Common Oppo A3s Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Oppo has been known widely to introduce some of the amazing devices in the Smartphone categories. They are working very hard to beat their competitors by bringing one after another superior smartphone in the market. Recently they unveiled the A3s which is another highly-awaited smartphone by them. A lot of users were seen planning to buy it and probably it’s going to be one of the finest gadgets in the year 2018. Well, if you have already made your mind to invest on it, it would be good to introduce yourself with the common Oppo A3s problems and fixes. This is important because of many reasons. You may have to face a lot of issues with its functionality.

This doesn’t mean the phone is actually reported to have some of the glitches related to its hardware of technology. The fact is these issues are pretty common in all the phones these days which are powered by Android technology. Even if your gadget has the latest version of this OS, you can face these issues later or sooner. There are actually a lot of reasons for this and exploring them needs a lot of time. Thus, we simply consider the information on common Oppo A3s problems and fixes that will help you to keep up the pace against those issues you are facing.

The device has already been known to have some of the best hardware configurations and features that no other Smartphone in its class can provide you. Oppo has made a lot of efforts in making it simply the best in all the aspect. Still, it would be good to introduce yourself with the topic common Oppo A3s problems and fixes.

common Oppo A3S problems and fixes


There is actually nothing to worry even in case you have to face these common issues after a short period of time once you invested on this phone. As already mentioned, these issues are basic. It is possible for everyone to make them go or to deal with them in no time. Simply following the guide about common Oppo A3s problems and fixes

Common Oppo A3s problems and fixes

Operating a Smartphone these days has become so easy. There are dedicated features in almost every phone these days which enable users to simply operate it the way they want. The apps available on the Play Store have also contributed in enhancing the overall functionality, as well as features of any gadget. However, all these apps and the default features of a smartphone are not always necessary to be similar in nature for all the gadgets. Thus, you need to follow the right and accurate information about common Oppo A3s problems and fixes when it comes to avoiding them. Check out the same in below listed paragraphs.

It would be good to follow the instructions and methods about common Oppo A3s problems and fixes as they are mentioned in this post. cannot be held responsible for any additional error that appears due your own negligence.

Connectivity issues

Gadgets are designed to exchange information with each other and with some devices that are not in their family. There are actually certain features in modern gadgets for this. However, you can only exchange the information and can enjoy best connectivity if there are no problems related to the same. The device Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi largely decides how good your phone is in terms of same. Check out below how to avoid the issues related to both of them.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Check if the Bluetooth drivers are properly installed on the phone
  • The problem might be there just because the Bluetooth is allowed to be accessed by other apps available in the phone
  • Sometime the data size, data type and its nature can also create Bluetooth related issues in the phone. Therefore, simply check and make sure of this
  • The improper working condition on the Bluetooth antenna or a damage on the same can also invite troubles
  • Simply select to erase the list of recently connected devices
  • Open Bluetooth settings and make sure the visibility of the same is not set to hidden
  • Your device might not be accepting the connection due to violation of the policies related to the phone security or the apps
  • Check in case the data you are sending is too large to be accommodated in one go
  • Make sure the problem is not there in the other phone you are trying to connect with
  • Check the device security settings and remove any restrictions imposed on connecting the new devices
  • Simply make it sure that your phone is not working in the power saving mode or in the safe mode. These features can sometimes automatically disable Bluetooth in the phone
  • Check the compatibility among the Bluetooth versions on both the phones
  • The phone needs to be checked at a nearby authorized center of the Oppo in case the problem is still there

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Simply make it sure that the Wi-Fi is turned ON
  • Check in case the services on your connection are barred due to any reason
  • The problem might be in the Wi-Fi modem as well. Check whether its configuration is proper, drivers are working and cable connection is right
  • You may face this problem if other apps in the phone are accessing the Wi-Fi at the same time
  • Check if the problem can be avoided by simply restarting your modem and the phone
  • Make sure your bandwidth hasn’t been consumed
  • You might be facing the problem due to installing some of the apps from the third-party sources
  • Check in case the problem is related to the Wi-Fi antenna
  • Instability in the internet can also result in the Wi-Fi problem
  • Make sure that the limit on connecting the number of devices with the modem at one time hasn’t been exceeded.
  • Make sure that you are providing the correct details authentication details
  • From the Wi-Fi settings erase or forget the name of the connection and again add it. This can solve your concern
  • Confirm if the network administrator has imposed some additional restrictions on connecting new devices
  • Disabling the LAN settings or changing them also leads to Wi-Fi issues in your phone

