Common OnePlus 6 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

The International smartphone market is goon going to have another game player. Probably it will challenge all the gadgets in it, and if you think it’s the OnePlus 6, you are right. Smartphones have a wide scope in the present scenario, and there is nothing wrong to say that those manufactured by OnePlus are the lifelines to humans. It’s true that their gadgets are designed and manufactured, keeping in view the needs of everyone who uses a smartphone. After the success of all their variants, OnePlus has recently unveiled OnPlus 6, which will probably be the number one seller. Many people worldwide were waiting for its launch, and the Chinese Company has given them a surprise by introducing it before the schedule. The OnePlus gadgets are known to have the best available features to date. Also, they are best enough to be trusted by everyone who doesn’t mind spending some extra bucks when it comes to owning a smartphone. In this article, I will provide some helpful information on common OnePlus 6 problems and fixes.

OnePlus 6 will be a successor of the OnePlus 5T, which is the company’s flagship phone to date. Although many improvements have been made in it, the fact is smartphones often experience some common issues and need troubleshooting to maintain functionality. It would be good for you to keep in mind that common problems mentioned in this post do not indicate that the OnePlus 6 suffers from major hardware glitches. As already mentioned, the problems are due to Android technology, and thus you need not worry about anything. Also, it is not always necessary that you will have to face them after investing on this gadget. However, it would be good to grab the maximum information on common OnePlus 6 problems and fixes so that later, sooner, or whenever you face them, they can easily be avoided. Thus, you have no reasons to worry if you are planning to switch to this smartphone. Go ahead simply and experience one of the best available gadgets till date.

common OnePlus 6 problems and fixes

Common OnePlus 6 problems and fixes

OnePlus 6 is a device that has been designed following the best available technology. There can still be some minor bugs in the OS as already mentioned. If you follow this guide on common OnePlus 6 problems and fixes exactly in the manner it is mentioned, you can simply avoid most of the problems you are facing. If you alter it in your own way, we at take no responsibility that you will get the favorable outcome.

Overheating problems

Overheating is not always necessary to have one source in the phone. It can arrive due to reasons which are sometimes beyond the scope and knowledge of the user. Therefore, you can try the following set of methods to get the best results simply.

  • If the apps are not used since a long time, update them or remove them from the phone.
  • You might be using another charger which is not authorized/recommended to use to charge your phone.
  • Ensure the power socket you are using and the power bank (if you use it) are in proper working condition.
  • There might be problem in the ventilation of the phone. Remove the back cover for a few days.
  • If you find a new update is available, install the same
  • Don’t keep files which are heavy in size in the device for long
  • Data downloading should be performed in the specific manner only as per OnePlus recommendations
  • The last option is to perform a factory reset if other methods doesn’t work

Connectivity issues

Every device in the market today has to work reliably when it comes to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This is because these are two prime features that define connectivity. There is no need for me to explain you why connectivity matteThere is probablye is a large set of operations and functithathich users cannot perform reliably if the phone suffers from them. If you face them on the OnePlus 6, you can proceed with the below methods and instructions to avoid them.


Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Open the main Settings on your phone first.
  • Scroll down to find App settings and clear the Bluetooth cache memory.
  • Reboot your phone. The problem might be gone probably
  • Make sure all the apps are up to date
  • Check if the Bluetooth is working fine on the other device
  • Make sure to clean the history of previously connected devices on either of the phones
  • Crashed apps could be responsible for this. Open phone in safe mode to check the same
  • Simply Turn the Bluetooth OFF for and turn it ON again after 10 seconds
  • Make sure to avoid any connectivity restrictions imposed on the phone
  • If a passcode appears while connecting the phone with another device for the first time, enter it correctly
  • The power saving mode often doesn’t let the phone Bluetooth operate properly. Check it out and disable it during data transmission using Bluetooth

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • First of all, make sure the Wi-Fi router is in proper working condition
  • If it has been installed recently, make sure all cable connections are proper
  • Check the network status on the router
  • Make sure not to connect multiple devices with it
  • If the bandwidth is allotted to you on daily basis, the same might have been consumed already.
  • Stand within the defined range of Wi-Fi routers.
  • Maybe you forgot to update the changed password on the device
  • The router’s limit of accommodating the maximum number of devices might have already reached
  • Simply click to troubleshoot your connection.
  • Make sure the service provider hasn’t stopped the network services.
  • If nothing works, you need to reconfigure the Wi-Fi router. If you cannot perform this task yourself, call an expert.

SIM related problems

Problems are often present in the SIM card and smartphones are often blamed for the same. Well, you need to keep this thing in your mind that there are a lot of things that can go wrong with the SIM card. It is not very difficult to troubleshoot them if you follow this SIM related common OnePlus 6 problems and fix information.

