Common Moto E5 Plus Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

In the time where technology is at its best, the smartphones are no less than a technical-giant for humans. There is nothing wrong to say that with just smartphones, we have seen a whole revolution of technology around us. The biggest thing about these gadgets is even those who are not so educated have also started taking interest in technology and can now perform a lot of tasks through their smartphones. Well, it would be totally wrong if the entire credit is given to the manufacturers. Probably the Google has also played a significant role in shaping them by launching Android technology. It all began when the Gingerbread and Honeycomb started attracted the attention of smartphone users. No one imaged at that time that the day will come when Android will govern control over more than 70% of the global smartphones. Well, we all have contributed a lot in this matter and the present day gadgets are simply the best. One example is Moto E5 Plus. In this post, attention has been paid on the common Moto E5 Plus problems and fixes so that you can easily keep up the pace when it comes to dealing with the minor glitches.

common Moto E5 Plus problems and fixes

It just mentioned in the previous paragraphs that Android has actually played a significant role in shaping the smartphones but everyone has to agree that everything has its own pros, as well as cons associated with it. Although the cons of Android are not so major, the users have to face a few problems that are basic in nature. This usually happens because Android is an open source technology and different manufacturers modify it to fit their needs which often leads to basic issues which are faced by users while using their smartphones. This post reflects everything about the common Moto E5 Plus problems and fixes so that the users can simply deal with them without taking any additional help.

This post doesn’t support the fact that Moto E5 is suffering from major hardware problems. I would like to clear it once again that these problems are basic and can declare their presence in any smartphone. Therefore, you need nothing to worry if you own this device or planning to own the same. It might also be possible that you face only one or two from all which are discussed in this post. Check out more about the common Moto E5 Plus problems and fixes below.

Common Moto E5 Plus problems and fixes

Problem formulation is something that often needs users to have a basic knowledge on how a Smartphone works. It has been seen that users who don’t have much idea about the same often try to mold the methods they are suggested for problem formulation. This is to get the results quickly or because they think they can derive results in the way require. Well, I would like to request you not to follow such a strategy. This is because there are various problems you can invite in case you mold the guide. cannot be held responsible for the same.

Connectivity issues

This is actually not a big issue in the smartphone provided there is no hardware fault. You can simply grab the connectivity-related information common Moto E5 Plus problems and fixes without doing much. Here are all the possible actions that can be taken by the users

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Moto E5 Plus problems and fixes)

  • Don’t transfer too many files at the same time and check they are not affected by virus
  • Erase a few smartphone names from the history of devices connected recently
  • Check and make sure there is no security policies violation
  • Close all parallel apps if they are running in the background
  •  Make sure the visibility of the Bluetooth connection is not hidden. This can be done from the Bluetooth Settings
  • If the power saving mode is enabled, disable the same
  • Update the Bluetooth app for an update
  • Check and make sure if the problem is not present in the other device
  • Enter the passcode correctly

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Moto E5 Plus problems and fixes)

  • Reboot your phone and try again
  • Forget the connection simply and then add it again
  • Make sure you enter the password correctly
  • May be the problem is in Wi-Fi router. Make sure it is configured rightly
  • Check if there is a wrong cable connection
  • Don’t connect multiple devices with the same connection. Impose a limit
  • Make sure the bandwidth hasn’t been consumed entirely
  • Make sure the signal strength is not weak and is proper
  • Check and make sure the services are not suspended on the connection
  • Make sure the problem is not in device Wi-Fi antenna
  • May be the signal strength is low at the place you are standing
  • If nothing work, call an expert and simply reconfigure your router

Overheating problems (common Moto E5 Plus problems and fixes)

Devices often dissipate heat and sometime the level of same exceeds beyond a limit. This often seems to be a major problem in the device. However, it is not necessary in all the cases. You can easily keep up the pace in case you have the basic knowledge on the troubleshoot procedure. Here are some methods to help you in this matter.

