Common Motorola One Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Phones are capable and superior than ever before. We the users are well-familiar with this fact. In fact, these gadgets have become as important as an organ in our body. This may seems strange but if you just close your eyes for a while and simply imagine the life without a smartphone, you will the last statement totally true and valid. Every activity, task or anything related to our life has somewhere direct or indirect application with the smartphone we own. They actually play a crucial role in our life and largely influence the same. It’s actually very difficult for a modern person to accomplish/perform tasks that matters in life without a smartphone. One such phone which you can simply trust for the long run is the recently introduced Motorola One. This post has been written to introduce you to the subject common Motorola One problems and fixes.

Problems are actually closely related with most of the modern day gadgets. The fact is they are largely based on technology and the same is not stable in the current time. Each day we have something new in the phones in the name of technology. Addressing such a large features and the needs of users often invite troubles in these gadgets. However, this really doesn’t mean that investing on them is not worth. The fact is these issues are pretty basic and it is easy to fix them. The information about common Motorola One problems and fixes provided in this post simply let you go ahead with this.

common Motorola One problems and fixes

It is wise to buy this phone

Well, actually you need not to worry about anything. The problems discussed in this post, as already mentioned, are basic in nature. They are often experienced with most of the Android-based gadgets. Fixing them takes no time and all you have to do is nothing more than following some basic and easy instructions based on common Motorola One problems and fixes. The phone has also been provided with some of the best features that simply make it one of the best available phones in the current time. Check out more about common Motorola One problems and fixes below.

Common Motorola One problems and fixes

You can simply go ahead with this device without keeping a minor doubt in your mind. It has been tested to let users have the best experience. However, there are exceptional reasons when you have to face these issues. It is possible to neglect them with the guide on common Motorola One problems and fixes. Simply make sure to follow all the methods and instructions in the way they are provided if you really don’t want to experience add-on problems. is not liable to bear the loss or damage occurs to your phone just because molded the mentioned instruction in your own way. Here is all you need to know about common Motorola One problems and fixes.

Connectivity issues

Connectivity defines the ability of a smartphone to communicate or to exchange data with other gadgets. If the same is not reliable and accurate, there are probably no benefits one can derive from the phone. To avoid any problems related to the same from your very owned Motorola One, the below methods are simply trustable.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Reliable Bluetooth data transfer simply need you to not to send so many files in one go
  • Sometimes it is possible to avoid this issue by turning OFF the Bluetooth and turning it ON again provided a reboot is performed after the latter
  • Check in case the Bluetooth default settings are changed
  • Make sure to send data through Bluetooth which is compatible with both gadgets
  • The connection failure can occur/happen due to violation of the security policies of the phone
  • Make sure to access the Bluetooth in the recommended manner
  • Check all the formalities are completed while adding the device for the first time
  • If Bluetooth respond is totally zero despite connecting again and again, there can be damage to the Bluetooth antenna
  • Check if the devices are allowed to be connected to each other
  • The problem can declare its presence when the Bluetooth visibility is set to hidden
  • Check and make sure the problem is not there just because you have turned ON the power saving mode
  • Check Bluetooth settings and make sure everything is as per the application policies
  • Try erasing some names from the list of recently connected devices
  • Open Bluetooth settings and clear the cache data
  • The third-party apps installed in the phone might have access to the Bluetooth and this can be one of the reasons you are facing this problem
  • Make sure your phone is not having a hardware problem related to it due to which you are experiencing this issue
  • Make sure to get the device checked if other methods fails to provide you the outcome required in the manner you actually want

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Problems with the Wi-Fi drivers can sometime cause this problem
  • Check in case the Wi-Fi or the network settings are disabled
  • Make sure the Local Area Network settings are as per recommendations of the network provider
  • Check if the problem is related to the modem you are using. Carefully observe the working condition of same, the cables connection, compatibility, number of devices connected with same, etc
  • Don’t allow a lot of devices to connect with the modem. This can be the reason you are facing the issue as most of the modems have a limit to host connected devices
  • Check in case the applications or the website you are accessing is having problems related to the same
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi password in the phone is correct
  • Check if you can solve this problem simply be restarting your phone and the modem
  • There are chances of having additional requirements to connect the phone with the router/modem
  • Make sure the configuration of the modem is correct
  • Check if there are applications in your phone that have access to Wi-Fi
  • Delete the connection name and then add it again and check if the problem is gone
  • You can face this problem if the internet link is not stable
  • Check if the allotted bandwidth is already exceeded

Unexpected behavior of the apps

Applications need everything to be in perfect working condition in your phone in order to let you have the best experience through them.

