Common Yu Yunique 2 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Using a smartphone has been a need in the modern life and in fact, it is no longer an option. The present gadget phones are designed to enable the users get the best out of them to make their life more superior and smooth. They come with a lot of benefits than just making and receiving the phone calls. Well, those days are actually gone and probably you have idea about the same. There are many manufacturers in the world now and they have challenged some of the well-established brands in the market already. This is due to the reason they offer similar features in their gadgets with very low price. A large section of users these days look for those gadgets that can enable them use something new to the market within the lowest possible price. One such name is Yu Yunique. The Yu Yunique 2 is actually a stylish smartphone that has been loaded with some of the best features and in fact the best configuration. In this post, I will introduce all you readers to the common Yu Yunique 2 problems and fixes.

This smartphone has gained a lot of attention of the users just after its launch in the July 2017. It runs on Android Nougat 7.0 and is a superior device in terms of other specifications as well. It comes with a 2GB RAM and a 1.3GHZ quad-core processor. This indicates it’s a decent device for those with middle budget. Although it is good enough to be trusted for the long run, there are a few issues that have been reported by a few users with this phone. Actually, they are common to all other modern gadgets as well. Keeping your knowledge about the common Yu Yunique 2 problems and fixes up to the date simply let you deal with the concerned problems yourself. It would also be good for you to keep it in mind that no major hardware problems have been reported so far with this device. The reported one are minors and have simple reasons for their origination. Therefore, you can stay calm if you own this device. To find the permanent solution to the problem you are facing, check out more details about the common Yu Yunique 2 problems and fixes below.

common Yu Yunique 2 problems and fixes

Common Yu Yunique 2 problems and fixes

Following any guide for smartphone troubleshoot is not always easy for all the users despite having simple and reliable steps. Actually, this often frustrates them and especially when the desired outcomes don’t appear. Well, you need to keep a lot of patience actually otherwise you can invite other troubles to the phone. We at cannot be held responsible for anything that goes wrong with the phone while following this guide about common Yu Yunique 2 problems and fixes in a careless manner.

Bad camera quality

The camera quality is of prime importance in any modern gadget. Without having the same, a device cannot be provided the tag of best available smartphone even if it is launched by a well-known manufacturer. Therefore paying attention to the camera problems is mandatory. You can simply check out below that actions can be taken against the poor camera quality.

  • Avoiding the blur from the pictures is the first thing you should make sure of. The simplest way that can be considered for this is focusing on the object before the picture is actually clicked.
  • The shooting mode should be selected as per the light and other conditions
  • The users need to make it sure that the camera lens should be kept clean from the dust and finger prints
  • It is necessary to update the camera app whenever a new version is made available for a smooth and reliable experience with the camera quality
  • The device screen should be cleaned gently. Many users often confuse the unclean screen with the poor camera quality
  • Don’t install a blurry transparent cover on the phone’s screen
  • The camera output settings should be selected to provide “High Resolution” pictures.

Connectivity issues

Connectivity is another important feature in the phone that largely matters and is always used by the users. In fact, more than 70% tasks on a phone can only be performed if the device is free from connectivity issues. This is because almost every task in the present time that a smartphone can perform depends largely on the internet. The Wi-Fi is one of the best features in the phones when it comes to experiencing a stable internet speed.

Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Yu Yunique 2 problems and fixes)

  • Open Bluetooth settings and look for any data restrictions
  • Make sure to set the device visibility to “shown to all nearby devices” from the same settings
  • Don’t send the corrupt files or data with virus through the Bluetooth. Install an antivirus app in the phone and check the same
  • The device shouldn’t have outdated Bluetooth app in it
  • Make sure not to allow the parallel apps run in the background which you might have installed from other sources such as Play Store
  • The fault could be in the device Bluetooth antenna
  • The power saving mode is a feature which shouldn’t be disabled while transferring data through the Bluetooth
  • Remove the device and try pairing it again after restarting your phone

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Yu Yunique 2 problems and fixes)

  • Make sure the router is in proper working condition
  • Maybe the services are suspended on your internet connection by the service provider
  • Check if the signal strength is weak
  • Make sure not to connect too many devices with the router
  • Check the Wi-Fi configuration is correct
  • Enter the password correctly in case it is recently changed
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi drivers are installed and are working fine
  • Maybe the device Wi-Fi antenna is physically damaged on the phone
  • Slow internet speed could be the other possible reason to this problem

SIM related problems

The SIM card shows non functionality due to a very large number of reasons. You can pay attention to the below guides and methods to get the things back on track in case you are facing the problems.