  • Make sure not to charge the phone beyond 90%
  • The problem could be due to multiple apps running in the background
  • May be the features such as Wi-Fi hot spot and Bluetooth are turned ON and are not in use
  • There might be no proper ventilation
  • Remove the back cover installed on the phone
  • Take phone in safe mode and check if the problem is gone
  • May be you are using pirated accessories
  • Don’t download files through mobile data for long hours
  • Make sure the phone is not having any hardware problem associated with it due to which you are facing the problem

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Most users who report this problem later found its true cause was related with the Operating system or the applications installed. Of course, the chances of having a battery fault in a brand new device (atleast for the next 2 years) are very less. Therefore, you can go ahead with the following information simply

  • Make sure there is no problem with the battery of your device.
  • Next thing is to make sure that you are not using pirated charger, earphones or power banks with the phone
  • Don’t charge your phone all the time from the USB of the PC or the laptop
  • Make sure not to engage the phone in the heavy tasks such as downloading multiple files and playing the games at the same time
  • Disable the apps which are left unused
  • Don’t turn the features ON when they are not in use. Close the background apps too
  • Make sure the power socket you are using is not faulty
  • Check the charging cable and the adapter
  • Don’t keep so many apps in the phone and don’t let them run parallel
  • Check for the presence of virus on the phone

Unexpected behavior of the apps

The apps installed in the phone have a lot to deal with the overall functionality of the device. Probably you can perform a lot of useful tasks just because of apps. Thus, the unexpected behavior of a few of all can make you feel bad and can also impose a limit on the tasks you can perform through your gadget. To eliminate them simply follow the below guide. .

  • Always install the apps from Play Store
  • Don’t keep the same version for long hours. Update them when a new version arrives
  • Check if there is any virus or any file is missing from the phone that is causing the interruption
  • Do install apps in the memory card
  • Make sure to follow all the user policies
  • May the apps are not used for a long time. Either update or remove them

Unresponsive Touchscreen

The Motorola has provided this amazing smartphone with a 6.0-inch screen and the good thing is the users can experience everything with a resolution of 720 × 1440. Of course, that’s great but this is possible only if the screen works properly. If you find any issue in the same, here are some best instructions to let you eliminate them totally in the shortest possible time.

  • First check for a physical or a hardware damage on the screen
  • Make sure all the apps are working perfectly in the phone
  • There might be a bug in the OS. Update the same if a new version is available
  • Erase some data from the phone memory
  • Check if there is a virus present in the phone
  • Clean the screen against the grease, oil and dust particles
  • Don’t operate the screen while wearing the gloves.
  • Clean hands properly while using the phone
  • Open device in safe mode. If things works fine, the problem is probably due to a fault in app
  • May be the screen is mirrored with another device

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

This is often very daunting situation and the users have to compromise with a lot in case it remains present in the phone for a long time. Those with more memory needs can simply understand the true importance of an SD card in a smartphone. Well, if there are problems you are facing, the below methods can help you eliminating the same.

  • If the memory card is not used for long time, make sure it is not corrupt
  • May be your SD card is completely empty. Keep some data in it and then again insert it in the phone
  • Remove it from phone and insert it again after restarting the phone
  • Check virus presence in the SD card
  • Don’t completely fill the memory card
  • Make sure the card is compatible with the phone in every aspect
  • Check and make sure there is no physical damage on the SIM card slot as well as on the card
  • Try using it on another phone
  • Don’t use a SD card which is of low grade
  • Format the card and insert it again in the phone
  • If the problem is still there, get is checked

Bad camera quality

Capturing those best moments in the camera and then later posting it on social media is becoming a vast trend in the present century. Well, there are situations when the users could get the quality snaps from the device camera. This can happen due to multiple reasons and you can eliminate the issue by following the below instructions.

