Common Redmi 6 Pro Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

We are living in a world where everyone makes use of a smartphone irrespective of his/her profession such as businessmen, a student, a professional or anyone else. The introduction of so many features in the smartphones has made them quite useful. The fact is there are a lot of manufacturers that have worked overnight to turn those features into reality from imagination. It is true that Android too has a big contribution in enabling the smartphones in bearing multiple features. Well, you might have no idea but presently a very large number of tasks can be accomplished accurately with smartphones. As already mentioned, a few manufacturers have provided users the most dynamic experience of their life and Redmi is one among them. This post provides you the all required information on the common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes.

Before reading anything about the common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes, it would be good for you as a user to know that not all the issues are actually complex. Sometimes the problems only represent themselves as a big and actually they are not. Android related gadgets often experience some of the common issues and with some basic guide; it is possible to avoid them. If you have already made your mind to buy the Redmi 6 Pro, you need not to switch to another phone or have to postpone your plan just because you think the phone can be nightmare for you as you are reading a post that deals with the common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes.

common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes

The fact is there is no need for you to worry about anything. The users are always free to keep up the pace with this gadget in no time and without worrying about anything. All the methods and information regarding the common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes mentioned in this post is very simple to consider. You can easily keep up the pace with the concerned methods even if you are someone who doesn’t know much about the smartphones. Keep this thing in your mind that the problems listed here in this post can be there in any smartphone depending on how someone makes use of their gadget. Now check out below the information on the common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes

Common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes

Smartphones are amazing devices but they remain in working position when you know how to take care of them. In many cases it has been seen that users often creates additional issues just because they try to use their own knowledge or follow a mentioned troubleshoot methods and instructions in a custom manner. cannot be held responsible in case any reader of this post face additional problems while following this guide in a custom manner than what is mentioned here.

Performance issues

When performance degrades, the smartphones often takes more time to accomplish even the basic tasks. Obviously it is a very daunting situation for the users and probably we all have experienced the same at least once. There are actually certain ways to deal with this situation and you can easily go ahead with the below instructions.

  • Turn your device OFF. Wait for atleast 5 minutes and then start it again. This can solve the concern in many cases
  • Close all apps running in the background. Update the ones that are too old
  • If you don’t mind removing some apps which haven’t been used for long, go ahead with the same and reboot your phone
  • Make sure the total number of installed apps in the phone don’t exceed 25
  • Erase some data from the phone memory. Check it might be full
  • Don’t use phone while charging
  • Install apps from the Play Store only
  • Check if the data in the phone is affected with virus
  • Always clean the cache memory of the apps simply
  • You might have installed an app or the ROM that is not authorized to be used in the phone
  • Factory reset your phone and it will make the things batter again. However, keep it in mind that it will erase all the data and take your phone to its default settings again.

Unexpected behavior of the apps

All the applications in the phone need to be maintained in several aspects else you have to face problem with them. To make sure everything remains functional and upto its best, you can go ahead with the instructions below.

  • First of all check if the glitch can be avoided easily. Just restart your phone
  • Disable all the apps installed from other sources than Play Store. This can be done by taking the phone in the safe mode
  • Make sure the apps are present in the phone memory and not in the SD card. They often give problems when kept in third-party memory
  • Check if any apps is not compatible
  • Update the apps and restart your phone
  • Remove a few apps you installed recently and check again

SIM related problems (common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes)

The mobile phone SIM cards are although similar in terms of functionality, one thing which you should be clear of is the fact that different network provider are allotted different spectrum of frequency. It would therefore be good to select the manufacturer/phone accordingly. There are other problems as well which you can face but they can be eliminated through the instructions below.

  • Check if the SIM card is not used for a long time before inserting it in the phone. Use it after assuring all the services are enabled on it
  • The variant you own might not be compatible with the services of network provider
  • The SIM tray might have a physical damage on it. Check
  • Make sure the SIM has been inserted in the phone properly
  • Open the network settings on the phone and select the network manually
  • Check if the power saving mode is enabled
  • Remove the SIM from the phone and restart it simply
  • The SIM card might be turned OFF. For this, check phone settings
  • Get the SIM checked properly

Quick Battery Draining & Slow Charging

The consumption of battery and the charging rate cannot be same for all the smartphones even when the variant is same. This is because exact battery backup depends largely on the way a user uses a smartphone. Factors such as overall number of apps present in the phone, amount of data kept and so on decides this. However, sometimes smartphones experience this issue without a specific reason and it would not be a good choice to waste time finding the reason. Instead one should go ahead with the below methods to avoid the problem.

