Common Redmi 4A Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

The demand and the popularity of Xiaomi are increasing at the same rate. More and more smartphone lovers prefer this Chinese manufacturer whenever it comes to investing in a new phone. The fact couldn’t be denied that Xiaomi has largely impacted the sales of some well-established smartphone manufacturers in the world. There are certain good things about their devices and it is very much true that they have always provided quality smartphones. One thing which you can always make sure with them is the lowest possible price. In fact, it’s Xiaomi that forced other manufacturers to come with best gadgets with a minimum possible price tag. Today, In this post, I will introduce you to the common Redmi 4A problems and fixes.

Well, the fact is, it’s an amazing device which a very large number of users have appreciated. There are certain good things about this gadget. However, because it is powered by Android, there are few minor issues users are experiencing because of some of the common Android bugs. The fact is there is no need for you to boost your heartbeat if you have already invested on this device or are facing the minor issues. This is because most of the issues reported so far have perfect solutions available. You simply need to extend your knowledge on the common Redmi 4A problems and fixes. This can be done by paying attention to the following paragraphs.

common Redmi 4A problems and fixes

Before discussing the common Redmi 4A problems and fixes, let us have a quick review of this phone. It comes with a 5-inch screen and is powered by Android Marshmallow 6.0. Most users are experiencing this issue because of no other reason than this. It has a powerful 1.4GHz quad-core processor that simply let you keep up the pace when it comes to performance. The 16GB internal memory is enough for a decent user and you can always make sure of a reliable experience with the phone. You can use a microSD card to extend the memory by upto 28 GB.

This device has been powered by a 13MP primary and a 5MP rear camera. The 3120mAh non-removable battery simply let the users assure a good battery backup. In addition to this, it has a 2GB RAM for the smooth experience of the users. Let us now pay some attention on the common Redmi 4A problems and fixes

Common Redmi 4A problems and fixes

The methods and instructions related to the common Redmi 4A problems and fixes which you find in this post have been tested on the Redmi 4A. However, cannot be held responsible if you carefully follow the methods and that results in further damage to your phone.


Connectivity issues

The device connectivity should be stable and in case it’s not, there are so many problems which users have to face because of no other reason than only same. You need to pay attention to several factors when it comes to dealing with these issues. Try the following methods to eliminate them from your phone

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Redmi 4A problems and fixes)

  • In most of the cases, a simple reboot can eliminate this problem. Therefore you should go with this first
  • Remove all the restrictions from Bluetooth connection such as disabling the option for showing to visibility to all the nearby devices
  • Check if your previously connected Bluetooth devices list is too long. Trim the same and the problem might be gone after this
  • Don’t forget to clear the cache of the phone
  • Disable power saving mode immediately

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Redmi 4A problems and fixes)

  • The factors such as restrictions by the network providers can give rise to these problems. So it would be good if you pay equal attention to them as well.
  • Check there should be no faulty or damaged cable connected with the Wi-Fi router
  • You need to follow a Wi-Fi router troubleshoot/refresh guide
  • Always remember your password. Update the same in Wi-Fi settings in case you changed it recently
  • Clear the cache memory of the device

No SD card detected

This problem can declare its presence due to reasons which you cannot always understand in the first attempt

  • Always use the quality and approved memory card.
  • If your memory card is having a physical damage, there will be no benefit of inserting it in the device
  • There should be no physical damage on the memory card slot
  • Format the card and before inserting it in the phone, clean it for any virus that might also be the reason of this problem

Bad camera quality

Dealing with the camera problems is really very important. Your device will probably be of no value in case it has some or all the problems related to this. You can avoid camera-related issues by the following methods simply

  • Always switch to default camera app in case you are using any other
  • Holding the important updates could be the reason of this issue
  • The shooting mode should be relevant as per the conditions to the surroundings
  • Set the resolution in the camera settings to high
  • Clean the dust from the camera lens
  • Remove the transparent cover from the screen and back

Performance issues

The overall performance of the phone depends on a very large number of factors. Users often don’t understand the same just because their knowledge about the core concepts of a smartphone is limited. Thus, you need to pay attention to some important factors. Check them out below

  • Keep some space empty on the phone
  • Avoid using phone when you put it on charging
  • Remove the apps which are no longer required
  • Update the phone if it is not updated
  • Don’t buy and use the cheap accessories

Overheating problems (common Redmi 4A problems and fixes)

Smartphones are designed to perform a diverse array of tasks. Therefore overheating is not at all a big deal. It generally happens with most of the devices with respect to time. The release of heat when started trapping inside the gadget, can give rise of this problem. The following are some trusted methods and instructions to avoid the same

  • There are strong chances that this issue arrived after you install an app recently. If you remember that, delete it immediately
  • Don’t use accessories and charger which manufacturers generally don’t recommend
  • Don’t hold the updates for long time period. Try downloading and installing them as soon as you can
  • Clear the device cache memory

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Smartphone don’t give better battery backup and show slow charging problems due to many reason. You need to deal with them wisely. There are actually many ways to help you out simply and let you get what exactly you want. Try the following methods to avoid them in no time

  • There might be several apps you might not have used since long. If so, delete them immediately
  • Don’t hesitate to delete any infected file from the device memory
  • Keep the brightness level under control
  • There should be no fault in the charger
  • Make sure there is no power fluctuation in the socket
  • Disable the notifications for the apps that doesn’t matter a lot to you
  • Keep the camera flash OFF when it is not required
  • For better performance, always install the apps from the recommended platforms

SIM related problems

The problems which are related with the SIM card doesn’t let users perform several important tasks in the way they want. Therefore dealing with the SIM related common Redmi 4A problems and fixes is very essential

  • Check the status of services and network on the SIM card first. Make sure of this first
  • Reboot the device and check the status of the problem
  • Select the network manually by opening the device settings
  • If you need performance and error free functionality, get your SIM card replaced

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

Well, there is nothing to worry in case you are facing this minor glitch. The fact is it’s not always a hardware fault in the phone that gives rise to this problem. The below methods simply let you avoid this problem in no time

  • Don’t forget to set the USB configuration to MTP
  • Properly check for any physical damage on the phone or cable
  • If the latest USB drivers are not installed on the phone, get them immediately
  • Always make sure the PC you use has a genuine copy of Windows installed on it
  • Enable the USB debugging

Unresponsive Touchscreen


This problem might be there due to several reasons and probably you no idea about the same. Check out the methods and instructions that are useful to you for the for the screen-related common Redmi 4A problems and fixes

  • Install the pending apps and simply reboot your phone
  • Make sure the dust and oil particles are totally absent from the screen
  • If there is any physical damage on the screen, the same can be the reason of this issue
  • If your screen protector is too old, remove it and install a new one
  • Make sure your hands are not wet
  • The hard reset is the last option if other don’t work

So that’s all which you should know about the common Redmi 4A problems and fixes. You need not to worry about anything if there is anything else which you are experiencing with this device. Simply let us know about the same through the comment section below. We will try to provide the best answers to all the major concerns you have about the common Redmi 4A problems and fixes.


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