Common Lenovo K9 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Facing tough and unfavorable situations always need a lot of courage. Some people often give up in life because of the very same reason. However, one of the best things is smartphone manufacturers are designing their phones to help people simply facing such situations calmly. This is very true and a very large number of people all over the world have realized the true benefits that a smartphone can provide them. You might have no idea about the fact is a phone can actually transform your life. The fact is phones are not just a piece of plastic to receive and make calls these days. They are much more than that. Lenovo K9 is one of the best available gadgets that you can trust. Continue reading this post to introduce you for the common Lenovo K9 problems.

Lenovo K9 is actually a budget phone which has been provided to the people keeping in view all their needs and expectations. There is no need for you to worry about anything when it comes to making your valuable investment on this gadget. It simply has every feature that you need. The common problems of Lenovo K9 mentioned in this post simply mean basic issues related to the Operating system and software domain. They don’t reflect that the phone actually has some of the major hardware problems associated with the same.

common Lenovo K9 problems

Basic problems are quite common these days in most of the phones and the users need not to worry. They occur in most of the cases due to compatibility-related facts. Go ahead and check out the common Lenovo K9 problems and their solutions.

Can this phone be trusted for the long run?

Well, the answer is simply yes. You have no reasons to worry about anything. The phone is amazing and has one of the best hardware configurations in its class. Lenovo has also been known to offer an excellent customer support for all their gadgets. The overall numbers of complaints they receive every year are reducing significantly. This is all because of their efforts to boost the quality.

Common Lenovo K9 problems and fixes

By paying extreme attention on the methods, as well as the instruction mentioned in this post, one can simply make sure of having a permanent solution to the common Lenovo K9 problems. It would be good to read the instructions carefully and in an accurate manner so that they can be applied without alteration. Doing so may not always be good for the phone. Molding the instructions leads to arrival of other common problems. cannot be held responsible for the same. Thus, you must follow everything carefully and in the similar manner as instructed.

Connectivity issues

This is something that provides your phone around 70% of its capacity. In other words, a huge number of features in the phone can be accessed only if there is no connectivity related problem in the same. To avoid the same in case you are already facing the same, you can go ahead with the following instructions.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Beginning of any kind of troubleshoot method can be from a simple restart. Try and check
  • Make sure the phone doesn’t have its data carrying capacity almost touching its maximum level. This could automatically stop the Bluetooth for performing its task
  • Check in case the problem is there just because you haven’t disabled the power saving mode on the phone
  • Make sure the Bluetooth version of the Lenovo K9 support the version installed on the other phone you are trying to connect with
  • Do check if the problem can be solved by deleting and pairing the phone once again so as to avoid bugs related to the same
  • Sometimes you simply need to erase a few names from the history of the Bluetooth devices connected recently
  • Failure, either complete or partial, of any hardware component may affect the Bluetooth functionality
  • Do check if you have disabled the Bluetooth in your phone or have imposed any kind of restriction on your phone for exchanging the data
  • If things seem good, the problem could be in the data which you are sharing. Make sure it meets all the eligibility criteria as per Bluetooth policies
  • The Bluetooth visibility might be hidden in any of the phones. Check it
  • You need to make sure that there are no multiple files are being selected to be transferred or received in one cycle
  • Check if deleting the cache data from the phone can solve this concern
  • Analyze the other phone if you are sure that everything is OK with your own gadget

