM card should not be turned OFF in the phone settings
  • Don’t hesitate to search for the network manually and choose to register on the home network. This can be done in the network settings menu
  • Simply make sure that the SIM card has been inserted in the phone properly
  • Check if the SIM tray is causing the problem
  • The network provider services might not be compatible with the variant owned by you
  • Replace the SIM card if no other option work for you

Performance issues (common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes)

Performance can be boosted simply if you know the right actions to take against the problem. Well, here is the list of same to enable you get what you need actually.

  • To boost the performance of your phone. Simply transfer the data in it in a third-party memory device for a few days. Copy it back and you can easily see improvements in this parameter
  • Make sure the phone data is not affected by any kind of virus
  • Overcharging the phone and while using it during charging can cause this issue
  • Simply make sure that your phone is not having its default settings changed to custom
  • Make sure all the apps and the phone OS has been updated to the latest available version
  • Check and make it sure that the phone is having a lot of apps installed from the un-trusted sources
  • If you have installed custom ROM in your phone, probably you need to compromise with the performance

Doesn’t Recognize Windows

To enable your PC or your smartphone recognize each other when they are connected, the following useful methods and instructions can be trusted simply

  • Check if the connecting cable is in working mode
  • Make sure the Windows copy installed on the PC is genuine or have all the drivers installed on it
  • The USB drivers might be outdated in either of the devices
  • Simply make it sure that your phone doesn’t have a problem in the cable connector
  • Check and make sure the problem is not there just because of restrictions imposed on connecting the phone with another device
  • Don’t violate the security policies of the phone
  • Choose MTP mode on the phone while connecting it with the computer
  • Restart both devices and try again

Overheating Problems

Smartphones have to dissipate the heat for their proper functionality. If they fail to do so, probably the overheating problems declare their presence due to excess heating of the internal hardware. You can avoid this problem simply through the overheating related common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes as mentioned below.

  • Make sure that the phone doesn’t have outdated apps. Update them immediately from the Play Store. This can solve your concern
  • The major factor responsible for this issue is when the phone gets additional power as an input. This usually when while using pirated chargers or the power sources which are not recommended
  • Make sure the charging cable and the adapter both are in proper working condition
  • Choose to close all the background running apps before closing the device screen
  • Simply make sure you are not downloading any type of data while the phone is set on charging
  • Overheating problems in the phone can also arrive when the device is no longer in a position to support the data
  • Check if the memory is not completely filled in the phone
  • Many user have to face this issue when they change the recommended settings in the phone to custom
  • Check if the heat sink in the phone is working properly
  • Avoid bulk data download in the phone
  • Make sure no features are turned ON when there is actually no need of the same
  • The problem might be due to non performing of some hardware

More useful information regarding the common Huawei Honor 8x Max problems and fixes can be grabbed by posting a comment below. Keep visiting our website for similar posts and for the latest information about Android world & smartphone technology


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