Common Lenovo K6 Power Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Buying a Smartphone is becoming very difficult for all the users in the present time. It is not due to the reason that options are limited. Of course not. In fact, there are options that were never available to the interested users. However, the fact is all the manufacturers bear a great reputation and are known to provide the best smartphones of the 21st century. It is because of no other reason than this, choosing among them is a difficult job for the users. Well, Lenovo bears a good reputation among all those manufacturers and they can easily be trusted for the long run. One of their best gadgets is Lenovo K6 power which is widely regarded as the one you can consider without worrying about anything. It comes with amazing features and has best hardware configuration to offer users in exchange of their investment. Also, Lenovo has a large number of highly satisfied customers all over the world as a Smartphone provider. There is nothing to worry when it comes to buying this gadget. However, all gadgets have some minor issues associated with them. In this post, I will introduce you to the common Lenovo K6 Power problems and fixes.

First I would like to tell you that this Smartphone is totally free from all major troubles. It’s not that the problems are related with the hardware. The fact is they are due to Android technology and the issues that have been spotlighted in this post are quite common in all the major gadgets available in the market. They arrive due to some minor compatibility issues of Android with the hardware or due to the reason that different users have a different manner of using the phone. Those who don’t pay close attention to the proper user’s guide have to face them. The good thing is you need not to worry on how they can be avoided. With the information about the common Lenovo K6 Power problems and fixes mentioned in this post, it is very easy. Also, you can proceed further with closed eyes if you are planning to buy this smartphone because as already mentioned, there is nothing to worry about anything. Check out below more about common Lenovo K6 Power problems and fixes.

common Lenovo K6 Power problems and fixes

Common Lenovo K6 Power problems and fixes

It is very much true that different users have different reasons of investing on a modern smartphone. Thus, the way they use their phone is also different and the fact is not all the smartphones are designed to be used in any manner. Therefore, some problems often declare their presence but can easily be avoided. For this, you need to make sure to follow everything about the common Lenovo K6 Power problems and fixes as it is mentioned. If you don’t follow it in the same manner or mold the instructions/methods in your own way, there are additional problems you can face. cannot be held responsible for the same.

Bad camera quality

Despite having all the features, a smartphone is always considered as best in terms of camera. This is because a very large number of users buy a gadget only due to camera quality. In case you are not able to get the desired quality from the camera installed on your phone, here is what you can do to keep up the pace.

  • First of all, clean the camera lens and make sure the screen is also clean
  • It is necessary to focus on the object carefully before capturing the snaps. This can avoid the blur and low quality problems upto a good extent and you can simply make sure of HD snaps.
  • The right shooting mode is to be selected for the quality snaps. It is another prime contributor to get the desired results from the camera
  • Check if the camera lens has signs of your fingerprints. Remove them gently with a piece of cloth
  • Maybe the cover you have installed on the screen is untidy. Also, make sure to remove the pre-installed transparent cover from your brand new phone
  • The Camera Quality is to be set on the “High Resolution” from the main camera Settings
  • Make sure to prefer the default camera app
  • Don’t roughly use the device camera

Performance issues

This is one the parameters which decide the success of a smartphone in the present time. Boone wants to own a gadget which doesn’t have 21st-century performance abilities. Therefore, you should pay prompt attention in case the things go wrong. The following are some of the best methods you can consider to avoid the same.

  • All smartphones are to be restarted atleast once a day for the smoother experience with performance
  • You need to make sure that some space always remains empty in the phone
  • Check if the apps which you have installed are up to the date or not
  • The slow performance could be due to a virus presence, corrupt files, as well as due to reason related to the data
  • The accessories used with the phone should be genuine
  • Make sure not to prefer the installation of apps from the sources which are restricted by the phone
  • Don’t download large files at the same time the phone is already engaged in a task
  • Don’t use your phone while charging it
  • Make sure the power bank which you use is having the similar power ratings as your device

Connectivity issues

Connectivity of smartphones with the other devices, as well as with the internet is quite important in the modern time. There is no need to explain here why it’s important. However, connectivity actually depends on a very large number of factors and therefore users often have to experience this issue. The good thing is anyone can troubleshoot the problem by Doing-it-Yourself. The following information would be helpful to you to get the desired results in this matter.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Lenovo K6 Power problems and fixes)

  • If there are restrictions imposed on the data transfer due to any reason, remove the same
  • Maybe the previously connected device with your phone has spread the virus in it. check it out properly
  • Make sure the list of devices connected recently is not too long. Most gadgets cannot store a long list
  • Maybe the data you are sending is either corrupt or is incompatible for either of the device
  • Make sure to clear the Bluetooth cache on time
  • Update the Bluetooth app in the gadget
  • Don’t let parallel apps run in the background for experiencing smooth data transfer
  • In case the power saving mode is ON, you cannot transfer data on most of the devices. Therefore disable them before you proceed
  • Check if the phone visibility is not hidden from the other devices

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Lenovo K6 Power problems and fixes)

  • Make sure the services are not disabled by the provider on your internet connection
  • Check if you have reached the limit of daily data use
  • The Wi-Fi router you are using should be inspected properly
  • If there are several devices connected with the router, you need to disconnect a few
  • Make sure you are within the Wi-Fi router range covering area
  • Maybe the router you are using doesn’t have proper drivers installed to run the same. Check it out
  • The cable connection or the way it is configured could be wrong in case of a recent configuration
  • Make sure the signal status is proper
  • Don’t change your passwords too frequently. Otherwise, remember to update them in the gadget

SD card not detected (common Lenovo K6 Power problems and fixes)

Well, the fact is every smartphone users have data needs which are blooming. Downloading High-Definition content and other useful data consumes more space on the phone. Using a SD card is convenient and safe. However, if you are facing the problems, you can take the following actions simply.