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Check if the internet connection is active and none of the services have been barred on your connection
  • You might have turned the internet off on your connection
  • Do check if the problem is there just because of incompatibility of the modem with the network if the connection was installed recently. Pay equal attention to the way it has been configured
  • Make sure other apps don’t have access to the phone Wi-Fi when you are using it for connecting on a network
  • The network security, LAN settings and other recommended settings should be modified
  • Sometimes this problem is there just because a lot of devices are connected on the network through the modem. Limit them if you can and check again
  • The slow operations of the network can also make you feel having the Wi-Fi problem in the phone
  • The bugs related to the phone OS and the Wi-Fi drivers could be the reason you are facing the problem. Simply check and take appropriate action
  • Restart the phone and the router to check if this can solve your concern
  • Erase the name of your network from the phone and once again add the same
  • Check if you are facing the problem only because changed password has not been updated on your Lenovo K9
  • Fulfill all the eligibility criteria of network to register your phone on the same
  • Do check if the things can be brought back in their favorable condition just by limiting the number of tasks you are performing on your phone at particular time
  • Take network service provider support if the things are still not in your favor

SIM/Network related problems

  • Open the network settings of your phone and check if the phone is registered on your home network or not. Make sure to enable the automatic network selection
  • Do check if the SIM card is turned OFF on the phone
  • The problems related to the compatibility or the support of the phone to the SIM card can also cause this problem
  • Continuous network fluctuation is another common factor that invites this problem. This usually happens when the phone changes its location randomly such as while travelling
  • Don’t forget to disable the Airplane mode in case it was turned ON
  • Remove and re-insert the SIM in your phone. Reboot it after this
  • Check the condition of the SIM tray, slot and the card itself to make sure any kind of physical damage is not causing this problem
  • In case your SIM card has been purchased recently, make sure the same has been activated
  • Don’t change any recommended or the default settings in the SIM settings option
  • Try replacing your SIM in case it’s too old
  • Simply make it sure that all the services are valid and currently running on your SIM. The services might have been suspended
  • This problem is observed in remote areas often or when you are in the basement of an apartment

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

  • Restart the phone after connecting it with the PC
  • If you are not able to transfer data in the phone, first check if the problem is just because of no storage space available in the same
  • Make sure the phone is running free from all kinds of viruses and malwares
  • You need to eliminate all the restrictions from your phone if you imposed any
  • Check if the problem is with the connecting cable you are using
  • Make sure to check if the things are OK with the USB connectors and the drivers
  • Sometimes the phone security policies are violated when you connect it with a PC. Check if this is not causing the problem
  • Select the MTP mode on your phone simply

Earpiece sounds robotic

  • The sound quality of the content which you are plying might not be appropriate
  • Do check if the problem is there in your phone sound driver. Make sure the sounds are enabled
  • Check if the USB connector is causing this problem
  • Make sure to check if the problem is in the earpiece itself. Try using it on another phone
  • You can temporary solve this issue by using the speaker-phone facility

Apps not functioning properly

  • Your phone might not have apps installed from the sources that are recommended as per the device security policies
  • The things might be wrong with the phone functionality and the same is getting confused with the performance of the apps
  • Only the OS bugs can affect the apps performance upto a large extent. Check and make sure of the same
  • Do check if the things are wrong with the UI of the apps you have installed in your phone
  • Make sure to check if the problem is there just because the apps yet to be updated to a new version.
  • Always install the apps in the phone memory only and not in the SD card memory
  • Check and make sure the things are not wrong with the settings of the apps which you might have changed

Bad camera quality

  • Do check if the HD mode in the camera settings of the phone is disabled
  • Make sure your phone is not having any OS bug due to which you are not in a position to open the camera app
  • The low quality of snaps could be due to an unclean lens. The fingerprints often cause this problem when the lens is touched while operating the phone
  • Make sure your phone really don’t have any kind of auspicious file that can disable the other features
  • The problem could be due to capturing the images in the burst mode or by enhancing the zoom beyond a limit
  • The quality of the pictures and the videos can be boosted by focusing on the object and by learning some basic instructions on operating the phone camera
  • You need to make it sure that your phone always have enough free space available to store the content you are capturing
  • Do check if the problem is just because of not installing the latest version of OS or a general update in your device
  • Simply check if the screen of the phone needs to be cleaned and the same is causing this problem

