Common UmiDigi Z2 Phablet Problems and Fixes-Camera, Wi-Fi, SIM Card

As we know, not everything is perfect and with the goods are there flaws as well. Today, we will be discussing about the problems that we commonly would face in the UmiDigi Z2 Phablet. This will help you with everyday issues, if any on your device.

UmiDigi Z2 Phablet

UmiDigi Z2 Phablet looks nice, like the iPhone X at the front. The twilight and phantom back is so impressive. It has four cameras and supports low-light condition for capturing more details in the dark. More importantly, the Face ID works well, and everyone around thinks that I am holding an iPhone X.

But we’re not here to talk about broken screens or water damage; it’s the niggling complications that leave you traipsing down to the tech repair shop that concern us. But armed with some knowhow, many problems can be solved at home without forking out to consult the experts.

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Common UmiDigi Z2 Phablet Problems and Fixes:

1. Atrocious  Quality of Camera:

The Camera of UmiDigi Z2 Phablet comes with a dual camera set up, One front and one back. Quad cameras, 16.0MP + 8.0MP dual back cameras and 16.0MP + 8.0MP dual front cameras, you can enjoy images with high resolution.


Although the features are all really good and enhance the quality of photo, you may at times come across some common problems with it. Here are some of the solutions to a bad quality camera experience.

  1. Search for any physical disturbance or damage on the lens.
  2. No matter with how many zillions of camera apps the Play Store is stuffed, do remember to click your pictures from the default app only.
  3. Make appropriate use of flash light available in your UmiDigi Z2 and try to configure the settings of the camera shooting mode that would be compatible with the surrounding where you will be clicking.
  4. Focus plays a crucial rule. Any picture can be garnished well if focused appropriate.
  5. If you do not come across any physical damage visible to your naked eye, check if the camera has any sort of internal damage as this may cause hindrance in the quality of it.
  6. Always choose the output mode for the pictures as HD from the Camera Settings.

2. Bluetooth Connectivity Hindrance:

With quality features also come some problems. Some of which being quite serious and others real common and easy to access. Here are some solutions if you get any such problems with the connectivity of your UmiDigi Z2 Phablet.

For Bluetooth Connectivity problems, you can try these solutions:

  1. Try toggling your Bluetooth. This is the least you can do. However, trust me this works the best in most of the cases. For extreme ones, restart your UmiDigi Z2 once (Although you would not need it.)
  2. Make a note of the status of your visibility to other users since the turned off visibility may be a reason of hindrance in connectivity with other devices. Follow the proper process required to connect to new devices.
  3. Clean the Cache of the Bluetooth App before expecting it to work great.
  4. Erase the names of previously connected devices in the history of Bluetooth.
  5. Do not forget to close the apps that have access to Bluetooth running in the background.
  6. Do not rush at once to share a huge amount of files.
  7. Disable Power Saving Mode if it is enabled.
  8. The last option is to reset your device but make sure you have a backup of your whole data first. I do not think you would want to loose any of it.

3. Wi-Fi not connecting:

With the internet an essential part of everyday modern life, not being able to get online could be the most frustrating Android problem. More often than not, though, we’ve found that the problem is easily fixed, and usually doesn’t indicate something wrong with your device. Many a times, we face problems connecting to the internet in spite of the Android smartphone being connected to the Wi-Fi.

  1. This may solve the problem. Just go to Wi-Fi > Settings > Menu > Advanced and choose to stay connected to Wi-Fi during sleep.
  2. Check the router name, especially if you’re living in a crowded area where there might be more than one router of the same brand in close proximity.
  3. Some wireless routers have limits on how many devices can connect, so you can either ask others to disconnect or simply turn the router off and on again. The latter option is the first to turn to in case of problems with the router itself, which is a whole different kettle of fish with a separate set of solutions.
  4. Alternatively, you can restart your Android smartphone and Wi-Fi router or enable Airplane mode for at least a minute. Then, again try to connect with your Android smartphone to Wi-Fi.
  5. Open the connection profile you are willing to connect. Click on it and then click on ‘Forget’, Search for it again and reconnect with it.
  6. Make sure that there isn’t any physical damage caused to the modem. Check for the configuration of the modem as well. If it isn’t wireless, check the cable connection and know if the wires are connected properly or not.

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4. Insensible Touch Screen

The display type of UmiDigi Z2 is OGS (One Glass Solution) Curved Glass. It has a multi touch support. UMIDIGI Z2 as a phablet features 6.2 inch display afford you a vivid and different visual experience
2160×1080 Pixels resolution. At times you face problems regarding the Unresponsiveness of the screen and at those times, you can try some of these following methods to overcome it.

