How to Beat Corpser boss in Gears Tactics – Boss Fight Guide

Tracking down the bosses in Gears Tactics, we are now at war with the giant spider boss, the Corpser. You’ll encounter the Corpser boss with a fight in the near end of Gears Tactics’ act 2 in mission 8. The fight here can be pretty hard, especially if you have no definite strategy and a clear mind of how things work. Don’t worry though, we always have a way around everything.

If you’ve been a hardcore fan of Gears Tactics but is stuck in the fight with the Corpser boss, then you need to find a better strategy to make things work. This is why we’ve cooked up this guide to help you find a way through the fight and ultimately, beat the Corpser boss. So if you’ve been struggling with this fight and is desperate for a way to beat through, then you’re in the exact spot. Without any further ado, let’s see how to beat Corpser boss in Gears Tactics.

How to Beat Corpser boss in Gears Tactics – Boss Fight Guide

Moving into the fight, we actually have three phases in the battle. To mark success, we’ll take Gabe, Sid, and Mikayla. You can reserve the fourth slot for anyone else in your Roster and we went with Augustus Cole. Diving into the battle, the Corpser boss is mostly immobile and it stays and attack from only one particular position in the battle arena.

Your ticket to defeating the boss is by targeting precisely at its face. Because like all the other bosses, this too has its weak points. In the beginning, you’ll witness the boss covering itself up with its huge legs. You can deal with plenty of damage at its legs while the boss is in the defensive state to make it open up. For this, your best bet is to use explosive items such as grenades, the Boomer’s Boomshot weapon, or even the Explosive Shot skill from the Heavy class.

Shooting at the defensive state of the Corpser boss


Alternatively, you can wait for the boss to open up its legs after couple of turns. However, be warned when it opens up automatically. This act poses a threat against you, meaning that it’s the boss’s preparation for a quake attack and spawning Locusts. Once it does initiate the quake attack, you’ll see three red lanes on the field, which deals a huge amount of damage to anything within this lane, both to allies and enemies of the Corpser. So make sure you rule your people out of these lanes.

The Corpser boss initiating its quake attack

Now, when you have the boss’s legs opened up, go all out on its face. At this point, it’s better to focus more on the boss and less on the Locusts as the boss will close into the defensive state after a few turns. When you’re going for it weak spot, we suggest you use The Sniper, Heavy classes, Vanguards, and Support troopers.

Snap of shooting at the Corpser boss


The fight has three phases. You can keep track of it in the boss’s health bar – it’s divided into 3 bars. Getting through the first two phases will take your efforts but the third state is a piece of cake. At this stage, all you have to do is shoot down the beam hanging above the boss, which will fall on the Corpser and kills it. For shooting down the beam, we suggest you to make use of the Sniper Class so that you won’t miss it. Use all you turns on the third face to shoot at the beam and it’ll take only 2 or 3 turns until it comes off.

Killing the Corpser boss in Gears Tactics

Summing up our guide, beating the Corpser boss in Gears Tactics can be one hell of a ride. Having 3 phases in the battle, our chances of winning exists by going all out on its weak spot – its ugly face. However, things do get easier if you somehow manage to get through the first 2 phases as all you need to do in the third phase is to shoot down the beam hanging above the Corpser, which ultimately kills it. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.


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