Crusader Kings 3 Console Commands List and Cheats

Developed by Paradox Development Studio, the sequel of Crusader Kings and Crusader Kings 2 is Crusader Kings 3. It is a strategy game, or you can also say it’s a dynasty simulator. Even more, the environment of the game is set in the Middle Ages, like from Viking Age to the Fall of Byzantium.

Crusader Kings 3 is different from its predecessors. Here dynasties can form cadet branches. Even more, characters in the game have a full 3d-rendered body instead of 2D images. The game is available on Linux and Windows operating systems. So if you are playing the game, you must know that it is also a role-playing game. Even more, the game also supports Single-player mode and Multi-player mode where you can play with your friends.

If you are playing Crusader King 3, then most probably you are using a console for it because of the gameplay difficulty. However, the gameplay might get pretty tough even with a console. Therefore, you must have the knowledge of the commands in Crusader Kings 3.

There are various commands which we will discuss in this article. However, commands alone can’t fulfill your wish to get rich in the game, or anything significant. Therefore, you need cheats to cheat in the game and advance further.

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Crusader Kings 3 Console Commands List and Cheats

In general, commands and cheats are the same. Commands are the key phrases that can be used to perform a certain task. Likewise, a cheat s a command which will help you to cheat the game and advance further. There are many commands that you can use in Crusader Kings 3; however, only a few handfuls of them are helpful. Before jumping into the list, let’s know about what you can do with these commands and cheats.

Crusader Kings 3 Console Cheat Sheet

set_martial: select martial status
pregnancy [character id] [character id]: make a character pregnant
add_maa [regiment id] [character id]: add any trait ot character
set_dread [amount] [character id]: sets dread
set_faith [faith id] [character id]: set faith value / amount
clear_traits [character id]: removes any trait
add_secret [secret id]: adds any secet of your choice
add_stress [amount] [character id]: adds stress to the player / character
set_stewardship [amount] [character id]: set stewardship skill to character
end_schemes: end any schemes
discover_all_eras [character id]: discover all innovations
set_sexuality [sexuality id] [character id]: adjust sexual orientation
add_martial_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id]: impoves martial lifestyle oints / XP
set_focus [focus id] [character id]: adjusts focus
change_culture [county id] [culture id]: change in culture
change_development_level [amount] [county id]: change in development
clear_title_laws [title id]: removes laws
set_stress [amount] [character id]: adds stress value
instant_birth: instant birth of child
gain_all_perks [character id]: gain all lifestyle perks in the game
set_intrigue [amount] [character id]: sets intrigue skills
add_perk [perk id] [character id]: adds perks value
change_learning [amount] [character id]: adjusts learning skill
add_lifestyle_xp_all [amount] [character id]: add xp value to lifestyle
yesmen: all character will accept proposals
change_fervor [amount] [faith id]: add fervor value
join_era [era id] [character id]: joins any era
discover_fascination [character id]: fasination discovery
instabuild: instant construction of buildings
clear_character_modifiers [character id]: remove any character modifiers
set_nick [nickname id] [character id]: sets custom nickname
set_diplomacy [amount] [character id]: set custom diplomacy skill
add_prestige [amount]: add prestige points
add_intrigue_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id]: Adds intrigue lifestyle XP.
add_piety [amount]: add pity value
add_learning_lifestyle_xp [amount] [character id]: add learning xp value
change_prowess [amount] [character id]: add prowess skill values
change_intrigue [amount] [character id]: add intrigue skill values
age [amount] [character id]: add age count
set_culture [culture id] [character id]: set culture values
add_relation [relation id] [character id]: add relationship status
remove_trait [traid id] [character id]: removes trait
add_realm_law_skip_effects [law id] [character id]: add any custom law
add_realm_law [law id] [character id]: pass any custom law
merge_culture [culture id] [culture id]: change culture believes
kill [character id]: kill any character
change_martial [amount] [character id]: add martial status
gold [amount]: add gold amount
remove_nick [character id]: remove nickname
dynasty_prestige [amount] [dynasty id]: add prestige to dynasty
event [event id]: start any event
remove_relation [relation id] [character id]: removes relationship


Well, using these commands, you can perform a quick imprison, you can make anyone hate you or love you, you can take title and Vassals, you can give the secrets to the court, and much more. There are even some commands that can start a Great Holy War.

Some cheats that can make lover, friend, add a Weak Hook, add Strong Hook, remove character weight, and much more. Now without any further delay, we shall jump to the list. We will be mentioning the commands that are useful. Some of them you can use as a cheat to gain an unfair advantage. However, it’s totally up to you how you use these commands.

To use these following commands, you will have to open the console in the game, therefore press the ~ key. Then type the command and press the Enter button to execute. If you press the tab button, you will get related info of that command.

Alternatively, you can also press the Shift+Alt+C to bring the game console on screen. By pressing the key you will be closing the console. However, if you are a Windows user, then you must have a .bat file in the Game folder path. If you are using Steam, then you must set the launch option field in the general tab as -deug_mode.

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