  1. Wipe off the dirt or irregular particles or oil or water of the screen, if any.
  2. A damaged screen may also be a cause for the screen not working effectively.
  3. Choose to close all apps running in the background after this.
  4. Keep updated with the Android Operating System version.
  5. Open the phone in the safe mode and check if there are issues you are facing now.
  6. Check if you don’t have the entire memory of the phone filled with data.

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5. Google Play errors

Google Play Store is the main hub for downloading apps in Android devices. For instance, if you are getting error like not downloading an app from the Google Play Store, then your smartphone may have a serious problem. When you are unable to download Android apps, you can’t do anything in android mobile. Just follow some simple methods to sort out these errors.

  1. You need to remove and add your Google Account. Removing it and adding your account can solve your problems within minutes.
  2. You can clear the data and Cache of Google Play Store and Services. This will fix the problems.
  3. If the problem still persists, then you need to head over Google Play Store in “Apps” and select the option of “Uninstall Updates.”

6. Key board not working well:

It’s one of the most essential parts of an Android device – the keyboard – vital for browsing the web and sending messages on a variety of apps. The “Unfortunately, Android Keyboard has stopped” message can crop up from time to time, but there are some simple fixes.

  1. Restarting your keyboard (Settings> Apps> Force Stop) is one option, as is just restarting your device. More often than not, either of these solutions should fix things. Once again, clearing your cache is an option, following the same instructions as our other cache-clearing fixes.
  2. Sometimes an outdated app can be the problem, so if your device doesn’t download updates automatically, check for any new updates in the Play Store. It might also be the case that your device itself needs an update, so check Settings >About Device >Software/System Update.
  3. If problems persist, there are always third-party apps or the dreaded factory reset.

7. SIM Card oriented issues:

With a dual SIM Slot, you get the all G support as well in the UmiDigi Z2 Phablet. There is a dual SIM support with Nano+Nano or micro SD. Since SIM cards tend to play the most vital role in any Smart phone, any problem regarding the same can  affect you way too much. So if you come across any such thing, here is a reference:

  1. Know if you have inserted the SIM card properly into its respective slot or not.
  2. See if the SIM Card is anywhere physically damaged.
  3. Go to the Phone Settings and choose network manually.
  4. Check for the Compatibility issues, if any.
  5. At times, the card might have an operating frequency which doesn’t tend to match the handset.
  6. There might be a chance that the SIM Card slot is damaged physically.
  7. Check that you are not using your phone in the phone mode.
  8. Disable the Flight Mode if its on in case.
  9. The problem can also occur due to low signal strength.

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8. Games not working On UmiDigi Z2:

The main reason for such an error in an Android smartphone could be due to the device not supporting that particular game. Always ensure that the game you want to download is compatible with your UmiDigi Z2 phablet.. Another reason for the games not running is because of insufficient RAM space in Android smartphone. Use Clean Master for boosting games in Android mobile.


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9. Apps behaving erratically:

You may find out that your apps are causing your UmiDigi Z2 Phablet to lag. This issue if unresolved may cause a lot of trouble to you later on. Your apps are the biggest contributors to your smart phone experience. They can both enhance or ruin its usage. Hence to deal with problems related to that, here are some of the ways you can go through and Try.

  1. The easiest of all options is to restart your phone and check again if the issue no longer exists.
  2. Always make sure that you are using them following all the policies for the regular apps.
  3. Clear the cache memory of all the apps you have installed in your phone.
  4. Update the apps that need to be.
  5. Check and make sure if the apps are present in the third-party memory. If that is the case, then switch them to the phone’s default memory.
  6. Avoid installation from the third-party sources.

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10. Insufficient Storage Available:

UmiDigi Z2 provides limited storage for apps and we don’t have the authority to expand it. Sooner or later, every Android device owner faces the problem of insufficient space.

There is only one solution to this problem and that is to start uninstalling unnecessary application on your Android. Yes, sure there are hundreds of applications in Google Play Store that helps you clean up your storage. But, in order to remove that little disturbing icon of insufficient space storage on the top of your notification bar, you will need to uninstall the cleaning application as well. So, what’s the point in installing that space cleaning app?

Hence, instead of installing unnecessary cleaning apps, why not clean up the space from your Android device? To start off, go to Settings > Storage > Internal Storage > Cached Data. You will now see a confirmation window. Simply tap on Ok and you are good to go.

