Common Xiaomi Mi 6 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

There is nothing wrong to say that since last few years, Chinese smartphone manufacturers have enhanced their presence in the international smartphone market up to a great extent. Even sales of some of the well-established brands such as Apple and Samsung has gone down vewith the introduction of a few amazing devices by them. One of the well-reputed and in fact most respected manufacturer which has become the third name after Apple and Samsung is Xiaomi. Probably you are familiar with them and the devices they have introduced at very competitive prices. This is actually one of the factors that have contributed to their success. Almost all their devices have become highly successful and one example is Xiaomi MI 6. Today we will introduce you to the common Xiaomi MI 6 problems and fixes.

There is no doubt that this is one of the finest gadgets available till date. Although it was launched in April 2017, still many users are there who are using it. Like all the Android-based gadgets, it has a few common problems which the users are now frequently reporting. The fact is MI 6 is not having any hardware issue or a manufacturing glitch in it but most of the issues that have been reported are due to OS related bugs. In case you are facing them and need to boost your knowledge about the common Xiaomi MI 6 problems and fixes, this post is for you.

The Xiaomi Mi 6 is a well-known device. It has a 2.45GHz processor that always make sure that all the tasks assigned to the device are accomplished in the shortest possible time. The 5.15-inch display is capable to offer a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which is pretty good. The 6GB RAM is another feature that always let the users to assure that they can expect performance irrespective of the task they perform through this device.

Xiaomi Mi 6 comes with a 12MP primary and an 8MP secondary camera and those who love capturing snaps can simply keep up the pace with the same. The 3350mAh battery always makes sure of a full day backup even if the device is used for most of the time. The device is currently running on Android 7.1.1 Nougat (MIUI 9). Despite having stunning specifications, a few issues are becoming quite common. Check out the common Xiaomi MI 6 problems and fixes in the below paragraphs.

Common Xiaomi MI 6 problems and fixes

One thing which you need to keep in mind is all the information mentioned in this post about the common Xiaomi MI 6 problems and fixes is tested. However, still, cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong. Before you adopt any method related to the common Xiaomi MI 6 problems and fixes mentioned in this post, be clear of this fact.


Apps not working properly

Many times it has been seen that certain apps stop working or crashed too frequently on a device. If this is a problem with your Xiaomi Mi 6, you can try the following methods to fix this issue

  • If the apps are not updated, first of all perform this task
  • Next is to update the operating system of the phone
  • You need to disable the installation of apps from the sources which are not recommended
  • Open main Settings>more networks>mobile network>access point names. Tap APN and then change the APN protocol to IPv4/IPv6

Earpiece sounds robotic

All Xiaomi devices don’t come with earphones in the box when you purchase them. This makes most of the users proceed with other brand earphones on their device which in fact is the true reason responsible for this issue. Thus, you should stop using the same. In case the problem is still there, try the following methods.

  • For making a phone call, try using another earpiece to see if the problem still exists
  • Press the volume up button to make the sound louder.
  • Performa  simple reboot
  • In the issue is still there, perform a hard reset

Performance issues

The Xiaomi MI 6 has been provided with a powerful 2.45GHz processor and a 6GB RAM for performance. However, if still your device is not meeting the desired level of performance, you can proceed with the methods as suggested below.

  • Clean the main memory of the phone. Don’t keep files and data that you no longer need
  • Clean the phone against affected files of virus
  • Make sure that your device ROM is not fully filled. If you fill it completely, of course it will put some burden on the processor and on the RAM which could lead to this problem
  • Never use phone while it is on charging mode
  • Perform factory rest if you cannot fix the same. Probably you will find significant improvements after performing the same. However, as mentioned earlier, don’t forget to save the device data.

Connectivity issues

There are many times when smartphones fails to connect to the Wi-Fi and with other devices through Bluetooth. Most users think that the device is having hardware problem when this happens. However, this is not always true. The connectivity issues related to the Bluetooth as well as to the Wi-Fi can simply be fixed with the methods suggested below.

