Common Vernee V2 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

In the present time, everyone needs a smartphone and there is no need to mention why. Well, there are a very large number of reasons for that and because almost every task we humans perform is becoming largely dependent on technology, the need of some amazing gadgets that enable us to perform this task is always there. Many smartphone manufacturing companies are present in the International market currently and everyone is struggling a lot to attract the attention of the user. Although modern gadgets are simply the best, different users have different needs which manufacturers have to take care of. In this post, I will introduce you to the common Vernee V2 problems and fixes.

As more and more smartphones are coming to the users, there is an increase in the common problems they bring with them. As already mentioned, different users have different needs and they use their gadgets for different tasks, most of the issues are unique in nature. However, it is possible to remove them simply from the device. Also, modern devices are purely based on Android Technology and most of the widgets available in the market which are based on Android have some problems associated with them. If you are using the Vernee V2, there might be chances you are facing one or all the issues mentioned in this post. Check out the common Vernee V2 problems and fixes below.

common Vernee V2 problems and fixes

It is a device which is based on Android Oreo 8.0 and this is one of the leading reasons why more and more people are buying it. The octa-core 2.0 GHz has been provided in this gadget to assure performance irrespective of the task one wants to perform. One of the prime contributors to the processor for the performance is the massive 6GB RAM. Yes, you read the right it has this RAM available with it. As far as the matter of memory is concerned, users can store upto 64GB of data in it. It has a 5.99-inch screen to display the content reliably and without compromising with the pixels.

You can easily keep up the pace when it comes to battery backup as it has a 5800mAh battery installed on it. Probably this configuration is good but still this device has some common issues associated with them. Gaining knowledge about the common Vernee V2 problems and fixes simply enable you to deal with most of the glitches you are facing. It would also be kept in mind that most of the issues discussed in this post are due to OS-related bugs and errors. There is hardly any chance that this device is having a hardware problem associated with it.

Common Vernee V2 problems and fixes

Most of the information about the common Vernee V2 problems and fixes you find in this post has been tested. However, you cannot held responsible for anything that goes wrong due to your own mistake while following this guide.

Connectivity issues

Dealing with the connectivity related glitches that you are facing is not a big deal. Although we all know that such issues can make the device totally useless, it is actually possible to avoid them all in no time. Check out the instructions below to help you in this matter.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Vernee V2 problems and fixes)

  • You first need to check if the problem could be avoided with a simple restart. If not, proceed further
  • Open Bluetooth Settings and see if the connection is visible to all the nearby Bluetooth connections. If there is any restriction, remove it
  • Clear the Bluetooth Cache
  • You immediately need to disable the power saving mode in case it is enabled due to any reason. This is important sometime to avoid the Bluetooth connectivity related issues
  • Modern devices often keep a list of previously connected device. You need to delete the same sometime as there is a limit on it and upon exceeding the same, devices wouldn’t let users to connect them with other gadgets for reliable Bluetooth data transfer

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Vernee V2 problems and fixes)

  • Make sure there is no problem in the Wi-Fi router you are using
  • Check if the Wi-Fi antenna is in proper working condition in your device
  • Make sure you enter the correct password. Users often forget to update the same in phone after changing it
  • If the problem is not resolved, simply forget the connection and connect your device with it again
  • Check out the status of network on your connection
  • Clear the cache memory of the device

Performance issues

Modern gadgets are manufactured to deliver world class performance. However, they have many reasons to not to make sure of the same. If you have such an experience with this device, here are the methods to help you simply

  • Don’t fill the storage completely
  • Don’t use the phone while charging
  • Avoid all the unnecessary apps from the phone
  • Always keep some space empty on the default memory storage
  • Don’t hold the updates for too long
  • Always use genuine accessories

Bad camera quality

The Vernee V2 smartphone comes with a dual front and a dual rear camera which makes this device totally free from most of the camera related issues. However, a few users have complained about the glitches they are having with this device camera. If you are one among them, you can go ahead with the following methods and instructions

  • Avoid using any other app than the default which is pre-installed in the device
  • Always update the apps on time. Pendency create several issues
  • Select the appropriate shooting mode based on the conditions
  • Always set the camera settings to high-resolution
  • There should be no dust in the camera lens
  • Make sure you have removed the transparent cover from the front and back of the phone. This comes pre-installed with new devices
  • Don’t completely fill the device memory. Always keep some empty space
  • Make sure the back cover is not covering a part of camera lens

No SD card detected

To solve these issues, check out the methods below

  • You can extend the memory of this device by upto 256 GB. Make sure the memory card you are using is in this limit range
  • Your memory card should be damaged physically or through liquid
  • Always use the genuine and quality products
  • Make sure there is no physical damage on the memory card slot and on the card itself
  • Format your card and re-insert it again in your device. This often solves the issues users experiences
  • Examine the unexpected files present on it. If you find any, delete the same

SIM related problems

The SIM related problems are becoming quite common. Not just in Vernee V2 but in most of the other devices also. Here are some recommended methods to avoid it.

