Common UMIDIGI One Pro Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

In the present scenario, everyone has thousands of reasons to invest on a smartphone whenever the need of same is felt or otherwise. The fact is manufacturers all over the world have proven themselves by coming with some of the best gadgets in this category which were nothing more than reality just 10 years ago. Yes, it is totally true and in the present time we have smartphones around us that can easily enable users to perform a large section of tasks without depending on any other resource. If you have used a smartphone already, probably you are familiar with this fact. There are actually a large number of options available to those who want to make some investment on the phones. This is mainly because the overall number of manufacturers has increased up to a large extent in last few years. Probably a prospectus buyer has options to save money without compromising with the quality. One example is UMIDIGI One Pro. It is one of the best gadgets that were made available recently. It can be purchased with the closed eyes. Check out below to know more about common UMIDIGI One Pro problems and fixes.

In case you have plans to invest on this gadget, you need not to worry about anything. The fact is there is no major problems at all which this gadget has been suffering from. Actually, it has already got some of the best user’s reviews and many loyal users are enjoying this gadget simply. The problems that have been discussed in this post are because of no other reason than the bugs in the Android technology due to which most of the phones have minor problems in them. Well, same is the case with this gadget too. UMIDIGI One Pro is trustable and you have no reasons to change your plan if you are planning to invest on it. The sole purpose of this post is to introduce you to the common UMIDIGI One Pro problems and fixes so that you can avoid them whenever they declare their presence.

common UMIDIGI One Pro problems and fixes

It must be kept in mind that a few of these bugs can also be avoided by updating the phone OS if a new version is available. However, updates are not regular with most of the phones. By the time they arrive, you can trust this guide easily. Presently, the overall numbers of users who have reported the issues are very less. This clearly indicates that this is simply one of the best available phones. Check out below to know more about the common UMIDIGI One Pro problems and fixes.

Common UMIDIGI One Pro problems and fixes

There are situations when user often think that they can avoid any issue in a way that seems better than those generally mentioned in the troubleshoot guide. Thus, they mold the same very often. It would be good for you to not to follow any such practice while you are following this guide. This can lead to situations when you can find additional issues in your brand new gadget. Also, cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong with your UMIDIGI One Pro.

Earpiece sounds Robotic (common UMIDIGI One Pro problems and fixes)

You can easily avoid this issue in your phone by paying attention to the following factors that are important. Make sure to follow them properly

  • Make sure to use only those earpiece which you get with the phone or invest on one that is compatible
  • Check if the earpiece is damage
  • Make sure sound drivers are installed on the phone
  • Simply restart the gadget and check if your concern is solved
  • Open the device in the safe mode and check if the problem is gone
  • Turn OFF power saving mode if enabled and check again

Connectivity issues

Dealing with connectivity issues always seems a challenge unless the users are not familiar with the way this problem could be avoided. Because these issues are often experienced, it would be good for all the users of not just this device but all other devices also to introduce themselves with the connectivity related common UMIDIGI One Pro problems and fixes. Check them out below.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common UMIDIGI One Pro problems and fixes)

  • First of all, make sure the Bluetooth is turned ON for either of the devices
  • Check if the files you are transferring are not restricted due to virus or any other affection
  • Check if the phone security policies are violating with what you are doing
  • Check Bluetooth settings for both the devices for any sort of restrictions present in the phone
  • Open Bluetooth history, if the list of devices connected previously is too long, erase it
  • Make sure not to transfer files which are bulky
  • Disable all other parallel apps in case they are running already in the background
  • If a new update is available, switch to the same immediately
  • Simply choose to disable the power saving mode
  • While connecting the device for the first time, follow the basic procedure correctly, you may need to enter a passcode. Check if the same is entered correctly
  • The problem might be in other device
  • Reboot the phone and try again
  • Check if the Bluetooth version in your phone is compatible with the other device

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common UMIDIGI One Pro problems and fixes)