Overheating problems

  • It is always recommended to you to not to use the charger, earpiece and other accessories with your phone that actually doesn’t belong to it
  • This problem can be solved by installing the timely updates for both apps and the OS
  • Do check if the things are running good with the hardware domain of your phone
  • One of the leading reasons to this problem is the total failure of the ventilation system which doesn’t allow the heat to dissipate
  • Check and make sure to impose a limit on playing if you have games in your phone
  • Don’t install any software or an app that is from a different source than the Play Store
  • You might be facing this problem only because of not using a quality power bank which is often a need these days
  • Avoid data downloading for long hours as it can overheat the device internal hardware
  • Sometimes this problem arrives due to the reasons closely associated with the data kept in the phone and the quality of apps a user install in the main memory
  • Simply restart the device and check if the problem is solved

Screen Related Problems

  • The phone might not be in actual working condition due to a software related fault. This can affect the screen functionality
  • Make sure the transparent guard you have installed on the screen is not causing this problem
  • Check and make sure if the things are wrong just because the phone has its power saving mode enabled
  • The problem might be due to installing a lot of apps in the phone memory
  • Check if the only reason to this problem is you haven’t started your device after installing a specific app
  • The problem might be there in your phone RAM. Check and take suitable action if you find the same
  • The device screen must always be operated through bare and clean hands
  • The oil particles might largely affect the performance of the screen when they get deposited on it. Clean them gently
  • Do check if your phone is having some issues with the data stored in it. Better is to erase the unused data and restart it
  • Check if the things works fine when the phone is taken in the power saving mode

Performance issues

  • Your phone might be running full with the default memory. Erase the unwanted data and keep some space free
  • Check if your phone has so many applications installed in it and the same is the reason to this problem. Sometimes not updating them on time can also largely impact the performance
  • Make sure the phone is not connected to a nearby device wither through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or through a cable. This can sometimes slow down the overall performance
  • The things might not be running good with the OS
  • Make sure to check if the problem is not due to a hardware failure
  • The things might not be running properly just because the phone is having a lot of bugs or viruses
  • Switch to general mode if the phone is running either in power saving mode. This can make the overall performance really slow
  • Always prefer quality apps when it comes to installing them in your phone
  • Turn the phone OFF and wait for 2 minutes. Turn it ON again and check if this basic trick can solve the problem
  • Make sure no multiple apps are running in the background

Quick Battery Draining & Slow Charging

  • You might not be following the recommendations of the manufacturer to charge your phone
  • The things might be wrong either with the charger or with the charging connector
  • Do check if the only reason to this problem is relying more on third-party or mobile chargers such as power banks
  • Check if the power fluctuation is not causing this problem
  • Make sure to check if the things are wrong just because your phone has a lot of apps running in the background
  • All the notifications from the apps that you rarely use should be turned OFF
  • Check and make sure if the problem is related to the battery itself. It might be damaged or not in a proper working condition
  • You need to make sure the problem is not there just because you often play a lot of games in your phone as they drain more battery
  • The features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi hot spot when turned ON drain battery quickly than its normal speed
  • The screen brightness must be set to automatic mode

MicroSD card not detected in the phone

  • Your microSD card might not be supported by the Lenovo K9. Check if the card fulfill all the requirements to be used in this gadget
  • The problem might be there due to using a memory card beyond 256GB storage capacity which is not allowed in Lenovo K9
  • The problem could be due to the damage caused to the SD card while handling. Remove it from the phone and check
  • Make it sure that you haven’t imposed any kind of restrictions on the data stored in the SD card
  • The problem might be related to the SD card slot. Check its working condition properly
  • Make it sure that your phone doesn’t have any kind of problem in its software or the OS
  • If there are any kind of restrictions you have imposed on the phone for data sharing, you need to remove them
  • Format the card and check if this solves the problem

Getting the solutions to your problems with this guide on common Lenovo K9 problems and fixes is simple and reliable. You can post a comment below anytime if you have any other query.

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