Common Huawei Mate 20 X Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

We are living in a time where deadline violation of anything can have a very bad impact on our life (personal & professional), relations, health and so on. Therefore the concerned tasks that largely matters should be accomplished on time. Actually, in the current scenario due to the advancement of the technology, the tasks are accomplished by the people well advanced to their deadline. Everyone knows time is important. One of the easily available devices that can help us complete all the tasks on time and before the actual scheduled period is a smartphone. No one can truly imagine life without the same. The Chinese manufacturer Huawei has come up with another addition in the catalog and i.e. Huawei Mate 20 X. This post guides on the common Huawei Mate 20 X problems and their fixes.

Huawei has provided this phone with the latest available features. It is powered by Android technology like all modern gadgets and therefore it has some of the common bugs associated with the same. Well, you need not to worry as these are the basic problems mainly have their relation with the OS and i.e. Android. They are not related to the phone hardware and don’t come under the category of manufacturing defects. Probably this is the best thing you know if you recently invested your money on this gadget. The problems which I am going to share with you are actually common in almost every Android-based smartphone in the present scenario. You can yourself eliminate them without taking the help of any professional. The useful instructions and the methods about the elimination of common Huawei Mate 20 X problems are spotlighted in this post.

common Huawei Mate 20 X problems

Why problems should be avoided immediately?

Well, this is something about which you should be careful about. The fact is these problems first declare their presence as the basic ones. They have the ability to soon get transformed in the ones that can even stop your phone to perform almost all its tasks. Also, when you ignore them, troubleshooting wouldn’t be as easy when the problems are in their initial stage. Thus, the actions must be taken immediately. The common Huawei Mate 20 X problems and their solutions are provided below to let you restore your phone functionality. Go ahead with the same.

Common Huawei Mate 20 X Problems and Fixes

All smartphones are actually tested for their functionality as well as the performance before they are actually made available in the market for the true users. However, there are certain factors that affect them when they are practically used; the problems often declare their presence. Also, Android technology comes up with many basic errors that cause the problems in the phone. With some basic instructions and methods it is possible to eliminate these issues in the shortest possible time and you have no reason s to worry about the same. However, I strongly recommended you to follow everything which is mentioned in this post in the same manner as listed. Else, there might be some additional issues which you may encounter in your phone. bears no responsibility for the same. Here are the solutions to the common Huawei Mate 20 X problems.

Connectivity Problems

Defining the connectivity problem and understanding them is not always simple. You need to pay close attention to various parameters as well as factors. However, this actually doesn’t matter. You can only focus on the methods that can assist you in dealing with these issues simply. Check them out below.

Bluetooth Connectivity Problems

  • If your phone is showing a very strange behavior with the Bluetooth, check if there is an OS bug responsible for this
  • If you are facing the automatic termination of the connection after sometime, this could be due to setting the time limit on your connection
  • Make sure the phone security is not disabled which might not let you exchange data through Bluetooth
  • The power saving mode can sometimes disable the Bluetooth and some other features about eh connectivity. Therefore the phone should run only in the general mode
  • Check and make sure your phone Bluetooth antenna is not causing this problem due to some issue with the same
  • Errors related to pairing can cause this problem. Always enter the password that appears on the screen correctly when you pair a device with yours for the very first time
  • Check if the Bluetooth visibility on the phone is set to hidden as this is also one of those reasons that creates the problem
  • The version of Bluetooth on any of the phone might not support the other and you might be facing the problem due to the very same reason
  • Check if your phone is having no storage space due to which the Bluetooth is not performing its task
  • Open the Bluetooth settings and toggle on the option “paired devices”. Erase a few names if this list is too wide. This can help you to eliminate this problem
  • Make sure the custom Bluetooth settings in the phone are not responsible for this problem
  • There are chances that the phone is having something wrong with its core hardware and the problem is there due to the very same reason

Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

  • Your internet connection must have all the services valid and applicable on the same. Also, the data bandwidth should not be reached to its upper limit. First check this
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi modem you are using is not having a technical or another problem associated with the same.
  • Make sure your device is within the range of the modem
  • Check if something is wrong with the phone hardware which is causing this problem
  • Make sure the internet speed is as per the requirement of your Huawei Honor 20 X
  • If you have restricted the access of the phone or have imposed any kind of restriction on your Wi-Fi network, it would be good to eliminate the same
  • Make sure your phone has the recently updated password stored in it for connecting to the Wi-Fi network
  • If you are not the administrator of the network, check if there are some additional requirements to exchange the data on the same
  • Make sure the upper limit on the modem to host the Wi-Fi devices has not been reached post which you have to face this problem in the phone
  • If the features such as screen sharing are turned ON, turn them OFF. Also check if there is any installed app is accessing the Wi-Fi at the same time
  • The errors and the bugs related to the configuration of the modem can be responsible for this. Check and make sure simply
  • Don’t make any changes to the recommended network settings as you may have to face the Wi-Fi issues
  • The apps you are opening might not be functional and you might be confusing it with the internet/Wi-Fi problem in the phone