  • Make sure the SIM card is in proper working condition before you actually insert the same in the phone
  • Check and make sure the services haven’t been barred on your SIM
  • Open the Network settings and check if the SIM card is not turned OFF. Also check if the problem is resolved upon manual network selection
  • Maybe there is a minor damage on the SIM card or on the tray holding the same
  • Maybe you haven’t used the card for a long time
  • Get it replaced in case no other method work for you

SD card not detected (common Yu Yunique 2 problems and fixes)

The use and demand of SD cards are blooming due rise and change in the needs of users. Gone are those days when 1GB SD cards were sufficient. These days smartphone manufacturer allow user to enhance the storage simply with an SD card upto a good extent. Check out below what to do in case you face the problems.

  • Restart the device after removing the SD card from the same
  • Make sure you invest on a quality product that is free from all form of compatibility issues
  • Check if the SD card is having a minor or  a major damage on the same
  • Clean the card gently before inserting it in the phone
  • Make sure to insert it correctly
  • Open the device and check if the card is now working fine
  • Check in case the data in the card is affected by the virus
  • Format the card and reinsert
  • If the problem is still there, you need to replace the same.

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10

Many smartphones face this problem due to several reasons. Well, in case yours is also facing it, you can go ahead with the methods, as well as the instructions which are pointed below.

  • First of all check the cable connection is proper.
  • Next thing to pay attention is whether the cable you are using is in proper working condition
  • Restart your gadget and see if the problem is gone
  • Try connecting another phone with the PC and see if the things are now under control
  • Make sure not to use any pirated accessory for attaching
  • The connection created must be stable
  • Update the USB drivers in case they are not
  • Make sure to select the appropriate mode on the phone after connecting it with PC. Not all the phones select the same automatically and needs manual intervention of the user.

Overheating problems (common Yu Yunique 2 problems and fixes)

If you are facing this problem with your gadget, you can pay attention to the methods which are listed below to help you to get the favorable results in no time.

  • Avoid overcharging your phone
  • Don’t install a very large number of apps in the phone. This often keeps the RAM busy/engaged with the same and the smartphone faces this problem while performing other tasks
  • Don’t use the low quality power banks or the charger with your phone. This can be the reason to this issue
  • There might be apps which are outdated or blocked. Check them out and take appropriate action
  • Always prefer Play store when it comes to installation of the apps in the phone
  • A hard reset is the last option to help you if other methods wouldn’t work

Unresponsive Touchscreen

This seems to be a major hardware problem in the phone to most of the users. Well, the fact is 5.0-inch screen installed on this phone has many other reason to become functional and thus before jumping to any conclusion, you should check out the below methods and instructions that seems to provide favorable outcomes in this matter.

  • The first thing is downloading and installing all the apps which are outdated in the phone
  • The device is directly to be taken in the safe mode for checking whether the problem is in screen or in another domain
  • Make sure not to put pressure on the screen.
  • Remove mittens in case you have wear them while operating the phone
  • The screen is to be cleaned properly against the oil, as well as the grease particles
  • In case the transparent screen guard is too old and need to be replaced, do it immediately
  • Make sure the device memory is not full
  • Take your device to a nearby authorized service center to get it checked

Performance issues (common Yu Yunique 2 problems and fixes)

There are many reasons why smartphone shows slow or low performance with time. There are no real benefits of exploring the same. Thus you should follow the methods to avoid the problems than spending more time finding the real cause. Some methods to help you are spotlighted below.

  • Restart the device first of all and see if the problem is gone
  • Make sure the default memory of the phone is not completely filled
  • Make sure to update all the apps in the phone
  • Update the OS version simply
  • Avoid using the low quality accessories with the phone
  • The slow performance could be due to a large number of apps installed in the phone
  • Make sure the phone is not running in the safe mode.
  • Last option is to perform a hard reset

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

This is a problem which often gives users a lot of reasons to worry when the same is realized in the phone. Well, the good thing is it is possible to take some basic actions to avoid the same provided the issues in actually not in the battery. There are other problems which affect the performance of battery in the phone and thus you can first proceed with the below guide to get the things back on track.

  • Don’t put the phone on charging for the long hours which can often result in this problem.
  • Make sure not to use the phone when it is downloading the data or when it is charging
  • Maybe the Wi-Fi hot spot is turned ON while charging
  • The charging speed through the PC USB could be slow. Don’t always prefer the same
  • Avoid downloading bulky files
  • Update all the apps in the phone
  • Perform hard reset and check if the problem is gone.

That’s all about the common Yu Yunique 2 problems and fixes. You can post a comment on the below section in case you need to know more about the common Yu Yunique 2 problems and fixes.

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