Wi-Fi issues

  • First, try a simple reboot
  • Forget the connection and fill details again
  • Check there is no error due to mismatched authentication details
  • The problem might be in connecting cable, router,
  • Make sure the router is not configured wrongly
  • If the problem is not solved, proceed with a factory restore.

Bluetooth Problems

  • The very first thing you need to do is to make sure that there is no power saving mode enabled on your MI 6.
  • Turn the Bluetooth of your device ON and OFF.
  • If the problem is still there, Open Bluetooth Settings and clear the cache.
  • Restart your device.
  • Delete some files from the history
  • The device might be already conected to another device
  • Make sure you enter the correct passcode

Poor camera quality

Poor camera quality is a problem that you might be facing in your Xiaomi MI 6 due to some unexpected reasons. Try the following to eliminate the same.

  • Clean the camera lens gently. This is the leading reason for this issue
  • Make sure you tear the transparent cover from the screen and front the back which is installed on the new devices
  • The camera shooting mode is to be selected depending upon the nearby light conditions
  • Always set the flash to automatic mode
  • Focus on the object first by clicking on the screen before you press capture button

Windows 10 doesn’t recognize the device

First of all see if you have the latest USB drivers installed on your device. If not, proceed with it immediately. Next major factor that can be the reason of this problem is a faulty or a damaged USB cable. If the problem still exists, following methods can be taken into consideration to eliminate the same.

  • Simply restart the device after creating the connection
  • If the problem is not resolved, try connecting it to the other parallel port
  • Make sure the USB ports are clean
  • Install latest updates for the USB drivers
  • Change USB configuration to MTP. For this, you may need to take your device to the Developer mode

Slow charging

The slow charging on the Xiaomi MI 6 could be due to reasons which many times are totally unexpected. Most of the times, this issue is gone with a simple reboot. In case it’s not, the following methods probably help you to keep up the pace

  • Check if the charging adapter is on proper working condition. Try charging another device with it.
  • The problem might be in the power socket you are using
  • Make sure your connecting cable is free from fault
  • Clean the connector on your device gently with a cloth. We recommend you to perform this task safely.
  • Make sure all the apps in the background are closed.
  • Perform a hard rest or need to get it checked at an authorized repair shop

Overheating issue (common Xiaomi MI 6 problems and fixes)

Well, the fact is an overheating device can create several other issues. Taking paying immediate attention to the same is important. Following are some of the suggested instructions to you that can probably help in avoiding this problem for sure.

  • Turn OFF the charger once the device is completely charged
  • Install latest version of all the apps in the phone
  • Don’t use the charger which is unauthorized
  • Check the status of the RAM. If the apps running in the background are putting a burden on it, close them simply

Battery draining quickly

A fast draining battery always seems to a hardware fault in the battery. However, this is not always true. Before you go to a repair shop to get the battery checked thoroughly, try the following methods to eliminate this issue

  • Simply restart your phone. Most of the time this basic trick solve this concern
  • Close all the apps that are running in the background
  • May be the device hotspot is turned ON
  • Don’t share the internet connection with too many devices
  • Always clean the cache memory of the device
  • Make sure the device OS and the apps are up to date

SIM related problems ( common Xiaomi MI 6 problems and fixes)

First make sure that the SIM is inserted in the device in a proper manner. Many users often end up damaging the SIM while inserting the same in the device through the SIM tray. Therefore you should perform this task gently. If everything seems ok regarding the same, try the following methods

  • Check if your SIM is having all the services active on it
  • There might be  aphysical damage on the SIM
  • If the network doesnt appear, select it manually from the settings
  • If it is too old, get it replaced before you use it in your brand new device
  • Make sure there are no compatibility issues related to the frequency

This is all that you should know about the common Xiaomi MI 6 problems and fixes. If there is any other problem that you are currently experiencing with your device, you can let us know about the same. We will further boost your knowledge about the common Xiaomi MI 6 problems and fixes by providing you the best possible solution to your reported issue.



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