  • Check the status of services and network on the SIM card first
  • This problem can be solved with a simple restart
  • You can select the network manually by opening the Settings and then opening Network Selection option. This can probably solve the issue
  • There should be no physical damage on your SIM card and in the device SIM slot
  • For better performance, it is always suggested to get the SIM card replaced before you insert it in any new device

Overheating problems

Most people think that overheating problems in the device are the result of the battery. Well, the fact is these problems declare their presence most of the time because of no other reason than one and i.e. release of excessive heat when device is performing the concerned tasks. Check out the useful information about overheating related common Vernee V2 problems and fixes in the below points

  • You might have recently installed an app on your phone. Check out the status of the problem after removing the same
  • Reboot your device and see if it is solved
  • The charger you are using should be genuine quality. Avoid charging the phone with other chargers
  • Install the pending updates immediately if any
  • Don’t forget to clear the cache of the device
  • Remove the back cover and see if the overheating problem is resolved
  • Don’t invest in cheap power banks

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

Battery-related and slow charging problems are becoming quite common in the current time. Even this device has a 5800mAh battery as already mentioned, users are not in a position to get the desired backup. This is because of so many reasons and factors that can affect the performance of the same. You can boost your knowledge about battery related common Vernee V2 problems and fixes in the below section

  • Remove all the unwanted applications if you have installed on your device
  • Installation of Custom Rom could also be the reason of this issue
  • Update your device if the same is pending. Most of the updates are meant to enhance the overall performance and avoid problems like these
  • Make sure there is no virus or inauspicious files present in your phone
  • Don’t turn ON notifications for all the apps. This will consume unnecessary battery in the gadget
  • Don’t enhance brightness beyond a limit
  • If you use camera flash frequently, this could also be the reason of this problem
  • Clean the charging port of the phone
  • Make sure the power plug or socket you use is not faulty
  • Always use the genuine power bank in case you have the one
  • Avoid installation of apps from other platforms than recommended

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

To solve this issue, here are the steps that can help you

  • Use another earpiece of high quality and see if the issue is resolved
  • Simply restart your gadget
  • During a phone call, press the volume up button. This will make the sound loud for the listener

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Vernee V2 problems and fixes)

This device has a massive 5.99-inch screen which has been reported to bring a dynamic experience for the users. However, a few have reported about the issues they are having with the same. Here are some methods to help you keep up the pace against this problem

  • Reboot your device and install all the pending updates
  • Clean the screen and make sure no oil and dust particles are there
  • Don’t touch screen when your hands are greasy or oily
  • Perform a self-check for the physical damage. Even the minor one could be the reason of this issue
  • Remove the screen guard immediately
  • Proceed with a hard reset if the problem is still there

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

There are several important tasks that can only be performed easily when a device is connected with the PC through a cable connection. In case there are issues you are facing which are related to this, you can trust the following methods and instructions

  • Set the USB configuration is set to MTP
  • Always make sure that you have the latest USB driver installed on your phone
  • Enable developers option on the phone and enable USB debugging
  • Make sure the connecting cable or the ports doesn’t have a physical damage
  • The Windows installed on your PC should be genuine
  • Remove any restrictions on connections from both smartphone and PC if there is any

This is all that you should know about the common Vernee V2 problems and fixes. There might be other issues which you are experiencing. If so, do let us know in the comment section below. I will try to provide you best answer to all the concerns related to the common Vernee V2 problems and fixes.


  1. Hey Pearl,
    I’ve the Vernee V2 Pro. I don’t know if this is the same but I’m a little bit helpless.
    For me it’s a bug but it seems like it’s programmed like this:
    Everytime I read a document (fixed) or I’m writing on a messenger switching between screen with keyboard and without keyboard the brightness changes gradually just a little bit but you notice it.
    I’ve no automatic brightness and power save mode and on forum sites other users have the same problem with Samsung etc.
    I don’t know if I should contact Vernee (the support site is not save) or just a local repair service because I don’t believe that this can be fixed so easily

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