  • Update all the apps
  • Switch them back to their recommended settings if they are operating in custom
  • Check if all the apps you are using are having access to the required information in the post
  • The problem might be there due to installing them from the other sources than Play Store
  • Check the compatibility and the UI of the same through reviews before installing them in the phone
  • Remove the last few apps you installed and check if the problem is eliminated
  • Clear cache memory of them and restart your phone

Overheating problems

Smartphones have to perform a lot of tasks and thus they need to deal with a lot of energy. The fact is no device can be said to have 100% efficiency. Thus, the excess energy is released in the form of heat. In case the level of same hit beyond a particular threshold, you need to pay attention to this as the device can be tagged to have overheating problems. The following useful performance-related information on common Motorola One problems and fixes would be helpful for you in such a case.

  • Turn OFF your phone for 5 minutes and then again turn it ON. Check if this simple trick works for you
  • Make sure your phone doesn’t have any data which is infected with virus or hasn’t been accessed for a long time
  • Check if the phone is downloading the data from the internet for long time
  • Make sure the dissipation of heat is not barred by anything
  • Check in case the problem is there just because so many applications are running at the same time
  • Check if you can deal with the issue just by disabling the power saving mode if the same is enabled
  • Make sure all the applications installed in the phone have been updated to their newest available version
  • Check if the problem can be solved by imposing a limit on data storage in the phone
  • You might be facing this issue just because any setting in the phone might be switched to custom when it must be set on recommended mode
  • Remove the memory card from the phone and check if the problem is now gone
  • Save device data and perform a hard reset. This will bring the phone in its default settings and can probably let you have the favorable result.

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

The drainage of battery in a short span of time and taking more time to charge the same by your Motorola One is something that can be avoided through the below instructions

  • Make sure the phone is not used or operated for anything while it is charging
  • Disable the notifications that you actually don’t need
  • Simply make it sure that the problem is not there just because you don’t make use of original charger
  • Check if the problem is there in your phone due to a faulty charger and the power source you make use of
  • Avoid playing games which are not meant to be played on your phone
  • Make sure not to share your internet connection with others through Wi-Fi hotspot for a long time.
  • Don’t install a very large number of apps in the phone especially when you don’t have any need for the same
  • Check if the problem is there due to applications in the phone which are not operating properly
  • Try replacing the phone charger
  • Don’t use accessories which can truly cause the trouble

Earpiece sounds Robotic

Following the right information is very necessary to deal with this problem if you truly need results in your favor. Check out below instructions to deal with this problem simply.

  • Check if the earpiece you are using is compatible with the gadget owned by you
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because the earpiece connector is having a problem associated with it
  • Make sure to check whether the earpiece is in working position or not. Carefully check if there is any physical damage on the same causing this problem
  • You simply need to make sure that the problem is not there due to improper or loose connection
  • Check sounds drivers and make sure they are working properly
  • Sometimes this problem is there just due to disabling the sounds in the phone

Camera Problems

Operating the camera of the device is something that seems easy. However, not every time you can make sure of desired outcomes simply. There are things which can go wrong and can bring a lot of troubles. Check them out below along with their fixes.

  • Check the camera is being operated through any other application than the default one
  • Make sure the device is not facing the issues just because you haven’t updated its OS for a long time
  • Clean the lens of the camera gently and check in case there are dust and other particles deposited on the same
  • Simply make sure that you have selected a shooting mode that is suitable as per the nearby conditions
  • When the lights are low, you must prefer using the camera flashlight
  • Open the camera settings and select the HD mode as the output
  • Make sure not to prefer burst image capturing as it can largely degrade the image qualities
  • The images might be blurry due to not focusing on them before capturing
  • Check in case the problem is related with the screen. Remove the transparent glass installed on the same
  • Make sure your device camera is actually in working condition.

SIM Related Problems

SIM defines the ability of your phone to successfully accomplish most of the tasks that it can. If there are SIM related bugs and errors in the Motorola One owned by you, simply check the below methods to keep up the pace simply.