Quick battery drainage and slow charging

  • First, check if this problem is there just because you are using a charger that actually doesn’t belong to your phone
  • Make sure the phone battery is not faulty and is responsible for this problem
  • Sometimes when the multiple apps are running in the background or when the multiple features are turned ON, this problem is observed
  • Check if the phone is having something wrong with its charging port. There might be some dust in it or it might simply be loose
  • The problem might be there just because you have enhanced the screen brightness upto the maximum level
  • Check if a simple restart to your Huawei Honor 20 X can solve this problem
  • Avoid making calls or using your phone while charging it.
  • Keep the mobile data OFF during the time you actually don’t need it
  • Make sure you are not downloading a lot of data from the internet from the last few minutes in your phone
  • Do check if the problem is there just because your device is connected with another gadget through any mode
  • There might be some problem with the power source you are using. Check the same
  • Install the latest available updates and check if this solves the problem

Touchscreen problems

  • The installed glass guard on the phone might be responsible for this problem. Check and replace the same if it is too old
  • The phone screen might have a liquid or an internal damage caused to you and you might be unaware about the same
  • Do check if this problem can be solved by erasing some data from the phone memory if it is completely full
  • There are chances that you are running your phone in the power saving mode
  • The slow performance of the phone is something that is often confused as the screen related problem
  • Make sure the screen sharing and the splitting option is not causing this problem when you turn it ON
  • Check if the problem is there just because the screen is in a desperate need of cleanliness against the oil and grease particles
  • Make sure not to wear mittens or the gloves while operating the phone
  • There are chances that your hands are dirty and simply needs to be cleaned
  • If this is due to a software problem, the phone should work perfectly in the safe mode. Check the same
  • There might be something wrong with the touch sensor of your phone
  • Check and make sure if the problem is there only when the phone is connected with another gadget

SIM/Network related problems

  • First confirm if the network services are valid and are running on your SIM reliably
  • There are chances that either the phone or the SIM access is locked with a PIN or a password. If so, release the same
  • Do check if your phone variant is compatible with the frequency band of the network provider
  • The SIM card might have services stopped/suspended or yet to be activated if it’s new. Check
  • There might be a need for you to turn ON the roaming services if you are in another town/city. Confirm this from the network provider
  • Check if the SIM card is physically damaged and the same is the reason to the missing network or the concerned problem
  • If you have recently turned ON the Airplane mode and have forget to turn it OFF, the same can be the reason to this problem
  • Open the network selection option and search your home network manually and register on it. Make it your default network and set the network selection mode to automatic after this
  • Make sure the SIM card has been inserted properly in the phone
  • Check if the slot number has the 4G internet enabled SIM in it. If you insert it in the SIM slot 2, there are chances of this problem
  • Place a call to the network support number if you are not able to eliminate the problem after this

Apps not working properly

  • This can happen when a lot of app in your phone or the one you giving problem has been installed from the other sources not recommended by the Play Store
  • Install the latest version of all the apps in the phone. Enable the automatic updates for them
  • Check if the installation related errors or the bugs in the Os are causing the problem
  • Remove the concerned app simply and install it again from the Play Store. This may solve the problem
  • Make sure the apps are installed in the phone memory and not in the microSD card as you might have to encounter some issues if you do so
  • Make sure the apps have access o the required data and the features to remain functional
  • You might have made changes to the default app settings and the same might be the reason to the problem
  • Check if this problem can be solved upon a simple restart
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have any technical issue related the hardware which might be the reason to this problem
  • Always make sure that the apps are not causing the problem just because you didn’t fulfill their requirements

