How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Laptop Quick and Easily

Do you want to connect your Bluetooth speaker to your windows computer.? in case you are not tech-savvy and don’t know how to do that, then I will help you out through this guide. You have to make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your PC. Similarly, the Bluetooth speaker that you wish to connect should also be turned on. When both have Bluetooth enabled on them then pairing the duo becomes easier.

It’s the era of wireless connection and everyone is using Bluetooth output devices. This includes Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and in-ears. In case you are new to using such a gadget on your computer, then follow this guide. Setting up a Bluetooth connection and pairing the devices with a computer is really simple.

Connect Bluetooth Speaker To Laptop Quick and Easily

For your convenience, I have detailed out the steps to pair your Windows computer with any Bluetooth speaker or wireless audio output device.

Enable Bluetooth Network Connectivity

  • First, you have to ensure that Bluetooth network connectivity is enabled on your PC
  • in the search box of your desktop, type Network and sharing
  • Click Open
  • under network and sharing center, click on change adapter settings which is an option present in the left-hand panel
  • Inside Network Connections, check the option Bluetooth Network Connection is active or not
  • If it’s disabled the option will be greyed out.
  • Simply right-click on Bluetooth Network Connection and click on Enable

Check if Bluetooth On your PC is visible to other Bluetooth Gadgets

You can only establish a Bluetooth connection between your computer and a Bluetooth speaker when the former’s Bluetooth is visible to other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets around it.

  • Again in the search box type Bluetooth
  • in the matching results, Bluetooth and other devices settings will show up
  • Click on Open
    Open Bluetooth settings on Windows
  • ensure that the option Bluetooth is On
  • then click on Add Bluetooth or Other Device
    Bluetooth on Windows set to On
  • under Add a device, click on Bluetooth
    search for Bluetooth devices around Windows PC
  • now the computer will start scanning for nearby Bluetooth Speakers for pairing
  • the target device Bluetooth speaker that you want to connect will show up on the screen
    Add Bluetooth speaker and pair
  • Click on it and automatically your computer will start pairing with that Bluetooth speaker to connect
  • when successfully connected you will hear the speaker blurting out “connected”
    Bluetooth speaker connected
  • Click on Done
  • you can hover your mouse on the system tray icons above sound to see the connected output device is the Bluetooth speaker that you freshly connected.
    Bluetooth speaker connected

So, that’s the simple way to connect your choice of Bluetooth speaker to your Windows PC.

Not able to Connect Bluetooth Speaker with your Computer.?

It may happen that some users may not be able to connect their Bluetooth audio devices with their computers.

  • Make sure to check that Bluetooth connectivity and visibility are enabled by following the steps I have put up earlier in this guide.
  • The Bluetooth speaker that you are trying to connect is good in terms of hardware. If its hardware has some problem due to manufacturing issues or your mishandling, then that may hinder proper connectivity over Bluetooth.
  • Try to update your Windows PC Bluetooth driver by going to the Device Manager

Note: I have noticed that most Bluetooth-based speakers and audio devices can easily connect to Windows PC and run smoothly.

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