Common Sony Xperia R1 Plus Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Smartphones have the ability to change our life. This fact has already been proven in the current century. Well, there is nothing wrong to say that there is a contribution of a very large number of manufacturers towards this. It is very much true that the manufacturers have put a ton of sincere efforts to transform the smartphones and so does our life. Currently, there is hardly any task related to general life in which a smartphone could help us. In addition to this, a part of the credit also goes to the Android technology which has contributed a lot in this matter. Sony being one of the best manufacturers have gained a lot of reputation in the Smartphone business. One of their prime motto is quality. The fact couldn’t be denied they have always make sure of the same in all their gadgets. Today’s post is about the common Sony Xperia R1 Plus problems and fixes. You can simply get the idea about this in the paragraphs listed below.

It would be good for you to keep this thing in your mind that not all the smartphones are equal in every aspect. They have a lot of differences in their features, compatibility, abilities and so on despite having the same OS and i.e. Android. Thus, the nature of problems couldn’t be same all the time. O the other side it has been seen that in most of the cases the problems comes out in the phone mainly due to reasons associated with the Operating system and not with the hardware. Therefore you need not to worry about anything if you are paying close attention to this guide on common Sony Xperia R1 Plus problems and fixes. The fact is all the issues that have been discussed in this post are somewhere common in all the modern-day gadgets and the users have no reasons to worry about anything. Check out more information about the common Sony Xperia R1 Plus problems and fixes below.

common Sony Xperia R1 Plus problems and fixes

Common Sony Xperia R1 Plus problems and fixes

Even the most reliable smartphones can have the problems with them due to known or unknown reasons. It all depends on the way a user uses his/her smartphone. Before you continue with this guide on common Sony Xperia R1 Plus problems and fixes, it’s better to keep in mind that favorable outcomes can be assured only if you pay very close attention to the information mentioned. Following it in another manner or molding the same can lead to other problems. cannot be held responsible for the same.

Bad camera quality

Dealing with the bad camera quality problem is not at all a big deal if you know what actions can be taken in the rightful manner. Check out below instructions that are helpful in this matter for the users facing this problem.

  • It is necessary that you clean the camera lens with time
  • Make sure there are no dust and oil particles on the screen due to which the pictures are appearing unclean in terms of quality
  • Focus on the object in a right manner to get the quality snaps. It is important
  • All the smart phones come with camera settings allow you to capture picture in the High Resolution mode. Make sure you enabled the same.
  • There are different options to select in the shooting mode. Choose the one which is best in terms of present conditions.
  • Remove the screen transparent glass which is also a reason to this problem
  • Don’t clean the camera lens with a wet cloth. Always prefer dry one
  • Use the default camera app on the phone for capturing the snaps

SIM related problems

The SIM card functionality can be interrupted by various factors and you can simply go ahead with the following methods to get the things back on track again.

  • Check if the SIM card is not having a physical damage
  • Don’t use a SIM tray which is damaged or not genuine
  • Make sure the services on the SIM are enabled
  • Insert the SIM and perform a basic reboot on the phone
  • The SIM should be free from the compatibility issues as per the variant you are using
  • Turn ON the SIM if case it is set to OFF in the SIM settings
  • Open network settings and try to choose the network manually
  • Get the SIM card checked properly
  • Check if another SIM card is working fine on your phone

Performance issues

Well, performance is something which is considered as the base of smartphones. To solve this problem, the users can go ahead simply with the below guide.

  • Make sure to restart your phone daily at least once
  • Always keep some space empty in the device
  • Don’t forget to update the apps installed on your phone. It’s necessary to do so for the better performance
  • Download and install if a new version of the Os is available
  • Check if the phone is affected with a virus
  • The third-party app installed should be avoided under all the situations
  • Don’t prefer accessories which are cheap
  • Don’t set the phone on charging for long
  • Make sure the power saving mode is not enabled on the phone
  • If you use power bank, always prefer the one which is compatible with your device in all the aspects

Connectivity issues

Te reliable connectivity is relevant in modern smartphones. However, many of them faces this issues due to a diverse array of reasons. In case you are one among them, check out the methods and instructions listed below to get the outcomes.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Sony Xperia R1 Plus problems and fixes)

