Install Modified Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Samsung has recently launched the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G handset which is a flagship foldable device running on One UI 3.1.1 over Android 11 out of the box. Now, if you’re using the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (F926B) AUHF (UAE) variant and want to install root access or Install Modified Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 then you can follow this guide completely. Here we’ll also share with you steps to unlock the bootloader.

But we should mention that bootloader unlocking and rooting, your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will break the stock camera application. But luckily, there is a patch fix for it too. So, if you’re prone to Android customizations and you know what you’re doing only then you can follow this guide. But if you’re not an Android geek or don’t know how flashing a custom firmware or rooting can be done then we’ll recommend you to stay with the stock firmware.

Install Modified Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

What is this Modified Custom ROM for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3?

A big thanks to exocetdj (XDA Senior Member) for sharing the files and full guide to perform this method. It’s called MAGISK ROM FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY Z FOLD 3 5G F926B (SD888) or 420 ROM as per the XDA thread. You should also check out some other features and info about this ROM first.

-Add YouTube Vanced – thanks to Vanced peeps github
-Add 3minit battery – thanks G Harrington – if online menus don’t appear, install the apk that the module places on your internal storage in the 420rom folder. (PLEASE SEE KNOWN ISSUES FOR INSTALLATION)
-Add 3minit clock – thanks G Harrinton (PLEASE SEE KNOWN ISSUES FOR INSTALLATION)
-Add V4A
-Add custom 420rom bootanimation thanks to @chalmizzle
-Add SamsungSans fonts apk
-Add Goodlock
-Add SoundAssistant (for increased vol steps)
-Add Customized Secsettings
-Add Custom wallpapers (coming soon)
-Add custom power app with several reboot options
-Add CTS fix
-Remove Chrome

-Installs custom secsettings
-Detects OMC code and ensures correct OMC folders and files installed
-Detects base rom or rooted stock and presents relevant install features and aborts if attempted to be installed on anything else – should help keep non compatible setups intact -Device detection to prevent flashing on other devices

Enabled the following CSC fetures: (thanks @m8980

– Disable shutter sound menu
– AppLock Protection menu
– Support RealTime Network Speed in status bar – working
– Enable Camera during call
– Enabled call recording
– Data usage in quick panel – the feature displays but not the actual data used – if anyone knows a fix, let me know

– Block call number menu

This Module is based on the main Main 420rom Rom Module but replaces some of the Samsung apps with Google ones. It is recommended to backup your Samsung apps 1st!!!

Installed with Module – Samsung App it replaces
Google Phone – Samsung Phone
Google Contacts – Samsung Contacts
Google Messages – Samsung Messenger
Google Chrome – Samsung Internet Browser
Google Calculator – Samsung Calculator
Google Calendar – Samsung Calendar
Google Clock – Samsung Clock
Google Drive – Samsung Cloud (stays installed)
Google Files – Samsung MyFiles
Google Fit – Samsung Health (can be reinstalled from Galaxy Apps)
Google Pay – Samsung Pay
Google Keep Notes – Samsung Notes
Google Photos – Samsung Gallery
Google Recorder – Samsung Recorder
Google TTS – Samsung TTS
Google Duo – n/a
Google News – n/a
Google Tasks – n/a
Google Sounds (Sound Picker) – n/a
Google Apo – n/a
Google Carrier Services (for RCS) – n/a
GBoard – Samsung Keyboard
GMail – Samsung Email
YouTube Music – Samsung Music
YouTube Vanced, Vanced Manager & Vanced MicroG – YouTube
Nova Launcher – OneUI Launcher

-Does away with warning on splash
-DebloatS a fair whack but not too much
-rooted with magisk manager
-flashes latest TWRP during Base flash
-mines stock files from phone for use in rom flash

– initial xda release

what’s next? & Known Bugs we can’t do much about or will sort eventually
-fix custom wallpapers
-if A SYSTEM APP hasn’t been removed, try uninstalling it

you should now be able to – any updates installed over an original system app remain as they are data apps following an update

Install Modified Custom ROM on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Before heading over to the guide, make sure to follow the requirements below. Then you’ll need to unlock the bootloader and enable root access on your Galaxy Z Fold 3 (AUHF only). Finally, you’ll be able to flash the modified custom firmware on your handset.