  • Please make sure the SIM card is in proper working condition and network services haven’t been disabled on them.
  • The SIM card might be turned OFF in the phone. Open SIM settings to know about this
  • Search and choose the network manually
  • Maybe the device SIM tray is damaged or the SIM hasn’t be inserted properly in the phone. Check it out
  • There should be no compatibility issues between the variant of the phone and the SIM card
  • If the SIM card is physically damaged, probably you need to replace it

Unresponsive Touchscreen

The OnePlus 6 has an amazing screen on it and you can have an excellent experience However, if you think the same is not working properly, you can simply go ahead with the below listed methods

  • Maybe a lot of app and the device OS are pending to be updated, perform this task fiThis problem is oftenm is mistaken as hardware fault wit is actuallyt is due to a crashed app or due to non-functioning software. Take your phone in safe mode to know about the same.
  • Always keep some free space on the phone for its smooth functionality
  • The screen or your hands might not be clean against the oil and grease particles
  • Look for a physical damage on the screen. Keep it in mind that it could be an internal damage too
  • Make sure there is no liquid damage caused to the screen recently
  • Remove the transparent screen protector if you have installed and check again
  • If the problem is still there, you need to get it checked

Bad camera quality

Camera quality is one of the things that every user wants. OnePlus devices come with best camera quality and thus you have no reasons to worry. However, you can easily keep up the pace with the following methods and instructions if you are facing problems.

  • To make sure of quality, always focus on the object
  • If the lights are not correctly, select the shooting mode accordingly and turn ON the camera flash
  • Remove the transparent cover from the screen
  • If the OS is showing a new version, update the same
  • Open camera settings and select the “High-Resolution” for the camera output
  • The default camera app is always the one which you can trust
  • Clean the screen properly
  • Make sure the camera lens doesn’t have your fingerprints or dust on them

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

The unfortunate thing with the modern gadgets is the battery backup. Although they have the best batteries installed, devices often fail to provide the desired backup to the users. However, the gadgets cannot be blamed directly for this. The battery backup depends largely on the facts such as how long you use the internet, many apps you install, and the way you use your phone. To get some improvements in the backup against fast drainage of battery and slow charging problems, here is what you can do on your OnePlus 6.

  • Make sure the Wi-Fi hot spot is not shared with multiple devices
  • Keep the features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi OFF when they are not in used
  • An outdated app might be consuming extra battery. Open the Apps settings and check which one is consuming most of the juice from battery. Once find, remove it from the phone temporarily
  • Use another power plug if the charging slow
  • Make sure not to use a power bank that doesn’t have ratings similar to that of your phone
  • The fault could be in the charger or the connecting cable. Make sure of the same
  • Probably all the notifications from the apps don’t matter to you. Disable them as they consume extra battery while running in the background
  • Also, close all the apps from the background all the time after using them
  • If an update is available for the OS or for the apps, download and install them in no time

Performance issues

OnePlus gadgets are true performance and they can easily be trusted for the same. However, you should be clear of the fact that performance in any gadget depends on several other factors. You cannot expect it to be the best if you don’t use it in the way recommended. To deal with this problem, here are some best available methods to help you

  • The problem might have started after installation of some apps. Thus, check out the ones you recently brought to your phone
  • Update all the apps which are pending
  • The phone memory might be completely filled
  • Always clean the apps data for smoother performance
  • Erase the data and the apps you haven’t used for a long time
  • The third-party platforms for the installation of apps and data transfer cannot be trusted always
  • Keep an antivirus app installed in your phone all the time
  • If none of the method works, a hard reset can probably fix this issue. Take data backup before doing so

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

This is a problem which every smartphone user has to experience once. Therefore, it is necessary that you should know how to tackle anything that is acting as a barrier when it comes to connecting the phone with PC. Here are some best instructions to help you

  • There might be some missing files or drivers in the Windows. Check it out
  • The copy of Windows you have installed might be outdated or is not genuine
  • Maybe there are some restrictions on the data transfer on either of the devices. Check and remove the same
  • The fault might be in the connecting cable you are using
  • Make sure to update the USB drivers and clean them against dust
  • Connections couldn’t be created if the USB connectors are loose. Use a parallel USB port
  • Perform simple reboot after establishing the connection
  • Select the MTP mode on the phone

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

This is a problem that might be solved with the basic instructions mentioned below. Try them to get the favorable outcome

  • First of all, make sure the sound drivers are working perfectly in the phone
  • The problem could also be in the universal jack for earphone connection
  • The music app you are preferring needs to be updated or it is corrupt. Make sure of this
  • If another earpiece is working, probably you need to replace the same
  • Temporarily, you can use the phone speaker or can enhance the sound during the call to maximum level

That’s all about how to deal with the common OnePlus 6 problems and fixes. In case your concern is not mentioned in this post, feel free to let it know to us by posting a comment in the below section.

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