  • Simply turn the Bluetooth OFF and restart your phone. Now turn it ON and try to reconnect
  • Check if you have imposed any restriction on the Bluetooth or on the data transfer
  • Update the Bluetooth app in the phone
  • Clean the Bluetooth cache memory which might have not been cleaned for a long time.
  • In case the list of devices connected with the phone is too long, erase a few names from it
  • Don’t transfer large size of bulky files over Bluetooth
  • The data you are trying to exchange might be corrupt or have compatibility issues
  • Check if the Bluetooth is working properly on either of the devices
  • If you are connecting the device with yours for the first time, there might be a need to pair the device first
  • There might be other data transfer apps running in the background. Close them
  • Don’t set the Bluetooth visibility to the hidden mode on your phone

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Sony Xperia R1 Plus problems and fixes)

  • Make sure first your internet connection is not having any problem
  • Check if the allotted bandwidth hasn’t been consumed
  • Check the Wi-Fi router functionality. At the same time pay close attention to the cable connection which should be right if the router is recently installed
  • Enter the correct password on the device. Don’t forget to update in case it was changed recently
  • Make sure to disconnected a few devices from the Wi-Fi router in case there are multiple devices connected to the same
  • Stay within the antenna range
  • The Wi-Fi drivers might not be properly installed. Check the same
  • Check the signal status and make sure its proper

SD card not detected (common Sony Xperia R1 Plus problems and fixes)

To Solve the SD card related problem, the steps that can be taken into consideration are not very difficult. Check them out below.

  • Remove and Re-insert the SAD card again in the phone. This can solve the problem as the card might not be installed properly for the first time
  • Check the SD card tray is not damaged in case of a hybrid SIM card slot
  • Simply format your SD card before using it on your Sony Xperia R1 plus
  • Don’t use an SD card with more than 256GB data storing capacity. This is the maximum limit to use an SD card with this gadget
  • Maybe there is a manufacturing defect on the card. Check properly
  • Make sure it is not having problem with the quality or any sort of liquid damage
  • Check if it is working fine in the safe mode. If so, the problem is probably in the OS or apps domain of the phone

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10 (common Sony Xperia R1 Plus problems and fixes)

Smartphones can show unexpected behavior when they are connected with the Windows PC. The good thing is you can easily keep up the pace in this matter with the help of below listed methods.

  • Check and make sure the cable connection is proper
  • Restart both the devices once the cable is connected
  • Check if the USB ports are working fine on the PC> Install the latest USB drivers for the phone, as well as for the PC
  • The copy of Windows might not be genuine on the PC due to which you might be facing this issue
  • Check data compatibility with the other device
  • Make sure the security policies of the phone or the PC are not getting violated
  • The USB port might be in non-working mode
  • Always select the MTP mode on the phone when it comes to data transfer

Overheating problems

This problem is not very difficult to deal with to the users who have some basic knowledge about how to fix them easily. Here are some relevant methods to help you.

  • Avoid installed of app after a specific limit. This could be the reason to this problem
  • Avoid overcharging your phone
  • The quality and the class of accessories you use with the phone should be best
  • Don’t download heavy files through mobile data
  • Maybe the power socket you are using for charging the phone is damaged
  • The device is generating extra heat due to improper use of the device
  • Make sure there are no blocked or outdated apps are there in the phone
  • Remove the device back cover as it might also be the reason to this problem

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

To know how to solve this problem, you need not to worry a lot. Listed below are some of the methods you can proceed simply.

  • This problem could be due to the reason that some apps are not working fine in the device
  • Turn OFF all the features which are running unnecessarily at that time. This include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • In case the Wi-Fi hot spot is shared with many devices, you are facing the problem due to the very same reason
  • Don’t keep apps in the phone which are not used for a long time
  • Check if the charger/power bank you are using is authorized to use with the device
  • Don’t charge your phone with the USB all the time

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Sony Xperia R1 Plus problems and fixes)

For those who are facing this problem can simply consider the important instructions spotlighted below to get the favorable outcomes.

  • Don’t forget to clean the device screen
  • Check and update all the installed apps to their latest version
  • Take device in the Safe mode and if things are under your control now, the issue is due to apps or the OS
  • Try removing the touch screen guard and see if the problem is gone
  • Maybe the device screen is internally damaged. Get it checked
  • Check if the screen has a lot of oil and grease particles deposited on them
  • Check if the OS is up to the date
  • Make sure the screen mirroring or sharing option is not enabled.

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