Contemporary web design and How to do it

You’ve got an idea for a website. A great idea! But you don’t know how to build it. You could hire a developer or designer, but that would cost money. Or you could use WIX—the DIY website builder that makes it easy for anyone to create their own website without spending hundreds of dollars.

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What is UX UI?

UX and UI are two sides of the same coin. UX design is about user experience, or how people interact with your product or service. UI design is about the interface that they use to access it–the buttons, text fields and other elements on a screen. These two disciplines are often confused because they do overlap in many areas but they’re not exactly the same thing.

In practice this means that if you want to make sure your website looks good and works well for visitors then you need both UX & UI skills!

User Experience (UX)

User experience (UX) is the experience a user has when interacting with a product, system or service. It’s not just about how something looks and feels, but also how it works.

UX is an umbrella term that covers many different disciplines:

User research – Understanding your users’ needs, wants and motivations so you can create a better experience for them.

Interface design – How people interact with the interface of your product/website/app etc., including fonts used in buttons and menus as well as how easy it is to navigate around the site or app using touch gestures like swiping left-right on mobile devices etc..

User Interface (UI)

User interface (UI) is the part of a website that you interact with. It’s what you see and interact with when you use your computer or phone. UI development services are typically provided by web design and development agencies, freelancers, or in-house teams within organizations.

It consists of all the menus, buttons, text fields and other elements that enable users to navigate around a site. The UI also includes graphics that help make it easier for people to use those elements.

Why should I use WIX?

If you are a beginner and just want to get started with your website, WIX is the best option. They have a huge selection of templates that allow you to create an amazing website in no time. You can choose between different themes and colors, or even completely customize them if you want something special.

WIX also offers great customer support so if something goes wrong or doesn’t work as expected, they will help out right away!

How Long Does It Take to Make a Website with WIX?

The answer depends on how much time you want to spend on your website. If all you want is a simple site that will look good and get the job done, then it could take as little as one hour! However, if you’re looking for something more complex and elaborate (and who isn’t?), then expect things to take longer.

In general terms:

The more time spent working on your project will result in better results overall. So if there’s something specific about your business that requires extra attention, don’t skimp on this aspect of building your new website!

What if I Want to Learn More About Building Websites With WIX?

If you want to learn more about building websites with WIX, check out their community of experts and enthusiasts. They have a great blog where they post articles on how to build your first website, as well as tips for improving your existing site. You can also watch tutorials on YouTube or read through their FAQ page.

If you prefer social media, WIX has accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that are worth following too!

What Are The Benefits of Using WIX as a DIY Website Builder?

WIX is a great option for beginners because it’s easy to use, free and has a large number of templates. You can use WIX to create a professional website or an eCommerce website.

How to pick the right template?

When choosing a template, you’ll want to make sure that it matches your brand. For example, if you’re a startup and want to convey that energy in your website, then a more modern design may be best suited for you. However, if your business is more established or conservative in nature (like an accounting firm), then perhaps something with clean lines and minimalistic elements would be better suited for this audience.

The other thing to consider when choosing a template is who will be visiting our site–your audience! If they’re millennials who love Instagram posts and hate email newsletters, then maybe they’ll enjoy seeing more pictures on their landing page instead of text-heavy content like product descriptions or blog posts about new products coming out soon. Or maybe not…it all depends on what kind of person they are!

So now you know what UX UI is, and how it applies to the process of building a website. But what if you want to make your own?

There are many different ways that you can build a website. You can use WIX, Squarespace or WordPress (or any other CMS). As for advanced users, for inspiration you can check 10 Great WordPress plugins 2023. All three have different features and benefits which makes it hard for people who don’t have much experience with them to decide which one is best for them. In this article we’ll look at each system in more detail so you can make an informed decision about which one will work best for your needs.  

So, what is UX UI? In short, it’s the process of creating a website that’s easy to use and looks great. If you’re looking for a DIY website builder or online editor that can help you build your own site, check out WIX!

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