Common Razer Phone Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

With respect to the rise in the overall number of smartphone users across the globe, more and more manufacturers are becoming common and popular. It is very much true that in the present time there are more manufacturers than ever before. Although, users can have many advantages such as low price due to competition, there are several disadvantages as well. You might have no idea but the fact is this sometimes makes selecting a phone a very daunting task. Well, the fact is you can keep up the pace simply with the vast support available with most of the manufacturers. Today we are going to discuss the Razer Phone. It is launched in November 2017. In this post, I will introduce you to the common Razer Phone problems and fixes.

Razer Phone has already got a lot of good response from the user for being a best available gadget that simply enabled them performs a lot of tasks smoothly. Although it’s good, there are users who have reported about the common issues they are experiencing with this device. If you are using this gadget, you need to gain more and more knowledge about the common Razer Phone problems and fixes. Well, the fact is there is nothing much you need to do for this. Everything that you should know is spotlighted in the below paragraphs to help you keep up the pace easily.

It would be good to discuss the specifications of this phone first. This is will it easy for you to deal with most of the basic issues. This gadget has been provided with some of the best features that almost every modern Smartphone user wants to experience. It has a 5.7-inch powerful and HD screen that can provide a screen resolution of 1440 x 2560 easily. The Android 7.1.1 Nougat technology simply makes sure of performance and reliability. It has been provided with a powerful 8GB RAM which in fact has contributed in boosting the popularity of this gadget.

The 12MP primary and the 8MP secondary camera combination make this device really a very good one for capturing your favorite moments in your gadgets. It is possible for the users to extend the device memory by upto 256GB through a MicroSD card. Also, a 4000-mAh battery let users keep up the pace simply. We will now discuss the common Razer Phone problems and fixes.

Common Razer Phone problems and fixes

It might not be necessary that you are experiencing all the problems mentioned in this post at the same time. You can easily keep up the pace with those which have already declared their presence in your gadget. Check out the below information on common Razer Phone problems and fixes.


Connectivity issues

Connecting a device with other gadgets is something that is frequently required. However, devices often fail to keep up the pace in this matter. This leads to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems simply. Well, the fact is they can be avoided. Check them out below to know how

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Razer Phone problems and fixes)

  • Reboot your phone to check if the problem is gone. This is the simplest method that can help you
  • Remove your phone from the Bluetooth connectivity history and add again
  • The Bluetooth connection should be visible to other gadgets
  • Turn OFF the power saving mode if it is ON
  • See if the issue is gone by clearing the cache
  • Restart the phone to check the problem is still there or not
  • If not, you may need to remove some older profiles
  • Perform a hard reset but make sure you keep a backup of all the important data

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Razer Phone problems and fixes)

  • Open device Settings first and click Connections and tap on Wi-Fi simply.
  • Open Settings and scroll down to find the option “Connections”
  • Click on it and then click again on Wi-Fi
  • Let the device find all available connections and display them
  • Forget the one you are trying to connect your device with
  • Connect the phone with same again
  • The problem will probably be gone

SIM related problems (common Razer Phone problems and fixes)

SIM related problems can be due to many reasons. The fact is they are generally mistaken with other issues and finding them is not an easy job always. You can try the following methods to get the things back on track again.

  • Insert the SIM card properly in the device
  • Make sure the SIM card has been inserted in the device properly
  • The SIM tray should be free from any form of troubles
  • If your device is new, it is suggested to get your old SIM replaced
  • The problem might still be there. If so, always contact the authorized repair shop

No SD card detected

The Razer Phone is a good device that simply let you boost the memory by upto 256 GB. However, a few users have reported that they cannot do it easily. This is due to failure of detection of card by the phone. Try the following methods and instructions to avoid this issue.

  • The memory card should be under the defined limit on using the same on Razer phone
  • The Memory card you are using should have any compatibility related issue with the phone
  • Re-insert the memory card in the phone after removing it. you may also need to reboot your device
  • Delete the entire data of your memory card and insert it again in the device to see if the problem is gone
  • Try using another card on your device to make sure here are no other factors responsible for the issue. the problems could be physical damage on the card slot and on the memory card too

Bad camera quality

This problem can be avoided simply by paying attention to the following guide

  • Make sure you are capturing the pictures through the default camera app
  • Choose the shooting mode after paying attention to the conditions stating the nearby visibility
  • If the transparent cover is still installed on the screen, you need to remove it
  • Make sure the phone cover is not covering the camera
  • Make sure the camera setting are set on the high-resolution pictures
  • Check if there is any pending update on the phone
  • Clean the camera lens properly if there is any dust present in the same
  • Focus the target in the appropriate manner if the problem is there
  • Clear the cache

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

If slow charging and fast battery drainage is a problem with your gadget, you can proceed with the following information simply

  • First of all, update your device
  • The problem can be due to memory card also. Therefore you are recommended to remove it and see if the problem is gone
  • The charger you are using should have a better quality recommended by the manufacturer
  • You might have many apps installed on your device. Remove if you hardly use them
  • There should be no physical damaged to the battery. Check the same
  • Turn the Wi-Fi OFF when not in use. It consumes a lot of battery in most of the cases and is the alone factor responsible for this issue
  • Clean the charging port if it is dusty
  • Don’t keep display ON all the time
  • The charger should be connected properly with your phone
  • All the apps must be installed properly on your device and must be up-to-date

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

Check out below the most recommended and the best options available for this

  • Always use quality earphones if you are using any other than the one which comes with the device
  • Make sure you are using the earphones which are recommended by the manufacturer
  • While making a phone call, you can simply press the volume button up to make sure there will be enough hertz for the listeners
  • You will probably get the results in the way you want

Overheating problems

Well, if your device is showing this problem, it would be good for you to take the appropriate action immediately. You can proceed with the following

  • Remove all such apps that you think you installed after the problem declared its presence in your phone
  • Always use the charger that comes with your phone for charging
  • Always keep the brightness level as per manufacturer prescription /recommendations
  • The RAM should be free to perform all general tasks easily
  • Accessories which are not based on quality can also give rise to this problem
  • Clear the cache
  • Remove the carry case if you think it could be responsible for the problem
  • Update and install all the pending apps

Unresponsive Touchscreen

This issue might be complex to deal with. However, following methods and information make sure you get favorable results quickly

  • First try a simple reboot. Most of such issues are gone with the same
  • Update the device if you haven’t
  • The phone operating system can also give rise to this problem when there are errors in it
  • The battery should have some juice left in it to start the device once it is OFF
  • Don’t wear gloves while using the touchscreen
  • The oil and dust particles shouldn’t be there
  • Last option that you have is to perform a factory reset

Performance issues (common Razer Phone problems and fixes)


Of course, performance matters and there is no need to explain why. You can proceed with the following instructions and methods to get the things back on track.

  • Make sure that your device storage is not fully filled. It comes with 64 GB ROM by default and if you fill it completely, of course, it will put some burden on the processor and on the RAM which could lead to this problem
  • See if there is any virus in your device affecting it
  • Make sure all the apps are up to date
  • Don’t use your device while charging
  • Remove all the third-party apps you installed

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

To avoid this issue, proceed with the below information and methods

  • See if the device storage is fully filled or not. If it is, delete some data
  • Avoid filling the phone fully when it comes to storing data in it
  • Clean the device against virus and any other infected file
  • Remove phone from charging before you use it
  • Remove all the apps from your device you installed from other sources than the Play Store

That’s all about the common Razer Phone problems and fixes. If there is anything else which you need to know, you can let us know through the comment section below.


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