Unexpected behavior of the apps

To make sure simply that the applications you make use of in your phone are in proper working condition and doesn’t cause any trouble for your phone, the below information regarding the common Oppo A3s problems and fixes will probably help you.

  • Manage all the applications in a specific way in your phone
  • If the memory and other needs of an application are more, prefer installing the same in the phone memory only and not In the third-party memory
  • Check if the problems are occurring just because the majority of apps present in your phone are outdated
  • Check and make sure that the problem is not there just because the cache memory of the apps hasn’t been cleaned
  • Using the apps in the custom settings can invite many problems about which users really don’t have any idea about
  • The apps should always be installed from the Play Store

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

You can face this problem due to a certain number of reasons which may not be easy for you to understand. Therefore, go ahead with the below information.

  • Always prefer to install genuine copy of Windows on your PC. The pirated Windows can be reason you are facing this problem
  • Simply make sure that the USB drivers are installed and updated
  • Check if the connecting or communicating cable you are using is causing the trouble
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because you have selected a wrong mode on the phone
  • Make sure the connection is not loose
  • Check if there are restrictions on the phone or on the PC to be connected with other devices
  • Check if the device security policies violation is not responsible for this problem
  • The problem might be there just because of large data size or incompatibility of the same with any of the device

Fast Battery Draining & slow charging

The overall backup time and the rate at which a Smartphone charges cannot be same even for the very similar devices. This depends largely on certain factors related to how someone is making use of the gadget. Check below guide on avoiding the problems related to this.

  • First of all, perform a self inspection test for the battery on your phone
  • Simply make it sure that the problems are not there just because you are using the pirated accessories or connecting gadgets with your phone which are cheap or of low quality
  • Don’t charge your phone all the time from the sources that are not reliable in the long run
  • If you make use of a power bank, always buy the one that fits the needs of your phone
  • The problem could be due to using your phone while charging it
  • Data downloading while charging can also cause this issue
  • Apps installed in the phone should not be allowed to run in the background once you are done with them
  • The features such as Wi-Fi hot spot and Bluetooth if used for a longer time period can largely affect the battery performance and charging time
  • Check if you can avoid this problem with a simple reboot
  • The charger, power source, charging cable, and the adapter should be in proper working
  • Restart your phone wisely and check if this can solve the problem in the phone

Problems with earpiece

Earpiece is a very important accessory which you can use with a modern smartphone. It doesn’t just let you enjoy the music but can enable you to make calls without touching the phone. The problems related to their functionality can be avoided through the below methods and useful instructions.

  • First check in case the earpiece has been connected with the phone properly
  • There might be error because of compatibility problems
  • Check in case the phone only needs a simple restart to avoid the problem
  • Make sure the sound drivers are working and you have not disabled the phone sounds
  • The universal connector on the phone might not be in a proper working condition and is causing the problem
  • Properly inspect the earpiece. Look for a minor damage on the wore
  • Make sure the wires are not bending too much
  • Check in case the phone is already connected with another device. If so, disable the connection simply

Overheating problems

Overheating of the phone is not always necessary to be tagged as a problem. It is actually common and can happen due to several reasons. There are certain ways to deal with this problem and a few that are amazing and works reliably are spotlighted below.

