How to create a strong password that you can remember forever

Splashdata recently released its 2019 worst password list, where the password was quite easy to guess. Who are still unaware of potential security risks, Be Sure to Use a Strong password.” These are some of the worst password mentioned: “123456”“123456789,” and “qwerty,” neighborhood person can easily guess. These Kind of Common passwords, these passwords that you can remember can easily are more accessible to your password by any person, which cause your Wi-Fi or “hacker” to access your account quickly.

The Golden rule to create a strong password is to set a password with a combination of alphabets, numbers, and unique characters. While password such as “123456” is potentially giveaway your account security. Also, we recommend you to use a password manager password that you can remember forever. If you are having a tough time remembering different passwords that you choose across various services on the internet.

Security breaches throughout hackers are quite often these days; This is because they recommend it to run your email address on These are a Free Service that gives free service to check your account has compromised already or not sometimes.

How to create a strong password that you can remember forever

Here are the Top 10 Worst Passwords of 2019.

  1. 123456
  2. 123456789
  3. qwerty
  4. password
  5. 1234567
  6. 12345678
  7. 12345
  8. iloveyou
  9. 111111
  10. 123123

How to Check your Password strength?

Most of the Social Website like Facebook and similar website shows a “green” Strong pop-up prompt. Where these website design to the knowledge you about your password strength. Where “Red” means it perfectly easy to guess, “Yellow” means a Fair but can be a hack. Meanwhile, the “Green” indicates that you have a strong password. Likely, they also recommend you to generate a password with a combination of alphabet, character, and special character.

How to identify your Password strength?

create a strong password


Several websites help you to test your password is secure or not, where you have to write your password simply. Then based on the study and research, it tells you about your password. The Website Called PaP -The Passive Aggressive Password Machine. “Honest like a lawyer, or your cold-hearted X,” Said Tim Holman and Tobias van Schneider.

You Can Check your Password Strength here: Moreover, you get a quick idea about your password strength, and it helps you to create a strong password.

How to Create a Strong Password?

Good passwords consist of 12 Characters, including Numbers, Symbol, Capital letter, and lower-c


ase letter. Make sure your password doesn’t belong to the dictionary word and don’t use common substitutions. Example “SmallHouse&890*” this is the recommended pattern of your password, suggesting a secure order to remember but difficult to guess.

There is not a simple way to remember every single password without resorting or duplicating a password to some pattern where the password manager helps to manage the password easier. The password manager also capable of generating a random and secure password, First thing first password manager comes with Standard AES-256 encryption, so that would compromise your security while a password that you can remember forever.

Furthermore, these passwords manage deals with Auto-Capture password and Auto-Filling password. These password managers available for major platforms and plugins for all major browsers, Cross-Platform apps, and also syncing across devices. Similarly, you can import and export your data anytime, anywhere, with the help of a password manager. Additionally, it can also offer a credit/debit card detail to gives you extra protection during online purchasing on an e-commerce platform.

Here are the Top 12 Best Password Manager you can use.


  1. Lastpass
  2. Dashlane
  3. 1Password
  4. Stickypassword
  5. KeePass 2, KeePass X, KeePass XC
  6. RoboForm
  7. Kaspersky
  8. Keeper
  9. Padlock
  10. True Key

Life-Saver Trick for Creating rememberable passwords?

The golden way to create passwords that type a random number like bash your finger against your keyboard and it will generate a strong password like “y4de87x5r[2tv65C”. It doesn’t look beautiful and respectful, but believe me it a strong password, it came with a problem you have to learn these passwords.

You can also turn a long word into passwords like “The First school I studied was 16km away from my home, it takes 45minutes to reach”, this eventually becomes passwords like Tfsisw16kmafmy.It45mtr. These are also a strong password at 22 digits, and it was rememberable and easy to deal with.

The Passphrase Law or Diceware Method.

create a strong password

XKCD released its comice where he was using traditional type passwords, but with a twist, He published his article many years ago. Where he uses a random word to create a password like “climb these cam keyboard” makes “climbthesecamkeyboard” and with the use of alternative symbols and numbers such as “\” and “{“ and Capitalize the character or word of your choice. Where it gives you a password like “cLimb\ThEsE}cAm\KeyBoarD.” This method ensures that you have a long, complicated containing number, symbol, and capital letters that help to remember your password.


You can use Diceware to generate random words; you don’t have to choose dictionary words and to find our symbol for you. Just follow the Diceware steps. Not to mention, Duplicate password, and re-use password helps hackers to access your other account because data breaches are often these days. Even using a unique password helps you to avoid phishing sites and keep yourself safe surfing over a website.

Safe and Strong password should not be secure because it might be hard for a human, but it is easy for a computer to guess.

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