  • The battery might have a technical glitch associated with it. Check it properly
  • The power socket you use to charge your phone might have an issue with it due to which your device is taking extra time to charge
  • Check and make sure your device doesn’t have a lot of apps running in the background
  • Avoid using the phone while charging it
  • If you remember the last app which you installed and after which the problem actually started, you can proceed simply with the un-installation of same
  • Don’t download bulk files simultaneously
  • Make sure not to play games which are heavy
  • Check the status of apps and how much RAM they are accessing. If it is more than the recommended level, uninstall them simply
  • Restart your phone and check the status of the problem

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

Not all the features are present in the smartphones for style. Some features are probably not visible directly but are actually there to enhance the functionality of a phone. The use of memory cards let users to load their gadgets with more data than the limit manufacturers imposed on them. With Redmi 6 Pro it is possible for you to use upto 64 GB of data depending on which variant you own. This limit can be extended upto 256 GB if you prefer using a memory card. However, if there is any uncertainty you face, here are some instructions and methods to assist you avoid them.

  • The memory cards are sensitive and needs to be cared a lot. First simply make sure of this
  • Check you are using a memory card that is authorized to use and is inserted in the phone properly
  • Sometime it gets undetected due to presence of a lot of data in the memory
  • You simply need to make sure that the phone doesn’t have any sort of problems associated with the same
  • Check compatibility between the card and the phone
  • Format the card and then again insert it in the phone
  • Check the memory card slot for a physical damage
  • Check if the same card works properly when used on another SIM
  • You need to bring your phone to an authorized repair shop to get it checked

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes)

Generally, it’s nothing but the screen in a smartphone that enable users to perform most of their task. It is actually a link between the hardware and the user. The entire data that matters to the users is displayed on it. Therefore, its proper working is very essential. If you are facing any glitch while using the same, the below are the methods to assist you.

  • If the power saving mode is turned ON, disable it simply
  • The problem might be there due to a physical damage on the screen
  • Disable all the apps you have in your device
  • Check if the device operates well in the safe mode
  • Update to a new version of OS or an update if the same is available
  • Clear the cache data of the apps installed in your phone
  • If the memory in the phone is completely full, erase some data
  • There might be a lot of oil and dust particles present on the screen. Check and clean it
  • Keeping a lot of data in the phone can also give rise to this issue

Connectivity issues

Connectivity refers to enabling the device communicates with others. This is possible when the phone has a stable connection with others such as through internet and temporary connection such as in case of Bluetooth. Both these features also enable device to exchange data or information. Because most of the tasks are based on the same when it comes to using a smartphone, you must make it sure that your gadget is totally free from such glitches. Check them out below the methods to help you avoid any issue if you face the same while accessing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes)

  • The Bluetooth might not be turned ON for any of the device
  • Check and make sure you are not using a gadget that doesn’t support Bluetooth connectivity
  • Clear the cache memory of the Bluetooth app
  • Make sure to not to use any other app at the same time
  • Erase a few names from the devices you connect with your own recently
  • The presence of multiple viruses or the security policies of the phone can be the reason you are facing this issue
  • Authorize the device in case you are connecting it for the first time
  • Make sure you are not transferring  a lot of files in one go
  • The problem could be there due to not following the security policies of the app
  • Make sure the device memory is not completely full as it will refuse to accept the data in such cases
  • Don’t use any other app than default Bluetooth
  • Check if the power saving mode is enabled. IF so, disable it immediately
  • Simply restart your phone
  • Take it to a nearby service center and check if the things are under your control or not

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes)

