Common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Well, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is at the top of most discussed smartphones in the International market presently. The much-awaited gadget has already attracted the attention of millions after its introduction recently. You might have no idea but the fact is there are people in different parts of the corners who have started owning it. Probably, it’s going to be the biggest achievements of Korean manufacturer in the time to come. Although this phone is simply the best, one of the facts which couldn’t be denied is the presence of common problems. Presently, these issues haven’t been reported up to a wider extent. However, all Android gadgets generally have them. Also, these issues are pretty common. They arrive due to multiple reasons that may or may not be same in case of all smartphones. Our today’s post is about the common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 problems and fixes.

When it comes to buying a high-class device like this, people often look for the pros and cons associated with the same. Let me make the things pretty clear that Note 9 is a trusted gadget. Just because this post is written to introduce you to the common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 problems and fixes, doesn’t actually mean there have been frequent reporting of problems by the users of this device. The fact is many people have to face these issues just because of the reasons for which the manufacturers cannot be held responsible. The factors such as the way one make use of his/her gadget and compiling policies with Android mostly derive these issues.

common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 problems and fixes

Can these issues be tackled?

Of course, it is possible and all you need to do is to follow the right guide. This post put some spotlight on the topic common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 problems and fixes so as to help you in this matter. Just because there are some problems which are associated with the Android technology really doesn’t mean you have to cancel your plan of buying this gadget. Just go ahead with the same and follow the information about the common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 problems and fixes mentioned in this post whenever you face any problem.

Common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 problems and fixes

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a device for which an average user has to spend a lot of money. Therefore, it’s very much true that no one wants to face any kind of complementary problems while dealing with the ones that one currently faces. Well, this can happen when one try to apply his/her knowledge on solving a specific concern. It is because of no other reason than this you simply need to follow the information about the common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 problems and fixes as mentioned below. If any additional problems arrive due to following methods and instructions in your own way, cannot be held responsible.

Connectivity Problems

Connectivity reflects the true ability of a smartphone to allow user to exchange data over a network or with another gadget. This can be done through various third-party applications or default ones. It really doesn’t matter which app you choose, their functionality depends largely on Wi-Fi, as well as the Bluetooth. If you are facing any sort of problems with them, here is some available information on common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 problems and fixes about Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • Check if the problem can be solved simply by restarting your phone
  • Make sure there are no other applications which are using the Bluetooth in the phone or which have permission to access it are active
  • The nature and type of data you are transferring and its compatibility with the other gadget can also cause this problem
  • Samsung devices can have restrictions imposed on them for connecting with another device due to device security related reasons. Check for the same
  • The problem can declare its presence because of no other reason than turning ON the power saving mode on the phone
  • Make sure that the Bluetooth version on both the gadget support each other
  • In case you are sending too many files in one attachment, it can be the reason you are facing this problem
  • Make sure both the gadgets connected to each other through Bluetooth have enough free space in them
  • Check if the problem is there just because the phone you are using is having problem in its Bluetooth antenna
  • Make sure the Bluetooth is turned ON for both the gadgets and is discoverable
  • Check and make sure all the Bluetooth policies are meet
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because of not clearing the Bluetooth cache memory
  • Make sure the list that keeps the record of recently connected devices is not so wide. Erase a few or all the names from it and try connecting again
  • Make sure to enter the pass code correctly while connecting your Note 9 with any other phone or gadget through Bluetooth for the very first time
  • You need to get the phone checked in case it is still showing the problem

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • Simply restart your modem and check if the problem is gone
  • Make sure the phone is actually connected to the Wi-Fi and the problem is there just because the internet connection is not stable
  • Make sure the Local Area Connection settings are not enabled
  • Sometimes this problem arrives when you turn OFF the firewall for the Operating system of the phone
  • Make sure there are no add-on restrictions and formalities involved in connecting your device with the concerned Wi-Fi connection
  • Check in case other devices are getting connected with the same you are trying to connect with
  • Check how many gadgets are already connected to the same connection. There is sometimes a limit on the same
  • Make sure the entire bandwidth allotted on the connection has not been consumed
  • Check in case the problem is associated with the Wi-Fi antenna
  • Don’t allow the apps to run in the background if they have permission to access the Wi-Fi automatically
  • Make sure you enter the correct password or has updated the same in case of a recent change
  • Check if the configuration of the modem is proper and it is in working condition as per need
  • Disable or remove any kind of restriction on connecting the phone with the other gadgets if they are imposed on it
  • The invalid services or suspension of same can cause this problem
  • Open Wi-Fi settings and check if they are set on recommended mode
  • Erase the name of connection from the device and trying connecting the phone with it after adding it once again