  • Check if you have installed so many apps in the phone
  • The data present in the phone can give rise to this problem if the same is affected with virus
  • Make sure that problem is not there just because of using a charger whose power output is more than what your phone battery actually needs
  • Check if the problem can be solved simply by turning off apps running in the background and disabling features not required
  • Update the device applications and the OS if a new version is available
  • Avoid keeping any data, apps or a game in your phone which is not actually compatible with the same
  • The overheating problem could be there just when the device fails to eject the heat properly
  • The blockage of apps in the phone can also cause this issue in it

Unresponsive Touchscreen

There are situations when the screen totally become non-functional and the users often have to face this problem. Well, this is not always necessary to be a problem with the screen itself. First check if it can be solved with other methods which are listed below.

  • Try restarting your phone and open it in the safe mode simply by pressing the power and volume up/down button together
  • Remove the recently installed apps from the phone
  • Check if the problem can be avoided with a simple restart
  • Make sure the power saving mode is not active on the phone
  • The screen should be free from oil and grease particles which often create this problem
  • Check if there is excess moisture on the screen which is causing this problem
  • Make sure the phone doesn’t have any minor or a major damage on the screen
  • If you will completely fill your phone memory, sometimes you can face this problem due to very same reason
  • If certain apps are not used for a long time, remove them from the device
  • Check if the problem can be solved by disabling the screen mirroring option if the same is enabled
  • Remove the mittens and the gloves in case you are wearing them

SIM related problems

For a phone that you have just purchased, it’s obvious you don’t want the SIM and network related problems arrive immediately. However, the truth is it happens and a lot of users have to face this daunting situation. The SIM related information on common Oppo A3s problems and fixes is listed below to help you deal with the situation.

  • The SIM might not be showing functionality or performing its task just because it might not been inserted properly in your phone
  • Check if the issue can be resolved by removing it from the phone and restarting the later
  • The problem can be solved if you search for the network manually in the network settings and register on your home network
  • Make sure the SIM is not turned OFF in the settings
  • Check if the problem is there just because of a physical damage on the SIM or on the tray itself
  • The airplane mode is to be disabled on the phone in case it has been enabled
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because the variant of the phone is not compatible with your network provider services
  • If the SIM card is not used for a long time, you need to get it checked whether the services are active on it or not
  • Make sure the network strength is proper at your location
  • Contact the network provider for any additional help in case you face this problem again and again

Memory/SD problems

To cop up with any situation that is causing this problem in your phone simply go ahead with the below instructions.

  • Check if the card is having a physical damage on the same
  • Make sure to restart your phone after inserting it in the phone
  • Buy and use the one which is compatible with the phone and is not having the speed issues
  • Check if the data in the card is having auspicious files
  • Format the card and choose to insert it again in the phone
  • The problem might be there just because of a physical damage on the SD card slot or on the card itself
  • Make sure there are no manufacturing defects causing this problem

Bad camera quality/Blurry images

To get the image quality that can be compared with the professional photographers, simply go ahead with the following instructions.

  • Clean the camera lens gently and properly first of all
  • Check if you are using a third-party app to access the camera. Prefer the default one always
  • Select the High Definition mode from the camera settings when it comes to capturing the snaps or shooting the videos
  • Remove the transparent glass cover pre-installed on the screen when you just unbox the phone
  • Select the shooting mode that best suits the situation
  • Make use of flashlight if the light are low
  • Focus on the object properly to make sure of getting quality snaps

Performance issues

To keep up the performance of your phone in case the same is down, the below performance-related information on common Oppo A3s problems and fixes can help you a lot.

  • Make sure your phone is not having the power saving mode enabled
  • Check if the default memory of your phone has been fully loaded with the data and the files
  • Always update to the latest version of apps and the Apps whenever you are notified for an update
  • The phone might be operating slow due to presence of any data which is not compatible with the same
  • Simply make sure that the phone is not having apps installed in it beyond a limit
  • Clear the cache data of the phone with respect to time
  • Don’t install apps in the phone from the other sources than the Play Store.
  • Don’t turn ON the features when they are not required
  • Perform a hard reset to solve this issue
  • Get your phone checked if the problem is still there

This guide on common Oppo A3s problems and fixes is not just easy to understand but easy to consider as well. You can introduce yourself with solutions to common problems for other phones by visiting our website Also feel free to comment below if your concern is not listed here.

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