Overheating problems

  • First, check if the heat released by the hardware is getting eliminated from it. Remove the back cover installed (if any) and check if the problem is with the ventilation system
  • Check if the problem is related to the charger you are using. It might not be functioning properly or have something wrong with it
  • Make sure to prefer the genuine and quality power bank if you use the same. Else, there are chances to this problem
  • Installing multiple games and running them simultaneously in your phone can be another reason to the overheating
  • Check if this problem is there just because a lot of updates are pending to be installed in the phone
  • Don’t make any changes to the recommended phone settings
  • Delete some data from the phone and check if this solves the problem
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because the charging port or the battery of your phone is having something wrong with them
  • Completely disable/remove any third party if installed in the phone
  • Your phone might be infected with a virus or a malware. Check the same
  • Check if there is any application is putting an extra burden on the RAM
  • Make sure there is no moisture/liquid present inside your phone battery
  • Don’t use any pirated accessory with the phone as you may have to face this problem very shortly

Slow Performance

  • First of all, spend some time and analyze all the parameters that decide phone performance are OK or not
  • Do check if all the installed apps in the phone are working perfectly and are updated to the latest available version
  • Make sure the phone is not infected with a virus which is the common reason to the slow performance
  • Make sure to restrict the access from the devices and the gadgets that your phone doesn’t recognize
  • You might have disabled the phone security by mistake
  • Using any third-party accessory can slow down the phone performance
  • Check if the problem is there just because multiple apps are running in the background
  • There are chances that the phone is not having everything perfectly fine with its Operating system. Check if there is a patch or an update is pending to be installed
  • Simply restart your phone. Do it atleast once a day. This can help avoiding slow performance of the gadget in the long run
  • Check if the problem is in phone RAM which is one of the strongest parameters upon which the performance actually depend
  • Your phone might be operating in the power saving or in the safe mode which can disable some important features of the phone and this problem is felt
  • Go for a hard reset if other methods don’t work. Educate yourself about the pros and cons of performing this step before you actually proceed. One drawback is you will lose phone data if no backup is taken

Camera Problems/Blurry images

  • Do check if this problem is just because your phone camera is being accessed through an app it doesn’t support. Don’t trust all the third-party apps and prefer the default one
  • Clean the lens of the camera very gently with a soft piece of cloth. Check if this solves the problem
  • If nothing appears on the screen after opening the camera, the problem might be with the OS or with the camera drivers
  • Enable the HD/night saving mode if the visibility is low
  • Make sure the phone remains completely still when you capture the images
  • The camera lens might have some moisture around it causing this problem
  • The quality can be boosted by simply focusing on the object you are capturing
  • Make sure your Huawei Mate 20 X has enough storage space available in it
  • Check if the problem is there just because you have selected low-pixel density for the pictures/videos
  • Your phone might be running low with the battery. Charge it beyond 20% and check if the problem is solved
  • Clear the cache data and reboot your phone. Check if this solves the problem

Doesn’t recognize the Windows PC

  • If you connected your phone with the PC through a cable connection, check the same is supported and is in proper working condition
  • Make sure the USB ports on the PC are not disabled. Also, install the latest USB drivers for both the gadgets
  • There might be no more storage space available in any of the gadgets. Check if this is the reason to the problem
  • Make sure the Windows Firewall is turned ON
  • Check if the reason to this problem is nothing but a loose connection. Use a parallel USB port if one doesn’t work
  • Make sure your phone has the right mode selected when you connect it with the PC
  • Check and make sure the problem is not there in the phone Operating System
  • You might be facing this problem just because the phone security has been disabled by you
  • Check if the Windows copy on the PC is not genuine or have any other problem associated with the same
  • The problem might be there just because your phone is not having everything in working condition with its hardware
  • Perform a simple reboot to the phone. Also, restart the PC. Check if this solves the problem

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

  • Make sure to check if the problem is with the earpiece. It might not be functional or is not supported by the phone
  • Pair/connect the earpiece with the phone properly and gently. Simply not getting connected can be the reason to this problem
  • Check and make sure the problem is not associated with the phone sounds or the drivers of the same
  • There are chances that you are playing a low-quality music in your phone and is confusing the same with this problem
  • Make sure no dust is there in the speakers of the earpiece
  • Check properly if there is a physical damage on the earpiece and the same is causing this problem
  • Make sure the phone OS is not having anything wrong with the same
  • Do check if this problem can be avoided by a simple reboot
  • Use the earpiece on the other phone and check if they work reliably

This is how the common Huawei Mate 20 X problems can be avoided. You might find that a few methods or the instructions may not work. If so, don’t hesitate in applying the next mentioned in the serial order. If the problem is still there, bring the phone at a nearby authorized service center. Do let us know your views and experience simply by posting a comment below.


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