Common Oppo Find X Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Smartphones are one among those necessitates for humans without which their survival is almost impossible in the current century. It is true that large sections of tasks which are associated with the life of us all are performed through smartphones. Everyone have realized their true importance and in fact, it is one of the biggest reasons why some companies that manufacture them are gaining more and popularity. Well, it’s all about the features and because the providers are giving a strong emphasis on them, we have some amazing gadgets available to us in a very competitive price range. Oppo is a well-known manufacturer and they have already gained a lot of popularity. Their specialization is camera quality. Tagged as selfie expert, this manufacturer has already enabled users to get the best out of a smartphone. Check out below the common Oppo Find X problems and fixes.

Well, the Find X is a new comer to the smartphone market and therefore having some minor bugs in it would be a common thing. I really don’t mean that this smartphone has been reported to have hardware issues. The fact is most of the newly introduced phones which are based on Android face some common problems initially or just after their launch. The reasons for the same are quite complex in some cases whereas pretty simple otherwise. However, users need not to worry about the same. If you face any of the issues with this gadget just after purchasing it, there is actually nothing to be worried. Just grab the knowledge about the common Oppo Find X problems and fixes from this post and avoid your concern in shortest possible time. The information compiled in this post can be trusted simply for the long run.

common Oppo Find X problems and fixes

Common Oppo Find X problems and fixes

This smartphone has excellent hardware configuration and it can simply be considered by anyone for fulfilling his/her desires. The good thing is the manufacturer has also paid attention in loading it with elegance and style. Of course, the appearance of this gadget has already attracted the attention of many. Some people are claiming it looks pretty similar to that of Samsung Galaxy S9 while some are comparing it with iPhone X. The fact is, it has its own uniqueness and many features are just amazing. Let us now discuss the common Oppo Find X problems and fixes properly.

Before I introduce you with the real information on common Oppo Find X problems and fixes, I suggest you to simply keep this thing in your mind that the smartphones can face some basic issues anytime and even when you did nothing wrong with them. The issues are basic in most of the cases and can easily be avoided by following a justified guide. Please don’t try to mold the instructions provided in this post as you can face other problems at the same time if you followed that practice. cannot be held responsible for the same.

Connectivity issues

Many questions are asked by the users when it comes to the connectivity of the smartphones. Well, we all know that they can be connected with other gadgets easily for either data sharing or for the purpose of getting a stable internet connectivity (connecting with Wi-Fi). As both these features involve access to a lot of things and because certain other features are involved with connectivity, it’s not a surprising fact if you face some issues. You can deal with them simply through the instructions mentioned below.


Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Oppo Find X problems and fixes)

  • Simply restart your phone. This is the basic method to avoid this issue
  • If it is still there, the next step would be turning the Bluetooth OFF for one minute at least and then again turning it ON
  • Open the phone Settings and click on Bluetooth. Check if there are some restrictions on connecting new devices through Bluetooth. If so, disable or remove them
  • Check if the Bluetooth is compatible with the version on other device. The Oppo Find X has Bluetooth 5.0 in it
  • Open the list of devices you connected recently with your phone. Erase all the names or the ones which are no longer required now. simply restart your phone after this
  • Make sure you are not involving the phone in transferring the data which is not authorized
  • Check virus presence in the data you are transferring
  • Make sure that no large number of files are to be selected for transferring in one go
  • If the cache memory of the Bluetooth app hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, perform this task immediately
  • Check if there is an update available for the OS
  • Check if the memory in the phone is not completely filled with data. This can also be the reason for this problem
  • Make sure you are not using a parallel app having access to Bluetooth at the same time
  • Simply forget that device and try adding it again
  • Another reason for this problem is turning ON the power saving mode ON. Keep it in mind that it can sometime disable a few features including the Bluetooth
  • Try if you can connect your phone with any other device than the one you are trying to connect with
  • If you still find the problem, you should take your device to a authorized service center

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Oppo Find X problems and fixes)