11. Undesirably Hot Phone Surface:

Number of factors like Environment temperature exceeding 25 degree Celsius, not a compatible phone cover,  battery problems or over usage or too many apps running in the background and consuming the memory and so on.  But if this isn’t fixed, it may lead to a number of issues later on involving the biggest of voiding the warranty of your device. Never mind, here is something you can give a shot to get over with:

  1. Problematic functionality of hardware may be one common reason for this issue. However, this doesn’t mean your device is actually facing a major hardware glitch.
  2. It is always better to stay an arm away from duplicate products for your device like cheap low quality chargers, power banks.
  3. Removal of the back cover on the phone can help to heal this problem.
  4. Phone data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a number of applications running in the background could be a reason the phone might be over heated.
  5. Make sure you are using the most updated version of your phone.
  6. Do not conduct the transfer of a huge number of files and data at a time and especially while charging the device.
  7. A factory reset will be the last option and if that doesn’t solve your concern, probably you need to call an expert.

12. Deduced battery Life:

The most notable part about UmiDigi Z2 Phablet is indeed its battery performance. A battery of 3500mAh that can be fully charged in some 3 Hours. It has quite good battery for super endurance. The everlasting power supporting makes your work and entertainment more exiting.Even then if you come across any problems or inconvenience, you can try these methods as per your situation:

  1. The fast drainage of battery reflects a lot of apps are running in the background and some features such as hotspot are turned ON quickly.
  2. If possible for you, keep mobile data OFF when not in use.
  3. If you remember the last app you installed after which the problem arrives, un-install the same.
  4. Don’t play games which are complex and consume more space and data.
  5. In case screen sharing option is ON, turn it OFF.
  6. Don’t charge your phone in a manner that is not recommended by the manufacturer.
  7. Always charge your phone with the original charger.
  8. Make sure the problem is not there due to faulty power socket, power bank, charging cable or the charging adapter.

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13. GPS Related Issues:

Our next common Android problem is with the global positioning system – another issue related to connectivity. It’s another important one, with many common apps relying on knowing your location.

  1. As with many of the other common problems, simply toggling the GPS on and off can be a quick fix. The same goes for toggling Airplane mode, which applies to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi too.
  2. Some phone cases can obstruct GPS signals, so try removing that. If that’s the problem then you have a trade-off to make, or you can simply seek out a phone case that doesn’t have the same effect.
  3. Android devices have several GPS modes (from the least accurate “device only” to “battery saving” and “high accuracy”), so be sure to check that yours is set to one optimal for your navigational needs.
  4. Lastly, and as with Bluetooth, cache files can corrupt and cause your Android’s GPS to behave abnormally. Head to Settings | Apps and find your mapping app to clear your cache.

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14 .Android Files Transfer not Working:

The go-to method for transferring files between Android devices and MAC, the Android File Transfer (AFT) app can throw up a plethora of frustrating error messages. From “could not connect to device” to “can’t access device storage” or “could not copy file”, the app has us scratching our heads in confusion more than anything else.

  1. First things first – make sure your device is supported. AFT works on computers running OS X 10.5 and above, while the connected Android device must be running Android 3.0 and up, so be sure to check what your device is running.
  2. It may seem obvious, but cables can be the root cause of connection problems. Check for frays or splits in the cable itself, as well as any problems with the connectors.

15. Your phone gets wet:

You should disassemble your phone taking out the cover, the battery, memory card and SIMs out of it. Place all of these components of your Android device in a big bowl of rice. The rice grains will naturally absorb all water and leave your phone dry in a few hours. You may assemble everything back and have your Android phone in working condition. If it doesn’t work, you’ll need to visit a service center.

Final Words:

Hope you guys found the article useful! I assume you may have got solved all the common problems you faced or facing or you can solve these common problems if they occur in near future with your UmiDigi Z2 . If you come across any queries or if you have got any suggestions  for us, you are all welcome! We will be glad to help you out.

For more such Android, technology, iPhone related update, make sure you have subscribed to our Newsletter to not miss any!

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  1. Hi, great article but hasn’t provided a solution to my problem. My Umidigi Z2 will connect to my MetaVoice M1 v1.30 car kit automatically via Bluetooth but then drops the connection especially on motorways. Each time you reconnect it lasts for just a few minutes and drops out again. The car kit searches for the phone but is unable to find it so you have to connect manually, which then drops out again and again. I havent been able to find a solution but know it isnt the car kit as two other phones work perfectly well with it.

  2. My camera (the default camera) has not worked since I got the phone. An error msg displays “can’t connect to camera. Try closing all apps that use camera or flashlight.” Yet, all apps are closed. I’ve tried clearing cashe/data- still nothing. Others apps that have camera do not work.. the camera on Facebook msgr does not work either. Any troubleshooting suggestions?

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