  • Make sure the SIM card has all the services active on it. In case it is not used for a long time, pay special attention to this
  • The problem might be there just because you own a different variant that is not compatible with your network provider services
  • Make sure you have an unlocked variant of Motorola One. Prefer buying it from your own country
  • Check in case the SIM card or the tray holding it in the phone has any sort of damage on it
  • You simply need to make it sure that the SIM card hasn’t been turned OFF in the settings and the Airplane mode is disabled
  • This problem can be resolved by searching the network manually and then registering on it
  • The SIM card must be used as per the general instructions mentioned on the SIM packet
  • The signal strength is low just because you might be at a remote location
  • Check if a simple restart can solve the concern
  • Make it sure that the SIM card doesn’t have restrictions imposed on it
  • Get it replaced if no other method works for you

Performance Related Issues

Manufacturers always have to make it sure that their device can perform the assigned tasks reliably and easily. In case they don’t, there are certain things that can go wrong with the same. To avoid the issues that affect the performance, you can go ahead with the below instructions simply.

  • Make sure the phone storage space is not completely filled. If so, erase some data or applications you no longer need
  • Remove the SD card from the phone and restart it. Check if the things are now under your control
  • Your device may have a lot of files that haven’t been explored/used by you.
  • Incompatibility of the data you kept in the phone can be another reason to this problem
  • It is mandatory that you don’t allow the apps to run in the background
  • Make sure the device is not having battery related faults in it. This can degrade the performance of the same up to a great extent
  • Check if all the apps as well as the OS of your phone is updated to its latest version
  • Make sure to clear the cache memory of the phone
  • Erase the data you once downloaded and now it really doesn’t matter to you
  • Make sure the phone is not having power saving mode enabled on it
  • Check if the problem is there due to not installing the apps and using them in the proper manner
  • Perform a factory reset as this can avoid the problem you are facing for sure

Doesn’t Recognize Windows 10

Motorola One has been designed to be connected and perform all the tasks with any PC based on Windows 10. However, there are some exceptional reasons due to which this problem can declare its presence. Check the below solutions against the same.

  • Make sure the USB drivers are in proper working condition. Check and update them if required
  • The phone should not be used in the power saving or in the safe mode when it comes to data transfer
  • Check if the problem can e solved with a simple restart
  • Make sure the phone is not having anything wrong with its power cable connector
  • Check for a hardware fault in the phone that may cause this issue
  • Missing phone drivers in the Windows can be another factor that can cause this issue
  • Make sure the cable you are using to connect both the gadgets is not having any fault in it
  • You might be violating the security policies of either of the device. Check properly

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

Check below instructions to fix this guide without external help

  • Check if the phone is unable to be used with the SD card due to factors such as a physical damage or the incompatibility of the same
  • Make sure the data is not hidden on the memory card
  • Corrupted data on the same can also cause this issue
  • Simply make sure not to use the SD card which is having a physical damage or unused data for the long time
  • Check if the type of the SD card you are using is recommended to be used with Motorola One as per its standards
  • Make it sure that the problem is not there in the phone due to reasons which are related with the format of data on the card
  • Format your card and try inserting it again in the phone

Unresponsive Touchscreen

Here is the best available screen-related information on common Motorola One problems and fixes to rectify issues.

  • Check if the problem is there due to enabling the screen mirroring option
  • Make sure your phone is not having its screen partially or fully un-operational due to a liquid or a physical damage
  • Touchscreens are skin sensitive and therefore the gloves and the mittens are to be removed before operating them
  • The issues related with the Android often give rise to this problem. Check properly
  • Make sure the apps are not causing this problem
  • Check if the device charger which you use is not genuine and is causing this problem by sending extra energy in the phone
  • Don’t fill the device memory completely
  • Clean the screen gently and properly

It would be good to have these issues fixed immediately when they actually declare their presence with your phone. Simply follow the mentioned information about common Motorola One problems and fixes for this.



  1. I didn’t put a password in my phone now it’s not letting make know calls out now it’s saying my phone is locked. What can I do?

  2. Just purchased a Motorola edge 5G UW, and I took it in to get help from Verizon and they could help me. So, hoping you can. It seems so simple, yet no one can figure it out. When i push the microphone for talk to text it wont do it. Message says, there are no permissions.

  3. Every thing works except calls. The second I touch the dial button my screen goes black and if the other end ask for prompts I am unable to do so .Also could not hang up until and the screen would not come back until I reboot it. I set the power button to hang up and the screen comes back now.

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