Common Huawei Nova 3 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Life is nothing without a smartphone in the current time. A modern man couldn’t even survive for a day without this gadget. Well if you try to look for the factors that why smartphones are necessary, I am sure it will take a full year to find them all. Actually, that’s not the theme of this post but it’s something different. You will be introduced with one of the amazing devices Huawei has ever launched and will be provided some useful information on problem formulation. Huawei is probably no doubt one of the premier manufacturers of the best Smartphone in the world. They provide quality, style and features in almost all their gadgets. This post reflects useful information on common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes. The same can be considered for getting the best results against any of the general issues you face with your phone.

In case you have a plan to invest on this gadget, keep this thing in your mind that you don’t need to change it just because you might be thinking this gadget has some major issues in it. That’s not the case in a real sense. Probably it’s free from all the defects. It’s just the basic issues that declare their presence because of the fact different people use their phone in a different manner. Sometimes interrupt the functionality upto large extent. The information in this post about the common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes simply let you deal with any situation.

common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes


It is necessary for you to know that not in all the cases you will be facing all of these issues at the same time. You can have them at later stages depending on how old your phone is and for what purpose it is mostly used. For an average person with no basic information about the smartphone technology, it is difficult to eliminate the problems by Doing-it-Yourself. The methods and instructions about common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes mentioned in this post can make anyone eliminate the issue in no time.

Common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes

While using a smartphone, you can face any problem without prior symptoms. Everything about the common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes mentioned in this post commits favorable outcome only if you follow it wisely. Upon changing the instructions and methods as per your own knowledge leads to problems you never expect. Therefore, simply do whatever is mentioned. cannot be held responsible otherwise. Here is everything about the common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes.

Performance issues

How well a task can be accomplished by a smartphone is calculated in terms of performance. It is not always just speed and time, but it is the combination of several other factors as well. If the performance of your device is low, below instructions can help you a lot.

  • Make sure the phone memory is not completely filled
  • Check if the phone just needs a simple reboot to function again in the proper manner
  • The problem might have arrived due to installing the Custom ROM or apps from the third-party sources
  • Download and install all the pending updates
  • Disable all the features which are turned ON with no use
  • Check if the device is downloading the data at the same time
  • Simply make sure that the cache memory of all the installed apps in clean
  • Impose a limit on overall apps installed in the phone
  • Close the background running apps
  • Check if the data in the phone is corrupt
  • Take backup of data and perform a hard reset

Connectivity issues

Manufacturers often allow Smartphone users to connect their gadgets with others with the help of two connectivity related features present in almost every modern gadget. They are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Both of these features are important and make several tasks simpler for the users. Therefore it is necessary that both of them operate in a reliable manner. If you find any glitch in them or in a position not to operate them easily, the below methods can help you a lot.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes)

  • Simply turn the Bluetooth OFF and then again turn it ON.
  • If that doesn’t work, restart the phone after turning your it ON again
  • You might be facing this problem while sending multiple files or bulk data at the same time. Check the limit s on the data to be transferred through Bluetooth and check again
  • Make sure the missing files from the Bluetooth driver are not responsible for this
  • Check if the Smartphone has some special needs for accessing the Bluetooth
  • It’s necessary to clear the cache data of the Bluetooth app with time
  • Check the System app/OS updater and make sure to install all the pending updates.
  • A parallel running app might be accessing the feature. Check it out and close the same
  • Check if the virus is present in the phone. This can be done by installing an antivirus app in the phone
  • Narrow the list that reflects the recently Bluetooth connected devices in the phone
  • While trying to connect with an existing connection or the one you have already used, there are chances that the other gadget owner have changed the preferences and have imposed other restrictions. Thus, delete the connection and try again
  • Check and make sure Bluetooth app is in proper working condition.
  • Remove all the restrictions that have been imposed on new gadgets
  • Simply make it sure that you are not accessing the Bluetooth when the same is set on hidden mode for the other gadgets
  • Check if the Bluetooth version is compatible with the device you are using
  • The files you are trying to transfer might have copyright issues with them
  • Try connecting the phone with another device. This can help clearing the status of the problem
  • Get it checked if nothing works

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes)

  • First of all check if the things are wrong with your internet connection
  • Make sure the internet link is stable
  • Simply restart your phone and the modem
  • Make sure you haven’t already used all the bandwidth
  • It is necessary to check how many devices are already connected with the modem at the same time. If they are beyond  a limit, you need to delete them, immediately
  • Check and make sure the modem is in proper working condition
  • The real issue could be suspension of services from your internet connection
  • Check and make sure no apps having access to device Wi-Fi are running in the background
  • The phone you are using might have missing drivers. Check and update
  • Clear the cache memory of the apps
  • Check and make sure that the modem has been configured successfully
  • Simply open the Wi-Fi connection and forget it. Add it again and check if the problem has been solved
  • You might be facing this issue just because of entering the wrong password or not updating the same in the phone after changing it
  • Open LAN settings and check if the same is enabled
  • You need to make sure there are no additional restrictions on connecting with the connection
  • Check if the internet connection is operating very slow

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

Smartphones comes with a fixed memory. Although the same is sufficient for storing the data one generally access on regular basis, there are users with high data needs who have to take the help of an SD card. In any case if it goes undetected in the phone, you can follow the instruction which is mentioned below.

  • First check if the SD card is physically damaged or has been inserted in the phone properly
  • Don’t use a card with low quality tag
  • Simply choose to format the card before inserting it in the phone
  • Always make sure that you haven’t filled it completely
  • Make sure the access is given to the apps for accessing the data present in it
  • Check and make sure there is no manufacturing defect
  • Always tore and copy the data in a recommended manner
  • Make sure the files or the data on the card is not corrupt

Apps not functioning properly

This problem can have many reasons and it is not necessary always that a user have idea about all of them. Well, it is time-consuming as well as difficult. Rather than finding the cause, go ahead with the following restrictions.