  • Restart your phone and make sure to enter the login details to the Wi-Fi correctly. You might have forgetten to update the password after changing it recently
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi drivers are present in the phone
  • Check if the modem is not showing stable internet connection
  • The problem might be due to the reason that the things are not under your control
  • Open Wi-Fi settings in the phone and erase the connection. Add it again after 5 minutes and check if the problem is gone
  • The Wi-Fi problem is there because of running parallel apps having access to the Wi-Fi in the background
  • You might have already used the bandwidth allotted to you. Check and make sure of this
  • Pay attention whether the services on your connection are no longer valid due to any reason
  • The improper configuration of the modem can be another reason to this issue
  • Check and make sure the LAN connection is enabled
  • The problem could be due to connecting multiple devices with the same Wi-Fi connection
  • There might be additional restrictions on the Wi-Fi connection imposed by the administrator if you are using private hotspot
  • Try connecting your device with another Wi-Fi which is nearby
  • Make sure the problem is not there due to wrong cable connection in the modem
  • Simply choose to reconfigure your modem and the connection if the problem is still there
  • Don’t hesitate to call the network provider to get any help

Unexpected behavior of the apps

Applications installed in the phone can show unexpected behavior anytime. This is because their functionality and ability to operate depends on a very large number of factors. You can simply avoid this issue through the following methods.

  • First things you have to do is to make sure that all the installed apps are updated in your phone
  • Make sure to check if they are affected with a virus
  • Always make sure to follow the user policies while using any application
  • All the apps must have their cache memory cleaned on time if you use them regularly
  • They shouldn’t be installed from third-party or non-trusted platforms
  • Make some space empty from the phone
  • Don’t change the settings of default apps to custom

Doesn’t recognize the Windows

Dealing with this problem is although not a big deal, you can get favorable results if you follow the below instructions properly and carefully. Keep it in mind that to solve this issue, sometimes you need to frequently restart your phone. Therefore charge it sufficiently.

  • First check if the connecting cable is in proper working condition
  • Pay close attention in case there are some restrictions on connection due to security, violation of policies or any other reason
  • Make sure the device have latest USB drivers already installed on it
  • Check and make sure whether the problem is there just because the connection is loose or not created in a proper manner. Try connecting the device with a parallel port
  • Maybe the Windows installed on the PC is not genuine or you might have installed a custom ROM on the phone
  • Turn off features in case they are turned ON without any use on the device
  • Make sure to restart the phone after creating the connection
  • Check if the phone settings are on MTP mode
  • Simply check and make sure there is no major hardware problem in either of the devices which is actually causing this problem

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

This problem is often confused with the hardware fault or the battery fault in the phone. Although it is true upto some extent but the probability of this problem in a brand new smartphone and that too from Oppo is very less. Thus, try the following set of methods in case you face this problem.

  • First check if the connecting cable, charger or the adapter is having a fault in it. Try charging your phone with another cable
  • Don’t download data or files when the phone is charging
  • Avoid installing and playing the games which are not compatible with the phone
  • Check if the power socket you are using is having any sort of fault in it
  • Don’t charge your phone through USB of your personal computer or laptop
  • Avoid installing so many apps in the phone
  • Don’t let apps run in the background
  • Disable power saving mode and any other feature if it is turned ON unnecessarily
  • The problem might be due to installing a lot of apps
  • Avoid using power banks and charger which are not compatible with your phone
  • Simply hard reset your phone
  • Check and make sure there is no fault in the battery if the problem still remains present

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Oppo Find X problems and fixes)

The Oppo find X has a glorious touchscreen. In fact, it is known to provide the beauty and attraction to this gadget for which it is actually gaining the public attention. If you ever face any of the problems with your device screen, follow below instructions before taking it to a nearby repair shop.

  • Clean the device screen first of all. Make sure not to operate the phone when your hands are wet, unclean or while you are wearing the mittens
  • Make sure to update the OS of your phone
  • Remove the pre-installed glass guard
  • Keep the device memory clean
  • Bring the phone in safe mode and check if things are under your control
  • Disable the recently installed apps in the phone
  • Disable the screen sharing option if it is enabled
  • The screen might have a physical damage on it. Check it out properly

SIM related problems

Grabbing the SIM card related information on common Oppo Find X problems and fixes is very important. There are several issues that arrive while inserting the SIM in a brand new phone for the first time. However, it is possible to deal with them through below instructions.

