Common Lenovo S5 problems and Fixes- Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

The rapid advancement in the overall features is one of the leading reasons why the demand of smartphones is blooming all over the world. The fact is smartphones can be utilized for performing any task and without worrying about anything. The users are always in a position to get the best out of the device they own. Because it’s an era of competition, there are a lot of manufacturers that has come up with most advanced features in their gadgets with the minimum possible price. Of course, this is to tackle the competition. One such manufacturer is Lenovo. Lenovo is a popular electronic manufacturer that belongs to China but has a global presence of almost all their gadgets. They have recently announced their latest smartphone and i.e. Lenovo S5. This post let you know about the common Lenovo S5 problems and fixes so as to help you deal with them without putting a lot of efforts.

One of the best things about all the Lenovo smartphones is they are amazing in every aspect and this Chinese manufacturer has always paid extreme attention in understanding the exact demand of their fans. However, like all modern devices, Lenovo S5 also runs on Android technology, a few common errors associated with the same can declare their presence. The fact is a few errors are closely associated with the Android technology. In this post, I have provided the best information on common Lenovo S5 problems and fixes. It must be noted that there are no major hardware problems associated with this gadget. Also, it is not necessary always that you might be facing them all at the same time. You can find various problems and their fixes discussed in this post and can consider the one that you are facing with your own gadget.

common Lenovo S5 problems and fixes

The Lenovo S5 comes with simply the best specifications like any modern gadget. There are certain features that make it simply the best available option for the modern day users of the smartphones. The device has a 3000mAh battery that let users keep up the pace with the full day backup with a decent use. It has a dual primary camera of 13MP and a 16MP secondary counterpart for capturing snaps far beyond your imagination. The device has fingerprint sensor technology for the better security and safety. The users can easily store 128GB of data which is enough for any modern user. The Lenovo has provided a hybrid SIM-SD slot that can be considered for extending the memory by upto 128GB easily.

In addition to this, the device has been equipped by the Lenovo with a 2GHz octa-core processor which simply let users make sure of the performance. Lenovo has announced this device in two variants and they are 3GB RAM & 32GB ROM and a 4GB variant with 64GB ROM. It runs on Android 8.0 Oreo technology and has a 5.7-inch display with which you can simply make sure of 1080 x 2160 pixels resolution. That’s all about the specifications of this device. Let us now understand the common Lenovo S5 problems and fixes.

Common Lenovo S5 problems and fixes

Every smartphone has its own pros and cons associated with the same. While dealing with most of the problems, it is always recommended to the users to be very careful about the same. Generally, users don’t follow the instructions for troubleshoot and end up with other problems in the gadget. cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong while following the information about the common Lenovo S5 problems and fixes mentioned in this post in a careless manner.

Bad camera quality

When it comes to dealing with a camera that doesn’t provide elegant outcomes, users always need to be clear of the fact that it’s not necessary always that the problem is due to a hardware problem in the device. You can try the following methods to get the things back on track once again.

  • To come with quality snaps, always make sure to use flash light of the camera. This simply let you keep up the pace if the lights are low
  • The shooting mode should be selected depending upon the surroundings
  • Always set the Camera Settings to “High”
  • If there is an pending update to the camera pp, do it immediately
  • Always use the default camera app
  • Don’t forget to clean the camera lens
  • Avoid touching the camera lens with your fingers
  • Make sure the screen is clean. This is often mistaken as camera problems

Connectivity issues

Every smartphone comes with two default features whenever it comes to connectivity. These features are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Although there are several other apps available on the Play Store for connectivity, the fact is they all are based on either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for their functionality. Therefore, it is necessary that the device must be free from any connectivity problems. In order words, both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth should work perfectly. In case they don’t, the methods to deal with the same are spotlighted below.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Lenovo S5 problems and fixes)

  • Rather than doing anything else, it is always recommended to perform a simple reboot. This often fixes the Bluetooth problems in most of the cases.
  • Always make sure that the visibility of your device Bluetooth hasn’t been set hidden
  • You need to delete the history of recently connected devices. This is really very important to keep up the pace as with longer list you cannot connect more devices
  • The power saving mode of the device might be turned ON and same is the reason to this problem
  • Always clean the cache memory of your Bluetooth app with time
  • Don’t send any data which is infected. The connection might be failing due to very same reason
  • The Bluetooth antenna of your device might be faulty

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Lenovo S5 problems and fixes)

  • First of all make sure that you have updated the password in the device in case you changed it recently
  • Open Wi-Fi settings and make sure that there is no yellow icon on the connection. This means limited connectivity
  • Make sure the network strength is proper
  • Don’t try to connect so many devices with the Wi-Fi connection
  • Reboot your router and turn it ON again. Try connecting the device one more time
  • If you get a limited bandwidth daily/monthly, make sure it has not been consumed
  • If there are multiple files set on downloading, stop/pause the same and try again
  • Don’t set your Wi-Fo connection open. Always impose a password on the same.
  • Try forgetting the connection and add it again
  • If you have idea about the cable connection, check the same and make sure it is correct
  • You may need to re-configure the router if the problem is not solved. You can perform this task by doing it yourself or can take support of an expert