  • Simply choose to restart the router
  • Open Wi-Fi Settings from the phone, select your connection and choose to delete it. Now add it again by entering the password
  • If the overall number of phones or other devices connected with the router are huge, choose to disconnect a few. The Wi-Fi performance get affected largely with increase in overall number of devices
  • An improper cable connection can also be responsible for this. Check the router thoroughly and properly
  • Check if you have disabled the LAN connection by mistake
  • Make sure the whole bandwidth have not been consumed already
  • The services might not be active or suspended from your connection. Check it out
  • Check if the connection is stable
  • The signal strength might not be proper
  • Call an expert and reconfigure your Wi-Fi router
  • Try connecting another device with the Wi-Fi connection. If it gets connected, get your own device checked properly at an authorized service center

Bad camera quality

Camera always matter. In fact, it is the first feature about any smartphone that any user checks before deciding whether you buy it or not. This is because of the craze of capturing the snaps that made everyone involve in buying a phone with a classy camera. The problems related to same are not very complex. Check out below camera-related common UMIDIGI One Pro problems and fixes.

  • First open the Camera Settings and choose to select the HD mode for the pictures/videos
  • Simply choose to restart your phone now
  • Clean the device lens properly and gently
  • Avoid opening camera through any other app than the default camera app in the phone
  • There is a pre-installed transparent cover on the screen which you should remove from the phone when it is brand new
  • Before capturing the snap, select the best shooting mode for the situation. This wouldn’t let you compromise with the quality
  • Wherever applicable, use the camera flashlight
  • Don’t capture snaps in the burst mode
  • Focus in a right manner on the object before you capture the snap
  • Clean the device screen properly

Unexpected behavior of the apps

This is one of those problems that don’t let you perform any task if it declares its presence in your phone. Carefully check and follow the below instructions to avoid it simply from your UMIDIGI One Pro.

  • In most of the cases, this problems arrive due to virus infection in the phone
  • Open Safe mode and check if the things are under your control. If so, remove all the apps one by one and install them again
  • Select and install an antivirus app in the phone
  • Update the ones which are pending. This is strongly recommended to you
  • Avoid installation from a source which your device restricts in the first attempt
  • Always follow the user policies while using any app installed on your phone
  • Clear the cache memory of the app
  • Make sure to install them in the phone than in the SD card

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Battery problems are often daunting and bring worst experience for the user with a smartphone. Well, the fact is those which often represent themselves as battery-related faults are not always necessary to be same. The problem can be due to other reason too. Check out the list of some perfect solutions below.

  • First and the foremost, choose to update all pending applications installed in the phone
  • Make sure not to let them run in the background when the need of same is over for the time being
  • If the problem arrived after installing a specific app. Disable or remove the same. Check all of them which were installed recently
  • Always trust the Play Store for installation of the same
  • If the features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are enabled, turn them OFF
  • Prefer genuine charger only for charging your phone
  • Don’t install games which your device cannot actually handle or play properly
  • You might be sharing the device screen for long hours. Disable it if so
  • The power bank if you are using should match the device power rating
  • The problem can probably be solved with a hard reset if other methods wouldn’t work

Memory/SD card not detected in the phone

Using a microSD card in the smartphones let the users handle more data easily. Almost 70% of those who own a Smartphone use it despite having the default memory in the gadget. This is because data if kept in the micros SD card and not in the phone’s default memory, the users can simply make sure of faster transfer speed and many other pros. However, in case there are problems which you are facing, check out below how they can be avoided.

  • If the card doesn’t get detected, remove it from the phone and restart it
  • Insert it again and check if it is now working fine
  • If not, make sure you are not using a memory card which is having limit more than imposed by the manufacturer
  • The card might be left unused for a long time. If so, format it before inserting in the phone
  • Make sure there is no manufacturing defect in the card
  • Quality is the first thing you should pay attention to when it comes to buying a card
  • If the card is working fine in the safe mode, remove the apps that you haven’t used since long and install an antivirus app for scanning the data on the card. In this case the problem could be due to a few infected files or apps in the phone
  • Clean the memory card gently and make sure it has been inserted properly in the phone
  • If nothing works, try using your card in another phone or use another card in your phone to see if the problem is gone
  • If not, you obviously need to replace your card

SIM related problems (common UMIDIGI One Pro problems and fixes)

Your SIM card is the masterpiece of your phone without which it’s nothing more than a piece of bring. Therefore, it should be functional all the time. In case you are not able to detect it in the phone, go for the following methods to get things in your control.