  • Simply restart your phone
  • Clean the camera lens gently and properly. It might have fingerprints and dust depot over there
  • The low quality cloud be due to improper lights. Make sure to turn the flash light ON
  • Don’t try to capture images while opening the app in conjunction with other apps
  • Select the right shooting mode
  • Select the camera output to high resolution from the settings
  • Make sure not to consider other apps then the default ones
  • Remove the pre-installed screen transparent glass
  • Focus on the object carefully in the proper manner and get the best out of the camera

SIM related problems (common Moto E5 Plus problems and fixes)

Inserting the SIM in the brand new device is the first thing users do. It is a common situation when the SIM get undetected or the signal doesn’t appear on the phone. In such a case, you can go with the methods and instructions mentioned below.

  • Disable Airplane mode in case it is enabled. This is the first thing you need to do
  • Next is to remove the SIM and re-insert it and reboot the device
  • If the problem is still there, make sure the services are active on the SIM card you are using
  • If it is left unused for a long time. Try to make a call on it from another number
  • Make sure the SIM is turned On from the phone Settings
  • If required, select the network manually by opening the network settings on the phone
  • There might be compatibility issues between SIM and phone
  • May be some features are disabled on the phone
  • If you are under a basement, go out and check

Earpiece sounds Robotic (common Moto E5 Plus problems and fixes)

If this is the problem you are facing with your Moto E5 plus, the following information related to common Moto E5 Plus problems and fixes can help you to keep up the pace simply.

  • Don’t use another earphone
  • Check if the universal jack on the phone is not working
  • For temporarily avoiding this problem, you can use the speaker phone feature on your phone
  • May be the problem is in sound driver
  • Make sure the device is not having a problem with earphones compatibility
  • Restart the phone and check again. If the problem is still there, get it checked

Performance issues (common Moto E5 Plus problems and fixes)

In the present century no smartphone is expected to have slow performance. However, performance is actually a parameter that depends largely on various factors. You couldn’t blame it on one. The following methods help you to deal with them irrespective of the reason of their presence on your phone.

  • Simply restart the device if the phone is operating slowly
  • Next is to update all the pending apps and reboot again
  • May be you are downloading multiple files while using the device or might be using it while charging. Don’t do so
  • Clear the cache memory of all the installed apps
  • For better performance always install the apps from the trusted platforms
  • Make sure to clear the download folder
  • Check in case the phone is having any important drivers missing
  • May be some apps are blocked in the phone
  • Check in case you have installed some heavy games
  • Perform hard reset if other methods don’t work

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

The connection between a smartphone and a PC is made not just for the purpose of data transfer. There are factors and tasks that can only be accomplished by connecting them with each other. The same is possible only if you pay close attention to the following methods.

  • In case the connection are loose, use the other port
  • Make sure the USB drivers are not having any problem in it. Update them simply
  • Don’t use a pirated cable. Check the same is working fine before using the same
  • May be the Windows installed on the PC has a few problems associated with the same
  • Make sure the files/data you are transferring are corrupt or infected by the virus.
  • May be the transfer of data is causing the security policies violation of any of the device. Check it out
  • Simply restart the device together after connecting them with each other
  • Don’t transfer multiple files together
  • Not all the PC/laptops detect the connection automatically

This is the information about the common Moto E5 Plus problems and fixes that you should know. For any other query or for guide against common problems for other smartphones, keep visiting our website.



  1. 1st I really Like my moto e5g plus.
    HAd it almost a year now.
    But past month or so having problems such as:
    Batter icon has lighting bolt sign which means it’s charging, only thing Not hooked up to charger.
    When hooked up to charger does not say super turbo charger anymore.
    Just flips to apps or sites it feels like.
    Wake every morning to an app I did not use.
    I clear my history at night.
    Oh and when plugged in to charging says not charging.
    Anyone else having any issues like these.

  2. For the bluetooth connectivity issue, nothing listed was my issue. I did restart my device which worked, but it’s frustrating that this is the viable solution and there is nothing that will actually fix the issue.

  3. Hi, my hubby is having trouble getting his game apps to run but they were running before. This just started this morning. He took out the battery and is going to put it back on a few minutes but is there anything else anyone knows he could try? Ty and hagd

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