  • Open SIM settings first of all and choose your network manually
  • Remove the SIM card and follow the step number one again after re-inserting the SIM and restarting the phone if the problem is still there
  • Make sure there are no compatibility issues are there
  • The SIM card might have a physical damage on it
  • Make sure to check if the SIM card is disabled in the phone settings
  • You might not be getting proper signal strength due to areas not covered by the network provider or you might be in the basement of a building
  • Check and make sure you are not facing this problem just because the SIM is not inserted properly in the phone
  • Replacement of the SIM card will the last option that will work for you

Earpiece sounds Robotic (common Oppo Find X problems and fixes)

This problem can be avoided from the phone with some basic methods and instructions if you are lucky. Here they are listed below.

  • Don’t use any other earpiece which are not authorized as per manufacturers standards
  • The sounds might be disabled in the phone or the sound drivers are not updated
  • Check if the problem is there due to non-working earpiece. Try using them on another device
  • Make sure the problem is not there due to improper connection or due to a software bug
  • Check the status of the problem again after restarting the phone

Overheating problems (common Oppo Find X problems and fixes)

When it comes to Oppo smartphones, you have no reason to worry about this issue. The same hasn’t been reported majorly in any of their gadget till date. However, we a user also need to keep it in mind that it’s not necessary always that the hardware of the phone can cause it. There are several other factors as well. Try below instructions to simply keep up the pace.

  • Make sure the phone is not engaged to perform multiple tasks at the same time especially when they are heavy
  • Don’t download bulky files while the phone is charging
  • Make sure the back cover you are using is not the actual reason to this problem
  • The device might have some apps that are not working properly and can be the reason to this problem
  • Don’t use a power bank that is not authorized or have power specifications that doesn’t match your device
  • Delete some data from the phone you haven’t used for a long time including the apps
  • Switch to the latest version of applications installed
  • Get the phone checked if the problem is still there

Performance issues (common Oppo Find X problems and fixes)

Performing the tasks assigned to smartphones quickly is always one of their key features. With a low or poor performance, it almost impossible for any manufacturer to keep their smartphones stable in terms of demand and popularity in the smartphone market. Therefore, all manufacturers pay close attention to performance. However, things can still go wrong and in case you are already facing this situation, below methods would be very useful to you

  • First check if there is any sort of pending updates for the phone OS or for the apps installed
  • Restart your device and check if the problem is gone or not
  • Make sure to restrict the access to the main settings
  • Check if you have change the settings of some apps to custom
  • The problem can arrive because of filling the device memory completely
  • Don’t use the phone while it is charging
  • Clear the cache memory of the apps installed
  • Close all apps running in the background
  • Install an antivirus app in the phone and scan it properly and completely
  • The last option is to perform a hard reset

Bad camera quality (common Oppo Find X problems and fixes)

In any Smartphone, the camera is the next big thing after the connectivity. Probably you know its importance and it is true that the camera must work in a perfect manner and especially when the phone you are using already have a tag of “Selfie Expert” on it. Well, the sad reality is there are certain things and factors that can have a very bad impact on the camera quality. Therefore, you cannot blame the manufacturer in all the cases when the cameras are not performing their task in the way they have to. Try the following instructions to get the results in your favor.

  • Follow all instructions for using the camera
  • Make sure to clean the lens gently with a piece of soft cloth if you find a lot of stain or dust over it
  • Check if the HD mode is enabled in the camera settings. This will make sure of magnificent pictures
  • Make sure to select the shooting mode as per the nearby conditions
  • Flashlight plays an important role in boosting the picture quality. Therefore, whenever applicable, make use of it
  • When it comes to using the rear camera, make sure to focus on the object you are capturing just before you press the capture button
  • The excess moisture in the phone can also be the reason to this issue
  • The screen might not be cleaned in a manner it has to be and that could be another reason you are facing this issue
  • Remove the pre-installed transparent cover from the screen
  • Always use default camera app while capturing pictures or shooting videos

While following this guide on common Oppo Find X problems and fixes, you may sometime find yourself in a situation of not getting the favorable fortune or not getting the things done in the proper manner. If so, don’t hesitate to call an expert anytime. Keep visiting our platform for more useful posts on other smartphones.


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