  • Make sure all the services are active on your phone
  • Check if the power saving mode is enabled. If so, disable the same
  • Check for a compatibility issue. The phone might be facing this problem due to the very same reason
  • Check if the SIM is inserted properly. Perform a simple reboot after inserting it in the phone
  • There might be a physical damage on the SIM Slot. Check it out
  • Select the network your SIM card is registered on manually from the phone settings
  • Check if the Airplane mode is turned ON
  • The problem might be due to improper signal strength as you might be in a basement

Unresponsive Touchscreen

Fortunately there is no keypad on the modern smartphones. Operating them through the touchscreen is the only way possible. There are certain reasons why the things can go wrong with the screen. You can check them out below.

  • First check and make sure there is no physical damage caused on the device screen. Check for the internal damage too
  • If the memory of the phone is completely full, erase some data. This can also solve your concern
  • Make sure to clean the device if it is having oil and grease particles.
  • Make sure not to touch the screen while wearing mittens, gloves or with wet hands
  • Check if there is a new update available
  • Open device in the safe mode and if you find things under your control, probably it’s a software fault
  • Turn OFF the screen mirroring option if it is enabled

Performance issues (common UMIDIGI One Pro problems and fixes)

A slow performing smartphone is something that can put halt on various important tasks that matter in everyday life. The fact is many users often use their gadgets for the accomplishment of the same due to blooming dependency of our life on the World Wide Web. Thus, dealing with the problem is necessary. You can avoid this issue with the help of guide as mentioned below.

  • First perform a simple restart and check if the issue is resolved
  • May be the phone memory is completely full and the problem is there due to very same reason
  • Make sure the phone is free from any sort of virus infection
  • If the Wi-Fi hot spot is turned ON, disable it temporarily
  • Avoid downloading files which are large in size through mobile data. Prefer Wi-Fi always
  • Update all the apps to the latest version
  • Don’t use your phone while charging the same
  • Perform a hard reset if other methods wouldn’t work

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

To solve this problem, there is nothing much you need to do to get the favorable outcome. Check out the below instructions to keep the pace up simply.

  • There might be problem in the connecting cable you are using
  • Update the USB drivers in the phone simply
  • Check if the problem is there due to lose connections
  • May be the Windows installed on the PC is not genuine
  • Check and make sure there is no violation of security policies of any of the devices
  • Make sure the phone or the PC doesn’t have virus affection
  • Update the device OS

Overheating problems (common UMIDIGI One Pro problems and fixes)

This is one of the most critical issues in the modern day gadgets. The fact is different people have different lifestyles and they often use s gadget in their own way. Later or sooner this problem can declare its presence in any of the gadget if no attention is being paid on some basic factors. Check out below how this problem can be solved.

  • Avoid charging the phone beyond 85%
  • Close all the apps running in background
  • Don’t use a pirated charger or any other accessory with your phone. This can be reason to the problem you are facing
  • Make sure to charge your phone only in the manner recommended by the manufacturer
  • Check if the ventilation in the phone is proper
  • If the features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned ON for long, put them OFF
  • Remove the back cover and uninstall the apps you installed recently

This is the most relevant information about the common UMIDIGI One Pro problems and fixes. In case you need to know more about this subject or the problem you are facing is not mentioned over here, simply make a comment on the below section.



  1. I am having trouble with setting a APN. I added a new APN and did all the settings to it correctly. When I turn my Umidigi One Pro off then back on the APN I setup is gone. Any help with this?

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