Performance Issues

Performance often goes down with use. To maintain the same, you need to go ahead with the below information simply.

  • Restart your phone to simply boost its performance first of all
  • Check in case there are applications which are accessing a huge portion of the RAM and is causing this problem
  • Simply make it sure that the phone memory is not completely filled as it can affect the performance upto a large extent
  • Make sure the applications which you have installed and make use of them are not outdated. If so, update them
  • The presence of data infected with the virus can slow down the performance
  • Another contributor to this issue is installing the apps and games not compatible with your phone. Remove them in case you have installed them
  • Avoid using any kind of accessory with your phone that it doesn’t truly support
  • Make sure no settings of your phone has been set to custom when they actually need to be set on recommended mode
  • The slow performance could be due to another solid reason and i.e.̣ an outdated or an old version of OS when the latest has already been there
  • Don’t use your phone while charging it
  • Don’t install apps beyond a limit on your phone and make sure they are not running in the background while making use of your Galaxy Note 9.
  • Perform a hard reset to solve your concern

Overheating problems

In order to solve this problem, the below information regarding the common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 problems and fixes related to overheating can be taken into your consideration

  • Always install apps in the phone from the play store only
  • Check if the phone is downloading heavy size files from the World Wide Web
  • Make sure no other device is accessing or connected with your phone through Wi-Fi hot spot or through Bluetooth
  • Check and make sure that the problem is not there just because the applications on the phone are not working in a proper manner
  • Remove the back cover of the phone
  • Check if the ventilation is taking place in a proper manner in your device
  • Don’t make use of any accessory with the phone that is not having quality mark n them
  • Always keep the cache memory of the phone clean

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

When it comes to connecting two electronic gadgets together, there are certain things the user needs to be careful about. You can simply go ahead with below instructions to keep up the pace.

  • Check first if the problem is there just because the connections are improper or loose
  • Make sure to use a cable which is in working condition and is truly compatible with the phone
  • Check and make sure the problem is not there just because you haven’t selected the right mode on the phone
  • Make sure the copy of Windows installed on the computer doesn’t have missing phone drivers and it should be genuine
  • Restart the phone once and try connecting it again
  • Make sure the data which you are sharing is not actually causing this problem
  • Avoid using the phone in the power saving mode for the time being

Touchscreen Problems

Screen is obviously sensitive and can largely affect the overall functionality of your device. To know how you can simply avoid the problems related to the same in case you are facing the, below is some advice you can follow.

  • Check if the problem is there because you have enabled the screen sharing option
  • Simply make sure not to use your phone while it is charging
  • Completely filling the data in the phone is another factor that can cause this problem
  • You simply need to make sure that no oil and grease particles are actually responsible for this problem in the phone
  • Make sure your Galaxy Note 9 is totally free from the troubles which are associated with the operating system
  • Don’t charge your phone from a charger that is no authorized
  • Always make sure that the phone doesn’t have applications that are causing this problem
  • The applications which have been installed from the third-party sources are to be removed immediately from the phone
  • Open the safe mode in the phone and check if things are under your control
  • Don’t wear gloves or mittens while operating the screen
  • Clean your hands properly
  • Check if the problem is caused by the transparent screen guard which most users often install on their gadgets these days
  • The screen related issues are often confused with others. Keep this thing in your mind

SIM/Network Related Problems

You can go ahead with the SIM/Network related information on common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 problems and fixes to avoid this issue.