  • First of all check if there are lot of pending updates for the apps in the phone which are pending for a long time
  • Make sure all the apps have been installed from the Play Store and are actually not working in a custom mode
  • Always keep the apps and the concerned data in the default memory of the phone
  • Check if the apps are having all the user policies which are met
  • Check and make sure the phone memory is not fully filled
  • Don’t install them from third-party sources.

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

In the present time, you need not to look for the reason why there is a need to connect a Smartphone with a PC. Well, the need of same can be felt anytime and therefore, it would be good for you make sure you will not face any issue whenever you try to connect them together. Here are some methods you can trust

  • Check and make sure the USB drivers are updated
  • The problem could be due to improper or loose cable connection. Also check if the cable is in proper working condition
  • Open the device settings and make sure to select the MTP mode on the phone
  • Check if the phone or the PC both have some restrictions imposed on it for allowing the new connections
  • The copy of Windows might not be genuine on the PC
  • Delete some data in case the device memory is completely filled
  • The phone might be having virus presence in it
  • Don’t try to transfer the data which is large in size
  • Check and make sure whether the phone you are using is compatible with the Windows driver

Screen doesn’t respond properly

With smartphones, all depends on their screens. Probably you know about this and thus if there is an error in the screen, you cannot access several features of your phone. However, there is nothing to worry. Just go ahead with the screen-related information about the common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes mentioned in the form of instructions and methods below.

  • Open the phone and take it in the safe mode. For this, simply restart it and press the power & hold the Power and Volume up/down button together
  • Check if the things are under your control. If they are, the real cause to the issue is a software glitch
  • Make sure the apps that haven’t been used/updated for a long time must be disabled
  • Check the device screen and try to find a damage on the same
  • Make sure there is no internal or liquid damage is there
  • Check and make sure the phone is not having any virus present in its prime memory
  • Clean the screen gently against dust, oil and grease particles
  • Update the OS is a new version is available
  • Make sure your hands are clean and not wet while you are touching the screen
  • Don’t turn ON the screen sharing option all the time
  • Get the phone checked if the problem is still there

Bad camera quality

Using cameras on the phone is probably a tremendous experience. Well, smartphones have allowed everyone to capture quality pictures easily. However, the same is possible only if the below instructions are taken into consideration properly

  • Always use the camera through the default app in the phone
  • Open Camera settings and select the HD mode
  • Turn the flashlight ON if the lights are slow
  • Simply focus on the object you are trying to capture
  • Select the shooting mode as per your convince
  • Boost your knowledge on capturing the quality snaps
  • Clean the camera lens and the screen gently
  • Remove the transparent glass cover from the screen
  • Get the device checked if the problem is still there

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Battery related problems are becoming very sensitive these days. Well, it all about the number of hours a phone can withstand after being fully charged. With some gadgets, there are additional factors that give rise to fast battery draining and slow charging problems. All you need to do is simply enhance your knowledge about the common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes related to this.

  • Sometimes a lot of apps which runs in the background or the tasks which takes place in hidden manner can be responsible for it. Thus, first of all, simply restart your phone
  • Check if all the accessories you use with your phone are genuine and recommended to be used with the phone
  • The problem could be in the power socket you are using or in the charging cable/adapter
  • Another factor is mismatch between the power specifications of phone and the power bank in case you use that
  • Don’t always depend on USB for charging your phone
  • Avoid using your phone when it is already set on charging
  • Make sure the heavy files are not to be downloaded through the mobile data
  • Turn OFF the features such as Wi-Fi hot spot and router when they are not required
  • If the power saving mode is disabled on the phone enable it

Overheating problems (common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes)

Releasing more heat by a smartphone generally reflects problem with the hardware. Sometimes it can make users scary as it seems a major issue. However, it is avoidable and can be done easily by taking some important measures and steps into consideration. Try the following methods to get the fortune in your favor.

  • Make sure the phone is releasing the heat properly from it
  • Check and make sure there is no issue in the phone hardware and is operating properly
  • Do check the power socket, charger and the cable you are using
  • Make sure you are not using your device as a hotspot for accessing Wi-Fi for other gadgets
  • Don’t download data which is not authorized
  • Clean the cache memory and make sure the same is cleaned after a specific interval of time
  • Another factor that can be held responsible for this issue is the loose connection or charging your device from an unauthorized power bank

SIM/Network related problems  (common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes)

In most of the cases, the SIM card problems are sensitive and cannot be avoided easily. The following information about SIM-related common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes can simply be trusted to get the favorable outcome in no time.

  • Remove the SIM card from phone and restart it. Now re-insert and check
  • The problem might be due to the reason that SIM card you are using is toured or have  a physical damage on it
  • Disable the Airplane mode in case it is enabled
  • In case you are under the basement of s building come out of the same
  • Check and make sure it has been inserted in the phone properly
  • Don’t insert the SIM in the second slot if you don’t use a parallel one
  • Make it sure that all the services are valid on the SIM
  • Another possible reason for this problem is compatibility. Check it for the network provider and the phone variant
  • Make sure the  problem is not there just because you haven’t used for SIM card for a long time
  • The SIM card can have some of the missing information
  • Open the network settings and check if the SIM is not turned OFF
  • Choose the network manually and select the home network option from the same settings
  • If you have enabled call forward option, simply disable it

With this information on the common Huawei Nova 3 problems and fixes, you have no reasons to worry about anything. In case the concern you are looking for is not here in this post, just post a comment below.



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