  • First of all, make sure to take a complete data backup of your device.
  • You’ll also require a computer and a USB cable to connect your handset with the PC.
  • Enable Developer Options on your phone. [Settings > About Phone > Tap on Build number for 7 times to enable Developer options]
  • Download and Install ODIN Tool and USB Driver on the PC one by one.

Download Links:

Steps to Unlock Bootloader and Install Root on Galaxy Z Fold 3 (AUHF)

  • Make sure to enable USB Debugging and OEM Unlocking on your device. To do so: go to Settings > Developer options > Turn on USB Debugging > Turn on OEM Unlocking.

Note: If the OEM Unlocking option doesn’t appear on your device then connect the device to Wi-Fi. Then search for software updates > Close and open Settings again and OEM Unlock will be available now.

  • Connect your phone to the PC using a USB cable > Now, reboot the device while long-pressing both Volume UP+Down buttons together for a couple of seconds until it boots up in the Download Mode. [hold up when asked to enter bootloader unlock screen]
  • Press the Volume UP button to select YES to Unlock Bootloader. [Keep in mind that after bootloader unlocking, cameras will break]
  • Your phone will reboot automatically and the device bootloader will be unlocked. [The first boot may take some time. So, have some patience]
  • Skip through the initial setup process after reboot and go to Settings > Tap on Build number for 7 times to enable Developer Options.
  • Then go back to the main Settings menu and open Developer Options > Then check whether the OEM Unlocking option is greyed out and activated or not. Make sure to enable USB Debugging again and then reboot the device to the Download Mode again.
  • Now, you’ll have to extract the zip file to obtain the file to flash in the AP slot (leave all other slots blank).
  • Open the ODIN Flash Tool > The zip file contains TWRP and also a modded super.img with edited fstab to remove encryption > Load this in the AP slot in ODIN flash tool.
  • Make sure to Uncheck the Auto-Reboot option in ODIN > Start flashing the AP file.
  • WITH PHONE UNFOLDED, make sure to press the Volume Down + Power buttons together for a while to exit the Download Mode and then immediately press & hold the Volume UP + Power buttons together to enter into the TWRP recovery. [Press and hold until TWRP menu opens (If the screen is folded, TWRP won’t appear on the screen)
  • Now, from the TWRP menu, make sure to go to Wipe > Select Format Data.
  • Type yes and hit Enter > This will remove the encryption (the modded fstab prevents it from re-encrypting)
  • Finally, reboot the device to the system from the TWRP menu after formating the data.
  • You’re done. Now, your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is rooted successfully.

Make sure to open the Magisk Manager app on your device which should be installed automatically after rooting. Then install Magisk latest version and it’ll also let you know whether your device is fully rooted or not.

Note: Cameras won’t work after bootloader unlocking and rooting.

Steps to Install Custom ROM on F926B V1.0 – AUHF (ANDROID 11 | OneUI 3.1)

  1. Now, open the Magisk Manager app > Flash ‘MASTER MODULE’ in Magisk and enter INSTALL choices when prompted.
  2. Make sure to check the internal storage/420ROM folder for the ‘BASE CONVERTOR’.
  3. Reboot to TWRP recovery and flash this file straightaway.
  4. This file will debloat (uninstall) and perform some other under the hood modifications & mines system files which the final ZIP will automatically modify mid-flash.
  5. Next, you’ll have to reboot the device to the system normally and check the same folder (internal storage/420ROM folder).
  6. Then flash this ‘ROM MODULE’ in Magisk. [All the install options that you’ve selected in step 1 will be automatically detected and selected for this too]
  7. Once done, make sure to restart your device to activate the ROM module.
  8. Finally, you’ll need to flash the file on your device via Magisk to fix the camera-breaking issue. [This will prevent reboots if you accidentally hit the camera app]
  9. You’re done. Enjoy!

However, if you’re facing any issues or want to clarify more details or queries on the same then you can visit the source link below to get further assistance. Meanwhile, you can also join the Home of 420 ROMs Telegram channel for more discussions and help.

That’s it, guys. We assume this guide was helpful to you. For further queries, you can comment below.

Source: XDA


  1. Says using android 11 and oneui 3.5 but will it work with android 13 oneui 5.0? I’m using a fold 3 but that’s the os info. Just concerned bricking my phone.. thanks in advance for any advice.
    Kindest regards

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