  • First check if the services are no longer valid on the SIM just because it hasn’t been used for  a long time
  • Make sure the real reason to this problem is not the improper insertion of SIM in your phone
  • Check and make sure the problem is not there because of  a damaged SIM or the SIM tray in the phone
  • The problems related to the compatibility among the network provider and the phone variant you own can also let this to happen
  • If signal goes down all of a sudden, make sure the phone is not having the SIM card turned OFF in the settings
  • Open the network selection option and search for the network manually
  • The problem might be there just because you have mistakenly put the Airplane mode ON or might have forget to disable it
  • Check if the problem can be avoided with a simple restart
  • Make sure to go out from the basement if you are there
  • Make sure you have not changed the SIM settings in the phone
  • Always insert the SIM in the slot 1 in case you don’t use a parallel SIM

Problems with Apps Functionality

There are many bugs and errors which you have to face if you don’t pay attention to keep up the functionality of the application in the phone. Check below information about the applications related common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 problems and fixes.

  • All the apps installed in your Galaxy Note 9 should be updated
  • Their source should be nothing but the Play Store
  • Make sure not to install any app that have bad reviews on the Play Store about its UI and functionality
  • Check when the application was developed and by whom before installing it in the phone
  • Don’t change the recommended settings of the apps in the phone
  • Always store the app data in the phone memory and not in the memory card for better functionality

Quick Battery Draining & Slow Charging

The drainage of battery at a rate which is higher than what smartphones generally take to consume all the juice from the battery could be a serious problem. You can avoid the same from your Note 9 through the following methods as well as instructions.

  • Don’t charge your phone from the sources that are not compatible with the phone
  • Check if the power socket you are using is faulty
  • The same is applicable on the device charger as well
  • If you find a lot of apps are active in the background, sloe them all while charging
  • Turn OFF Wi-Fi hot spot from the phone
  • Don’t download a lot of data while charging the phone
  • Simply make sure that the phone is not having a problem with the battery in actual sense
  • Update the applications and the OS if a new version is available
  • Don’t consider multitasking at the time you have already engaged your phone for other tasks
  • Avoid using power banks that are not of genuine quality

Bad camera quality

It is not at all a big deal to manage the camera outputs until you have some basic knowledge about the functionality of the same. However, if still the images captured by you are blurry and not of desired quality, you can follow the below instructions.

  • Always select the HD mode in the camera settings
  • Make sure the problem in the camera is not there just because you are having troubles accessing it through the default app
  • Remove the third-party apps you installed to enhance the camera quality. They may not always work with the Galaxy Note 9
  • Check if the shooting mode option select in the settings is suitable as per the nearby conditions
  • If the need of camera flashlight is felt, simply go ahead with the same
  • Clean the camera lens gently and check if the problem has been gone
  • Make sure not to access the pictures and videos through an application which is not suitable
  • Focus on the object prior to capturing the snap
  • Don’t make use of the accessory with the phones that are not compatible such as a selfie stick
  • Prefer not to capture images in the burst mode

Memory/SD card related problems

Instead of using an additional SIM card, you can insert a 512 GB memory card in this phone to simply enhance your storage space. However, if there is any unfavorable situation you need to deal with, the below memory-related information on common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 problems and fixes can help you a lot.

  • Open the device screen and restart your phone simply
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because of completely filling the device internal memory. You need to keep some space free always in the default memory even if you are using a memory card
  • Check if the card you have purchased is not compatible with the Galaxy Note 9
  • Make sure the data in the card is not having any file that the phone couldn’t access
  • Check if the data is set to hidden mode in the card
  • Make sure the phone has full access to the data in the memory card
  • If there are some restrictions on inserting a third-party memory device in the phone, you need to remove them
  • Check if the same memory card works perfectly in another gadget
  • Format the card and inert it again in the phone
  • A physical damage on the card can also cause this problem

This information regarding the common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 problems and fixes simply let you deal with the unfavorable situations which you have to experience. It is not necessary all the times that all of these issues come in the phone at a sudden and you need to explore all the instructions and methods about the common Samsung Galaxy Note 9 problems and fixes. Stay tuned to our website for similar posts for other gadgets as well.



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