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

This seems to be a very daunting situation to all the users who face it. You might have no idea but the biggest thing is this problem could be associated with so many other factors. You can try the following to fix it

  • Restart your device and see if it is gone
  • Open the Music settings and make sure you haven’t selected a wrong earphone option
  • Update the sound drivers in the phone
  • If the device is working fine in the safe mode, the problem could be due to OS. Update the same in case it is spending
  • Performing a hard reset is the last option else you need to replace your earpiece

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

The Lenovo S5 has a 3000mAh battery installed in it. The users have to make it sure that they are using the device gently and carefully. The fact is there are so any tasks which consume more battery and often become the reason of this problem when users remain stick to them. There are several other factors which are responsible for this issue and you need to be clear of the fact that they can easily be avoided if you follow the methods and instructions for troubleshoot in the right manner. Here they are to help you get the best possible outcome

  • Don’t allow the apps to run in the background while they are not in use
  • Don’t turn on any feature unnecessarily when not required. This include Wi-Fi hotspot, Bluetooth and so on
  • If apps are sending too many notifications and they are left unread, keep this thing in mind this could be the reason to the problem.
  • If you are using another charger that don’t belong to your device, the problem could be due to very same reason
  • Don’t increase the screen brightness unnecessarily
  • Installation of an app from third-party source can also give rise to this problem
  • The phone might be downloading a heavy file.

SIM related problems (common Lenovo S5 problems and fixes)

Are you facing a lot of issues which are related to SIM? If so, there are many important things which you should be careful about and the fact is these problems if not paid attention to can bring several others as well. Check out the SIM related common Lenovo S5 problems and fixes below.

  • The SIM card/tray might be damaged physically
  • May be the services are disabled on the SIM if you haven’t used it for  a long time
  • You might have not inserted the SIM properly
  • Make sure the SIM is compatible with the variant you are using
  • Search for the network manually
  • Get the SIM replaced if nothing work

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Lenovo S5 problems and fixes)

All the tasks on a modern device can only be performed if the touchscreen remains functional. This is what you obviously know. Therefore you need to handle it carefully. However, if you are still facing some problems with the functionality of the screen on your device, the following are some of the best available solutions

  • Update the device OS if it is pending
  • Make sure you haven’t caused an internal physical/liquid damage to the screen
  • If the glass guard is too old, replace it with a new one
  • Clean oil and grease particles from the screen
  • Don’t use power banks which are unauthorized to be used with a smartphone

Performance issues

Speed always matter when it comes to performing any task through a smartphone. Those which operate slowly often give reasons to the users to replace them with the latest ones. However, it has been seen that different users uses the Smartphone in a different manner. For a few, the performance related parameters are often violated and cause this problem. You need to be careful about the below listed facts when it comes to performance related problems in the device

  • Don’t proceed installation of app from any other sources than Play Store
  • Always impose a strict upper limit on the overall number of apps in the phone. Update them all on time
  • It is necessary that you don’t completely fill the memory
  • Turn OFF the Wi-Fi hot spot and other apps when they are not in use
  • There might be virus infection in the phone
  • A lot of updates might be pending
  • Clean the downloading folder. More data in it can affect the performance upto a large extent.

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

If you connect your device with PC and fail to create the connection between them, there are certain things you need to pay close attention to. They are listed below

  • It would be good if you perform a simple reboot after connecting the device with PC
  • The windows version in the PC might not be genuine and this might be the reason to this problem
  • The USB drivers in either of the device might be outdated or not installed at all
  • The cable you are using should be free from the faults and should be compatible with the phone
  • The data you are transferring might be infected
  • The violation of the security policies of any of the device might be responsible for this
  • Use a parallel port if one doesn’t work

Overheating problems (common Lenovo S5 problems and fixes)

The overheating related problems in a smartphone declare their presence often and this happens most of the time during the multitasking. However, this is not the sole factor responsible for the same. There are several other factors too which can be held responsible for this. You can simply pay attention to the following solutions.

  • Bugs in the installed apps often create this problem. Check them out and update the pending ones
  • You might be downloading multiple files which are bulky at the same time
  • Make sure not to use the PC/laptop USB all the time for charging your device
  • Remove immediately the back cover of the device
  • If the battery is 90% charged, don’t charge it further
  • You need to update the device OS if it is pending

No SD card detected

If you are facing this problem, here are some of the best available methods to help you fix it

  • First of all, remove the SD card from the phone and insert it again in the device after performing a simple reboot on the device
  • Check if there is an infected file presence in your memory card
  • The card you are using should be of good quality and compatible with your device
  • Insert the SD card properly in the Lenovo S5. Keep this thing in mind that it has a hybrid slot for the SIM 2 and SD card
  • Always eject the SD card from the phone with the method recommended
  • Don’t violate the policies of the phone while using it
  • Perform the SD card format and try again
  • Make sure the SD card slot and the card itself are not physically damaged
  • If the problem is not solved, replace your SD card

You can deal with most of the issues through the information about common Lenovo S5 problems and fixes mentioned in this post. If the problem is still there, performing a hard reset can probably fix the same in all the cases. If not, of course, you need to look for the best available support for the device. For any other problem you are facing, let us know simply through the below comment section.


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