  • The first thing is to remove the SD card from phone, insert it again and restart the device
  • If the card is not used for a long time or have been used in another device before you insert it in the Lenovo K6 power, remember it would always be good for you to format the same to get the trouble free experience
  • Don’t exceed the limit. You are allowed to use the SD card of upto 256GB with this gadget.
  • The manufacturing defects in the card or the minor physical damages which are not visible to the eye could be the reason for this problem in case of a brand new SD card. Check it out properly
  • Quality is the major factor that you should always pay attention to when it comes to buying a new SD card
  • Take device in the safe mode and check if things are now under control with the SD card or not
  • Update the OS as well as the pending apps in case the new version is available

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10 (common Lenovo K6 Power problems and fixes)

There are several reasons why a smartphone show no response upon connecting with the PC. You can check it out below how they can be avoided simply.

  • The improper connection of the cable you are using could be the reason to this problem. also check whether the cable is faulty
  • After creating the connection, simply restart your phone.
  • All gadgets have security policies. If you violate them while transferring data, probably you will be barred from doing the task
  • Update the USB drivers on either of the devices
  • The copy of the Windows installed on the PC might not be genuine
  • The data compatibility, corrupt data or large size files could be the other factors responsible for this problem
  • Clean the port if you found any dust present in them
  • Select the MTP mode on the phone during the data transfer

Overheating problems

Overheating of smartphone can give rise to many other issues and it is not possible for you always to understand the true cause of the same. Well, there are some best methods and instructions that can be followed to avoid them. They are spotlighted below.

  • Don’t install too many apps on the phone. The amount of heat dissipated by the gadgets sometimes remains directly proportional to the same
  • Another factor that can give rise to this problem is overcharging your phone. Avoid the same under all the circumstances
  • Make sure to use the genuine accessories such as charger and the power bank with your gadget
  • Maybe the data downloading on your phone is too frequent and you might be performing this task through the Mobile Data
  • Check the condition of the power socket you are using. Make sure it doesn’t have issues such as short circuit associated with the same.
  • Block/nonfunctional/outdated apps should not be kept in the phone for too long
  • The apps installation should be from trusted platforms
  • The back cover of the phone should be removed to check if the same is causing this problem
  • The last option is to perform a hard reset if nothing works

SIM related problems

The SIM card problems are avoidable simply if you know the right actions that can be taken provided there are no network issues or services topped by the network provider. The following are some useful methods to help you in this matter.

  • Perform basic inspection yourself on the SIM card before you actually insert it in the phone
  • In case it is ok, simply insert it and restart your phone
  • Check if the SIM tray is having a physical damage on the same
  • Maybe the network services are disabled on the SIM in case it is not used for a long time or other reasons. Check and make sure of it before using the SIM card with phone
  • Make sure there are no compatibility related problems due to which you are facing the issue
  • Open the Network Settings and check if the SIM card is not turned OFF
  • If the signal doesn’t appear, open the same settings and choose to select the network manually. Most smartphones including the Lenovo K6 power allow this

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Lenovo K6 Power problems and fixes)

Screen problems clearly mean a lot of problems in the phone. This is because a very large number of tasks cannot be performed by the users with them. At the same time, a lot of features become totally useless. Check out below how you can avoid them.

  • Clean the screen very gently if the same hasn’t been cleaned for a long time
  • All the apps are to be updated
  • Restart the phone and press the Volume up/down and power button together for a few seconds. This will take your device to the safe mode. In case things are pretty Ok here, you need to keep it in mind that the actual reason to the problems nothing but the problems in the OS or apps installed
  • If the screen guard is installed on the phone, remove it and check if the problem is gone
  • The minor internal screen physical damage or the liquid damage could also be the reason to this problem.
  • Generally the oil and grease particles on the screen doesn’t let it perform its task properly

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

The device battery is actually very sensitive which needs a lot of care from the users. Sometime they show issues despite paying a lot of attention and caring them. This doesn’t always mean they are faulty. There can be other reasons of their unexpected behavior. You can check the information on the same and how the problems can be avoided below.

  • The device battery is experiencing this problem due to turning ON some features such as Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi when they are not actually required.
  • Make sure the device Wi-Fi hotspot is not shared with several devices
  • If there are multiple applications running in the background, close them for the smoother experience
  • Those apps which are not used frequently/regularly should be uninstalled from the phone
  • Don’t download heavy files one after one
  • Maybe you are using a charger which is not compatible or doesn’t belong to your phone
  • Always make sure you are not charging the gadget through the PC all the time

This is all about the common Lenovo K6 Power problems and fixes which you should keep in your mind. Maybe your problems are different and couldn’t be mentioned in this post. If so, you can post a comment on the below section to get the best information remain available with you. Keep visiting us for all Android-related stuff under one gadget.

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