  • First check and make sure the services are enabled on your connection by the service provider
  • Simply select the network you need to connect. Forget it and then again add it. This can solve your concern
  • Simply reboot your phone and check the status again
  • The router you are using might be facing a hardware issue
  • Check the Wi-Fi antenna of your phone if it is having any sort of trouble or it is physically damaged
  • Check if the cable connection is done in the manner it has to be
  • The network might be unstable. Check signal strength
  • Check if the Local Area Connection has been disabled by you
  • Don’t connect multiple devices with the router. You will face the problem for sure
  • The configuration of the router might not be done in the proper manner
  • Check the phone properly and make sure to enter the password correctly
  • If you are using a hot spot connection, make sure the internet is active and is working on the other device. May be the mobile data is turned OFF on the concerned device
  • Close all the apps from the background that have access to Wi-Fi
  • Make sure you haven’t used the entire bandwidth allotted to you
  • Restart the phone simply and check the status of the problem again

 Bad camera quality (common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes)

Getting or capturing quality snaps is something that everyone wants. However, there can be certain uncertainties in the phone due to which this problem could be there. Follow below instructions to avoid the same.

  • First of all check if the lens needs cleanliness. Depositing of dust, fingerprints and oil particles can be the reason you are not getting the desired quality
  • Clean the screen as well
  • Make sure not to capture the snaps in the burst mode
  • Always prefer the default camera app to keep up the pace
  • Open Camera settings and check if the picture quality is set to HD mode
  • Simply focus on the object in the right manner before clicking the button to capture that moment. This can help you to make sure of quality in all the situations
  • If the lights around you are low, enable night vision and make sure to turn On the camera flash light
  • Open camera settings and it will have different shooting modes. Choose the one that best fit the situation
  • Remove the pre-installed transparent cover from the device
  • The lens of the camera might have a physical damage on it. Check properly

Overheating problems (common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes)

Overheating of the smartphone is somewhere related to charging or how it is being used. It would be a good choice to make it sure that all the instructions and guidelines are met in case you need to avoid this issue. In case the reasons are not specific to you, simply go ahead with the following set of methods.

  • Make sure not to use your phone in case it is put on charging
  • The problem might be due to the reason that you are using an unauthorized accessory with the phone such as earpiece, charger and so on
  • In case the back cover is installed on the phone, remove the same
  • There might be no ventilation occurring in the phone in the way it has to
  • Update all the apps which are pending
  • The overheating could be due to fact that battery is facing a trouble
  • Make sure not to use the power banks which are not genuine
  • In the WiFi hot spot, Bluetooth or any other feature is turned ON when not in use, close the same
  • If the size of files you are downloading is bulky, simply choose a Wi-Fi connection over mobile data
  • Restart your phone and check again

Earpiece sounds Robotic (common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes)

The sound related problems can be avoided simply through the basic methods that are spotlighted below.

  • Prefer using the same earpiece which is authorized by Redmi. You may need to buy them additionally along with the phone as this Chinese manufacturer doesn’t provide them
  • Check if the earpiece you are using operates on same frequency as phone has
  • The universal jack might be having an internal physical damage
  • Make sure there are no bends on the wire on the earpiece
  • Check if the earpieces you own are in working condition. Try using them on another similar device
  • Disable the power saving mode simply
  • Check sound drivers are ok and doesn’t have any problem with them
  • If sounds are disabled, simply enable them

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10 (common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes)

The device can face issues when it is connected to a Windows PC due to several reasons. It is not necessary always that you have all the reasons known to you. Check out below methods to simply keep up the pace.

  • The problem might be with the USB connector. Check it and make sure that the same is in working condition. Use parallel if one doesn’t work.
  • Make sure to update the USB drivers
  • Restart both gadgets if they don’t recognize each other in the first attempt
  • Remove all restrictions imposed on connecting the new devices from your phone. It might be disabled due to security reasons
  • Select the MTP mode when the connection is recognized on the phone
  • The Windows installed on the phone might be outdated and needs to be updated. It may have other issues as well. Check it out properly

With this information on common Redmi 6 Pro problems and fixes, you can easily get favorable fortune in no time. It would take a lot of time to get results and getting the things under your control. Don’t hesitate to post a comment below if your concern is not listed in this post.


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